7 Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog

Top 7 Blog promotion tips and tricks

Here are the 7 top blog promotion tips and tricks that help your website blog to rank high on google and generates more traffic to your website. Promotion of your blog is as important as writing the blog. You may have spent hours writing a quality blog with great content.

Lets check out the tips and tricks that helps you to promote your blogs.

You can’t just create valuable, high-quality content for your blog and assume readers will find their way to your site to consume it. You must use blog promotion to promote your content so you can:

  • Drive traffic from new audiences
  • Bring back existing audiences
  • Attract backlinks to your site
  • Trigger social shares
  • Lead to opt-ins and newsletter sign-ups

7 techniques to promote your blog on the internet

Blog Promotion Techniques- IQue Lab

1. Target Popular and trending keywords

It is very much important to choose the best keywords while writing your blogs. Target the keywords that the users are likely to search and create quality contents to enhance the blog. To draw readers to your content, optimize it for attracting these audiences. There are lots of tools available in the internet for keyword analysis.

Note: There are lots of free software you can check for keywords difficulty. Wordtracker helps you to check for keywords and their competition. Google ads keyword planner is a free keyword research tool from google that helps to track the keyword volume of different locations and dates.

2. Best On-Page Practices

On-page seo is another major necessary task that has to me made in your website. On-page tasks helps you to track the errors and correct them in proper way to ensure smooth search engine indexing. It is recommended to have a primary focused keyword on each page. Broken links, more redirects, website speed etc.. are some of the important factors that will effect the website as well as ranking

Note: There are lots of tools available in the market to check for on-page scores. Neil Patel is the most affordable tool available in the market to check for on page scores and keyword checks. If you have a good budget and looking for detailed checks ahref will be the best tool for you. Some other alternative tools are SEMRush and Moz Pro

3. Search Engine Marketing

SEO is the best way to have steady traffic from SERP. It’s not very easy and fast process to rank on SERP. SEO is a time-consuming process. Here we look for Search Engine Marketing(SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC). This practice wont help you to gain organic traffic, but can is capable of driving traffic from potential customers from your competitors and convert them as your audience.

4. Social Media Promotion Plans

Facebook in the year 2020 have more than 2.6 billion monthly active users. Similarly Instragram, Twitter, Linkedin , Pinterest also have billions of active users. If the marketing is expand to these platforms it can create vital results for you. You can share, promote your business and blogs through social media to reach out the audience , thus expanding your customer base.

Note : Create pages and groups for your business. Once each user follows your page, you are improving your user database and your reach. It is very much important to optimize your pages/groups for better audience retension. Add you Business name and details, contact number and website details. ‘Call to action’ button in your profile page is very important for better leads.

5. Paid Social Media Ads

Like Google ads and bing ads, you can promote your content through social media platforms through paid ads. This helps you to reach a huge audience in very little time and can create many post engagements and page likes. The cost of ads varies from different domains like education, jobs, games, sports, finance, etc. Proper monitoring of the blogs is necessary, else this will your “money vanishing process”.

6. Active Guest Posting

One of the most widely used tactics by bloggers and digital marketers to drive traffic from big influencers. This is one way of promoting your blogs/ contents published on others’ blogs. Best results will be generated if you guest post to similar niche websites, that too having relative good traffic. Through this method, you tap into their users and be able to grab their attention as well as web traffic. One major advantage is to create a good relationship with other bloggers, since it’s a community that can create wonders. In guest posts remember to include a backlink to your website. Too many backlinks from a single post can create negative effects on the users as well as web crawlers.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy designed to promote your business. With this strategy, you need to create a list of subscribers to be able to send them all the news and information that you want to transmit. It’s one of the traditional and powerful ways of marketing to reach good audiences through interactive emails. Make sure that the subject you enter in your email must be eye catchy and short. The more the words the fewer people read the text. Try to add proper fonds and images while you proceed with your email marketing campaigns. Email Marketing can help you to increase your revenue from the right targeting of your audience

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