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HuntBiz.com is the fastest-growing business directory website mainly focused on Business Listings and its Services. HuntBiz is founded in early 2019 by Amit Barala, an enthusiast Blogger and keen learner of Business, Startups, and Market.

For a Business, the HuntBiz is a free business directory where a business owner can add their business for free; however, can opt for paid plans to get additional features. HuntBiz is perfect for every kind of business let it be a Small Business or a Big Enterprise, that wants to build a transparent relationship with its consumers & convert them into leads.

If we talk about consumers then any user or visitor on HuntBiz can find the best business near them based on services, location, distance, reviews & ratings. In addition to that, a visitor/user can contact the business owner directly on our website through Chat or off-site through contact details provided by the owner like phone number, WhatsApp, website, address and, social media links.

Why HuntBiz was started?

The main motive behind starting the HuntBiz is to provide a common platform for businesses & consumers, where they can interact with each other.

Along with that, we want to let all the small or large business owners take their business online. At least those, who are are not able to make a business website for their business. So, HuntBiz wants to help those business owners, who want to build an online presence of their business online.

How HuntBiz serve its purpose?

As we all know, this is the Internet era and everything is going online. People are searching the internet for anything they want, let it be information about a person or business, they are going to shop or looking for entertainment. Here, HuntBiz is serving its purpose by taking the businesses online and putting them in front of their prospective consumers.

Let’s understand this with a few examples;

Suppose if you live in a city for a long time, then it is possible that you may have the detail of business near you but what if any traveler comes to that city?

Probably they don’t know much about the businesses and places in the city. They don’t know where to go for good food and where to go for shopping and places to visit in the city.

Here, HuntBiz helps those, who are seeking information online. Even if that person doesn’t know the city name, just open huntbiz.com on a mobile phone or any internet-enabled device and allow GPS permission. The HuntBiz will tell you where you are and what is available around you. A user/visitor on HuntBiz can find hotels, restaurants, and all other businesses like shopping stores, places for entertainment, places to visit in the city, and much more. Among the list open in your mobile you can filter the business by the rating given by people, the business near you by location, and many more features.

So basically, Huntbiz serves its purpose by offering a common platform for businesses, consumers, or a common internet user who is looking for information.

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