Best Tumblr Alternatives for Microblogging in 2023

You have certainly heard of this social platform which is one of the most visited sites in the world. However, you might be frustrated by Tumblr’s limitations and probably the reason for searching for alternatives to Tumblr.

Don’t worry, here are I’ve compiled a list of the Best Tumblr Alternatives for microblogging.

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a microblogging platform that was born in 2006 as a social networking and microblogging platform. It allows users to have their own site for free. On their own site, users can write blogs and place links for other’s articles found on the internet, publish photos, and much more. The blogs created on Tumblr are called tumblelog and it is possible to publish various types of posts.

Currently, Tumblr is visited by over 170 million people every month. This social platform allows you to create a blog on which to publish content or share it from other sites. This way you can keep it updated without having to forcefully write something with your own hand.

Microblogging can be described as the “publication of small content such as short texts, videos, images, etc”. Blogging on Tumblr is a sort version of the classic blog.

How Tumblr Works?

Tumblr works just like other free blogging platforms and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It allows the use of tags, offers the feature to like posts, sends instant messages, as well as email messages. Tumblr also allows users to repost content posted by other users on your blog, similar to Facebook shares and Twitter retweets. This reposting function is much more important because it corresponds to 90% of the content posted on the platform.

Compared to other social networks, Tumblr allows you to design and structure your page through HTML code. So, you can make all the changes and customization as you want. Of all the social networks that come to mind, none had more diverse content than Tumblr.

Tumblr has some great features to start a blog but can’t fulfill everyone’s desire. That is why I’ve decided to find out the other blogging platforms that can serve as the best alternative to Tumblr.

9 Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2022 are:


Twitter is definitely the first alternative to Tumblr to consider. It is a social network that offers a microblogging service to all users who decide to register on the platform. It is possible to publish short posts called tweets and share the contents of other users through the most popular Twitter feature “retweets”.

All Twitter members can follow other users and interact with them in public and through private messages. By default, tweets are public, but they can also be shown only to some users through organized lists. Twitter is one of the most used and famous social networks in the world.


Blogger is a famous blogging service managed by Google, a free platform on which you can create your own blog and manage it yourself. Unlike other services, this is not similar to other social networks like Twitter & Facebook. It cannot be called a real social network, but it is still widely used to express one’s ideas and share them with other people.

With Blogger it is possible to post text, images, and videos. Moreover, it allows in-depth customization of its appearance, thanks to the various templates available and the possibility of making changes via the HTML code. Communication with other users is encouraged through comments under published posts and through private messages.


Vero is an innovative social network with intuitive graphics, elegant and refined design. In a short time, it has been very successful. You can post whatever you are doing, from your position to the links you like, to the film you are watching or a book you are reading.

There are 4 categories: individuals, friends, acquaintances, and followers so that users can be divided into specific lists.

On Vero, there are no advertisements. The entire social network is completely composed of the contents published by people. No manipulation takes place by someone and it is always possible to see everything that is posted. This is definitely a platform to check out among the list of sites like Tumblr.


Typepad is a platform for creating weblogs and stands among the best Tumblr Alternatives. It is a more complete solution that provides users with some functions that other existing platforms do not offer. For example, the ability to view visitor day-by-day statistics or the ability to write a post to publish instantly or save it as a draft to publish in the future.

In addition, it offers the possibility to send messages from your mobile phone to keep the blog updated even when a stable internet connection is not possible. It is a good alternative to Tumblr for those who want to have a blog and update it at any time of the day, even without a computer.


WordPress is a very popular site for creating professional blogs. It can be used effectively as an alternative to Tumblr. According to sources, 43% of the web is powered by this open-source program.

It is free and easy to use. It has lots of plug-ins for easy customization. If your goal is to create a professional blog, this is the alternative to Tumblr for you. You can read our guide that explains How to Start a Blog with WordPress.


LiveJournal is a weblog provider that offers users the opportunity to open and keep a blog (or journal) up to date. This service differs from others thanks to the WELL-Like characteristics of a self-supported community and social networking function.

With this tool you can always keep your friends up to date, a difference that can be noticed with other services is the “Friends page”, a list that contains the most recent messages from bloggers that a user has on his Friend list. Also, you can customize the look and characteristics of your weblog thanks to the S2 template system.


Of all the options there are to choose from, NewTumbl is the one that tries to be as similar as possible to Tumblr. It can be considered the Best Tumblr Alternatives as it has similar functions and UI.

A message on the home page greets us like this: “Are you coming from somewhere else? Recently millions of users were kicked out of other websites and are looking for a new home. If that is your case, you are in the right place. ”A message clearly alluding to the stampede of users that Tumblr had.

The platform was created on December 31, 2018, and already has more than 50,000 posts. What is remarkable is that it has its own monetization system, something that perhaps has contributed strongly to its rapid growth.


Mastodon is a decentralized social network, which means that it is made up of hundreds of micro-communities each on its own server, but in turn, all of them come together in Mastodon. “It is a completely decentralized social network that combines the best bits of Twitter and Tumblr, but the technology is designed in such a way that it can never be knocked down.” this can be read in a post that encourages users to try the platform.


This is one of those networks that were there before Tumblr banned pornography. It was born of users fed up “with the limitations and failures of other websites”.

Unfortunately, Pillowfort is still in beta, and given the sheer number of new users it received after the Tumblr debacle, they had to ban temporarily? the possibility of opening new accounts. A pity that they have missed the moment to grow exponentially.

Summary – Tumblr Alternatives

I’ve listed all the fitting alternatives to Tumblr that can be used for microblogging to share your blogs and thoughts. You can choose & use it according to your needs. In my opinion, Twitter, Blogger, and may fulfill everyone’s need to start a blog.

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