Best Business Ideas in India for New Startup

You are here because you are looking to start a business and want some Best Business Ideas in India to start with. Don’t worry I’ve listed handpicked top business ideas in India with low investment and high profit.

Before starting a business you should prepare yourself for so many things like setting up business, raising funds, business marketing and much more. So, you should read the below guide carefully.

Why You should Start Your Own Business?

Every person dreams of starting own business someday. Being self-employed brings one very many benefits. A self-employed person can choose a business in whichever field they prefer, they have the freedom to do whatever they want, a person can manage their time however they want, among many other benefits. 

However, as much as most people wish to start their own businesses, two things always hold them back; lack of funds and having no business ideas. The good news is; in India, you really don’t require a lot of funds to start your own business. Also, there are plenty of small, yet high profitable business ideas that you can try.

After starting your business don’t forget to market them properly because a lack of marketing may kill your business. You can take the advantage of free business directories in India to list your business, which will provide you free marketing.

This article discusses some of the best ideas for business in India, that not only require little capital to start but can also easily thrive and grow, making you a successful business person in no time. Read along!

Low Investment Business Ideas in India

If you possess some simple, unique skills, you are in a good position to start a business. The following are some of the best ideas for business in India, that require very low investments to start.

1. Medical Sample Collection

This business idea is one that is gaining a lot of popularity in India. It involves the collection of medical samples, such as blood, urine, stool, and sputum. A person collects these samples from patients, from their own homes, then delivers them to the respective pathological labs for testing. You can then wait for the medical reports from the labs, then deliver them back to each of the patients.

In order to carry out this business, all that you require are a vehicle & equipment where you can store the medical samples, as well as the skill of how to extract blood samples. You will also be required to make some agreements with the pathological labs before you can start this business.

2. Restoring Antique Furniture

The truth is that; people are so attached to their antique furniture, that rarely they opt to replace or do away with their old and damaged antique. You can take advantage of this fact by starting a business for repairing and restoring old and damaged antique furniture. Starting this business requires simple skills of repairing the furniture, and a sense of aesthetics.

Alternatively, you can employ some craftsmen, who will in turn restore or repair the attic furniture at the customer’s home. If you decide to do so, make sure that you get the most excellent craftsmen. Doing so will earn you a good reputation, which will be good for the development and popularity of your new business

3. Installation of CCTV and Surveillance

In most parts of the world, India included, cases of rape, crime and robbery are being recorded on a daily basis. As a result, people are now becoming even more security conscious. In order to protect their loved ones from such crimes, most are opting to install CCTV and Surveillance cameras, for added security. 

You can consider starting a business for installing CCTV and Surveillance cameras. This is one of the best business ideas in India, considering the large number of people who are installing these in their homes and offices. It also offers very high returns.

4. Party Services

Statistics show that, within each hour, there are several parties being held somewhere. People hold very many different parties. They could be celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries, thanksgiving, welcoming their loved one back home, having a wedding, the list is countless. 

With all these parties comes the low investment business idea of offering party services. For instance, you could offer to decorate the venue, conduct games, do a mascot appearance, buy and pack gifts, among many other different services that you could offer.

5. Making Religious Items

In India, there are very many different faiths practiced by people. Each faith has its own items that identify it, for instance, pictures of specific deities, candles, prayers beads, etc. Such items usually go for good prices and have a large market in India.

Therefore, an Indian business idea you can consider is making such religious items. This business would require very low investment from you. More so, you can rest assured that your items would never lack customers in the market. This is why making religious items is one of the best business in India.

6. Offer Walking Tours

If it is a country with many tourist attractions and a lot of cultural heritage, it is India. Foreigners are always flooding India, so as to tour the many tourist attractions and learn about the country’s cultural heritage. And, it is not just foreigners who visit these attractions, but also the locals.

So, in this scenario, which business is best in India?

Well, you can consider starting a walking tour business. For instance, you could walk on the streets with the foreigners, or even with the domestic visitors, then mingle with the locals. This would give the visitors a first-hand feel of the cities. Also, you can expand your business by hiring buses that will carry and take these visitors to beautiful areas where they can stroll, or visit attractions.

7. Sell Soya Products

Nowadays, a higher number of people are becoming vegetarians. As an alternative to meat, most vegans go for Soya products, such as soya milk, soya chunks, and flour manufactured from soya.

Starting a business for selling soya business requires very little investment. With the right equipment, you can easily manufacture Soya products. You can even consider getting a small loan to start this business. After all, you are guaranteed to get very high returns from this best idea for a business in India.

8. Making Unique Ice Creams

A while back, people laughed at the idea of there being an ice cream made with capsicum or tomatoes. However, these uniquely made ice creams have become the trend nowadays.

Therefore, another business idea you can consider is making such unique ice creams. What makes this one of the best ideas for business in India is that there are very few people who make unique ice creams in India. This means that after starting this business, you would not need to worry about stiff competition from other similar businesses.

More so, there is a huge market for such unique ice creams, hence, you are guaranteed to gain profit from this business.

Small Business Ideas in India

Look at all the large businesses and corporations that you aspire to be like one day. Most of these large businesses didn’t off as large. Rather, most of them started as just small and simple businesses, then grew to the large corporations that they are over time. 

Therefore, starting a small business in India may be all that you need, so as to lay the foundation for the development of your larger business. The following are the most recommended small Indian business ideas that you can consider implementing.

1. Providing Automobile Repairs

Normally, when cars and bikes break down, these are usually taken to the service centers for repair. Most of these service centers charge very high prices, and also cause a lot of delays, as they are usually packed with a lot of cars and bikes to repair.

You can take advantage of this by starting an automobile repair business, where you offer doorstep repair services. When starting this business, you can just get a few simple tools. As your business grows, you can then invest in more specialized equipment.

Also, as a way of popularizing your business, you can advertise it online. You can also get a mobile phone app, which you can use for approaching customers within a selected radius. Taking a small loan would help you achieve all of this.

2. Home/Work Meal Service

This is also known as the Tiffin service. It involves delivering meals to people at their workplaces, or even at home. This is one of the best ideas for business in India, as it is gaining a lot of popularity following the great convenience that it offers. 

Providing a home/work meal service requires very little initial investment. By always providing fresh, home-cooked and sweet meals, you can keep your customers and hence, grow your business. 

3. Electronics Repair

In this digital world, most of us own one or more electronic devices. We may use these devices to work, or for any other purposes not related to work. So, when these devices break down, they cause us a lot of inconveniences. 

An Indian business idea you can consider is offering doorstep electronics repair. This business idea is highly likely to bring you high profits since so many devices tend to break down every now and then. Furthermore, people would rather go for doorstep services, than go through all the hassle of visiting a physical electronic shop. All that you are required to start this business is to have a good knowledge of electronics and technology.

4. Private Tutoring

Most parents in India are coming to the realization that schools alone cannot really provide the all-round development that their children require, and neither can the parents themselves, since they may be limited in their skills. This is why most of these parents are hiring private coaches for their children.

If you have enough expertise and knowledge on a particular subject/skill, have you ever considered offering private tutoring on that subject, or skill? Some of the skills you could consider offering private tutoring include skills in drama, different types of painting, speech, among others. Holding such private classes may bring you more income than you may realize.

5. Pet Care Service

Offering pet care services is one of the best business for India that you can adopt. This business requires low investment to start. You can offer these services to pet owners who are going away on a trip or for other reasons. While these are away, ensure that the pets are always cared for and treated well.

Especially should you open a personal care service business, if you are a pet lover, caring for these pets would, therefore, be more of a hobby than an income-generating business. This is also a very easy business to operate.

6. Bake and Sell Cakes

The baking industry is one that is gaining a lot of popularity in India. Cakes are the most appreciated additions and gifts, during almost every celebration in India. Starting a baking business would require a very minimal investment on your side. Furthermore, the high revenues that you are sure to get from this business surpass all the costs that you will have incurred when starting the business.

If you decide to adopt this idea for a business in India, be creative. For instance, in addition to baking cakes, you can also deal with other bakery products, such as muffins and cookies. You can also design unique and custom-made cakes for specific celebrations and holidays. This business idea has very high chances of being an instant hit with your customers.

7. Accessories and Clothes

This business idea is not about selling clothes. Rather, it involves renting clothes and accessories. It is a fast-growing business in India. If you a fashion lover, you can consider adopting this business idea. Renting clothes and accessories at relatively lower rates than their original prices is guaranteed to attract very many customers.

Also, you can use social media and other sites to advertise your accessories and clothes business. In these advertisements, you can talk of the tempting offers you have, and the reduced prices of your accessories.

8. Home and Office Furniture

Some short-term projects require people to move from one place of the country to another and work there for a while. When people move to work in far areas, they still require furniture for both their temporary home and workplace. Since this is just but a short-term project, buying new furniture would only prove to be expensive and unwise.

In India, you can tap into this opportunity by starting a home and office furniture business. Your business would include providing furniture to the owners of these temporary homes and workplaces, on rent. You could deal with different furniture, such as tables, couches, chairs, and even office equipment such as PCs, ACs and printers. Also, you could consider partnering with the tempo services, as well as seasonal labor, so as to change furniture as demand for such arises. 

Online Business Ideas in India

With most people and businesses going online, considering to take up some online businesses would be a good idea. The following are some of the best online Indian business ideas you would do well to consider;

1. Blogging

This is the most popular online business in India. And, it is not just popular for no reason; blogging is one of the most effective ways in which you can make money online. There are proven methods in which you can earn money online.

For instance, you can consider affiliate marketing, include paid advertisements in your blog, or even partner with Google AdSense. Therefore, if you are a very good writer or an expert in a particular niche domain, then get a website and start blogging about it.

Examples of niche domains you could blog about include finance, investments, business field, or even cooking, among many other domains. Note that, in blogging, the more effort you put in, the more money you make. This is why blogging is even the full-time occupation for some bloggers, and they earn pretty large chunks of money from this business.

I’ve published a blogging guide on How to Start a Blog, here you can go and learn more about blogging.

2. Translation

If you are well-versant with more than one language, an idea for a business in India that you could implement is starting an online business for translating languages. For instance, you can join online platforms that require search services, such as Fiverr and Upwork, then browse and apply to work on needed translations.

Joining such platforms would, in turn, help to build in you more confidence and provide you with enough experience. With this confidence and experience, you can then contact popular bloggers directly, then offer to translate their blogs into other languages.

3. Online Store

Starting an online store business would mean that you join the E-commerce sector in India, which is a very booming business. There are two ways in which you can adopt this best idea for business in India

First, you can choose to start a business where you sell online on well-known market platforms. These platforms include Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytm, and ShopClies. Here, all you would be required would be to just upload the products that you are selling. After uploading, the websites would then deal with the rest at a good commission.

Alternatively, you could open an online store of your own. When you decide to do so, create a unique brand that identifies you. Also, with this option, you are responsible for everything, from uploading the products to the experience of the end user. You do your own inventories, as well as marketing. 

If you feel that starting an online store of your own requires a lot from you, you can request the help of well-established online platforms, such as Shopify, to help you establish your own E-store.

4. Data Analyst Consultant

Do you have a strong mastery and passion for economics, finance, and other such like subjects? If so, which business is best in India for your skills? An online business idea that a person with a good mastery of such subjects would consider is being an online data analyst consultant.

Especially in this digitalized world, most large companies are looking for professionals and experts who can accurately perform a data analysis for their big data. Having an online platform where you describe your skills can put you in a better position to offer your services.

As an online data analyst consultant, you would work to decode different companies’ large chunks of data, analyze buyer behaviors, their spending habits and other essential information that would shed more light to a business. Providing such online services to large corporations is sure to earn you a large amount of money.

5. Digital Marketing

This business idea involves advertising different products and services online. For instance, a person can advertise products and services on the Internet, and on other popular online platforms. So, if you are good at marketing, then don’t hold yourself back from starting a digital marketing business.

Digital marketing can earn a decent amount of money. How so? Most large corporations opt to outsource their digital marketing services from smaller businesses and individuals, as this means lesser costs and quality services on their side. As these larger corporations save money, you would in turn be earning money as a digital marketer.

6. Image Consultant

Every business, company, and even celebrities want to project their very best images. It is no wonder, then, that these opt to hire professionals who are good at image management. Therefore, if you have a good record in image management, you can consider creating your own image consultant business online.

Also, if you have some experience as an image consultant, include on your online portfolio the names of the companies, or individuals that you worked for, as well as the knowledge that you have of these companies or individuals. Such information can do a lot to impress your potential clients.

7. Freelance Writing

You may be the sort of people that are naturally inclined to write. If so, you can make the most use out of your writing talent by starting an online freelance writing business. This is one of the best Indian business ideas you could adopt since efficient freelance writers are in very high demand.

As a freelance writer, you could write blog posts, news articles and other posts intended for marketing. With a good knowledge of search engine optimization, you could use your writing skills to write great marketing content for large companies, and even on the different online writing platforms.

8. Start You Own YouTube Channel

Starting an online YouTube channel is not only fun but also an excellent way to make money. First, use the YouTube Partner application to start your own channel for sharing videos. The good thing about launching a video channel with this program is that it is completely free, requiring no fees at all.

After creating a free channel, you can then start shooting and uploading videos. The videos you upload on your channel could be of anything that you are good at, or a topic that you love. Promote your channel on social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook. 

When your account has gained a good number of subscribers, you will be paid by Google to start displaying ads on your videos. The more subscribers you get on your YouTube channel, the more money you stand to make.

Best High Profitable Business Ideas in India

If you are looking to start a business in India that will earn you large chunks of profit, then you have come to the right place. The following is a compilation of the best ideas for business in India that are sure to earn you a lot of profit.

1. Sell Mobile Phone Credit Recharge

By the end of the year 2022, it is approximated that the total number of smartphone users will be more than 800 million. This number is even expected to grow exponentially if more and cheaper smartphone brands are developed in the market.

With such increased use of smartphones, there will be a higher demand for phone accessories and credit recharge. Therefore, it would be wise to consider starting a business for selling phone accessories and credit recharge in India. The more the phones are being used, the more your business will grow.

2. Babysitting

This is a good Indian business idea, especially for women. Women can rent a small premise, or set aside a particular place in their home for babysitting and caring for children. This is a business that would require very little investment to begin.

Also, very few requirements are needed to start this business. For instance, you can get a few toys, beddings, cribs, and diapers. You would also do well to get a first aid kit. This is one of the best business for India, following the fact that there are many busy working couples who are looking for babysitters.

3. Aquariums and Fish

This is one of the best Indian business ideas that require a very low investment to start. All that you are required to do is buy several aquariums of different sizes, as well as various types of fish that are mostly considered as pets. Also, you need to have good knowledge and experience with handling different species of fish. 

Alternatively, you can breed different types of fish yourself, and keep them in special tanks. You could also sell aquarium-related stuff, such as air pumps, different foods for fish, and other decorative items. Since aquariums are very popular gift items, as well as pets, this business is sure to net you very high profits. 

4. Nursery and Garden Services

In India, there is an increasing awareness of the environment. Most people are now planting nurseries and gardens at their homes and offices. However, very few of these people actually know how to maintain these small shrubs and plants.

Opening a business for offering nursery and gardening services is, therefore, a very good idea for business in India. In addition, you could even sell farm products, such as fertilizers and seeds, while still offering your gardening services. 

One major advantage of this Indian business idea is that; you don’t really require a physical office so as to start this business. You can offer nursery and gardening services from your very own home!

5. Selling Healthier Jams and Sauces

Every person wants to have excellent health. Yet, very few of us want to actually cut on the consumption of jam, pickles, and sauces. You can take advantage of this by starting a business for selling non-commercial sauces, jams, ketchup, and pickles. Being non-commercial, these products would be much healthier.

When you start this business, you can rest assured of a larger market for your products. This is because most people care for their health, hence they would go for your products which are much healthier and lack any chemicals in them. So, learn a few traditional recipes for jam and sauces, and start selling these.

6. Making Fragrant Candles

Making fragrant candles is one of the most creative ideas for business in India. It is a very easy thing to do and does not require any specific skills or knowledge. More so, the fragrant oils used to makes these candles can be obtained very easily in India.

Therefore, you can train yourself on how to make different fragrant candles. Then, start selling such candles of different colors, sizes, and shapes. Since India has many people who buy fragrant candles for relaxation and meditation purposes, adopting this idea for business in India would prove to be highly profitable.

7. Making Ice Cubes

This is quite a complex business. The complexity of making ice cubes is due to the fact that; for ice cubes to be accepted in the Indian market, they have to adhere to the specific requirements dictated by the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). This is why before you can start selling ice cubes in the market, you are required to acquire an FSSAI certification first.

Yet, this is one of the most profitable businesses in India. With the right equipment, packaging, and clean water, you are all set to venture into this highly profitable business. You can make ice cubes and sell these to large restaurants, bars, and even to retailers. Selling ice cubes in bulk is guaranteed to earn you more income.

8. Offer Travel Services

When offering travel services, you can partner with buses that offer long distant services. You can also advance your business by offering online reservations for restaurants and tickets. Offering such travel services is sure to earn you high profits.

While in this business, you can decide to collaborate with popular travel agents. Alternatively, you can partner with service providers, who offer you good commissions for the reservations that you make.

Summary – Best Business Ideas in India

Now is the time to start your own business. It is the high time you stopped procrastinating starting a business. And, if you have doubts about what business to undertake, remember that each business has its merits and demerits. So, just pick that business that you have a great passion for, and do your best at it. Who knows? Sooner or later you could be a big company that other people aspire to be like someday. Take the reference from above best business ideas in India and star up your new venture.

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