90+ High DA Business Listing Sites List in 2023

Previously, each home’s solitary ledger was the telephone directory. It included each and every phone number in the town. The telephone directory has become extinct as a result of technology’s invasion. The goal of company listing websites is similar to that of a telephone directory. And for backlinks, this is one of the top Off-Page SEO techniques.

Business Listing Sites

These sites are made up of a region’s business data. In the early days of the internet, a business directory was thought to be the equivalent of today’s search engine.

Business Listing
Business Listing

According to Hubspot, 50% of clients who used their mobile to search for a business came to the store. As a result, all company listings are essential for local firms.

Read on if you need to list your company for free.

What is Business Listings?

Business Listing Sites
Business Listing Sites

In simple terms, a business listing can be defined as a public profile of an already existing business. Business listings are usually organized in a larger database known as a business directory

The public profile of a business listing provides essential information about a business. For example, the name of the business, Its specific location, the products or services that it deals with, the opening hours, contact number, etc are published in business listings.

The business directories in which the business is listed usually make all this information visible to potential customers, clients, investors, and even partners.

Prior to the invasion of search engine behemoths like Google, the company or business directories were the go-to place for information seekers. When we look back, we can see how these business listings came to the existence.

The internet was born, and each company began to establish its own website but a lot of websites were in existance and finding essential website was hard. A business directory or some sort of structured repository that can help people in finding their desired website became a must needed tool. This is how business listings came into existance.

Why Business Listing Are Essential For A Business?

Display, radio advertising, television advertisements, newspaper advertisements, and other methods of marketing for local companies were used in the past. Such warnings have the ability to burn a hole in one’s pocket. Digital advertising is the next era of company advertising. In the space, local firms face competition from large brands.

Why Business Listing Are Essential For A Business
Why Business Listing Are Essential For A Business?

Local SEO

Companies’ only hope would be to rank high in search engines for certain keywords. For example, if your local SEO for your business is done right, your chances of being ranked for a term like”Barber Shops near me” are significantly greater than large and well-known businesses. Business listing is one of the aspects of SEO.

Be Found

Despite the fact that Google is the best way to find any business everywhere in the globe, business listings are still used to find information about companies. Not every business can afford a website and perform SEO to achieve high rankings. They can, however, always be listed in business directory sites and found if their prospects search for them.

There are a plethora of internet business listing sites to choose from. Lists on each Tom Dickens and Harry webpage are a waste of time. It is important to wash out a great business listing sites.

There are principle rules for Business Listing Sites;

Non-Spammy Websites

Assume you’re on a website. You are bombarded with irrelevant and irritating advertisements, which dulls your experience. Your next step would be to leave the website. In the same way, your own chances do. In the sites, there isn’t a single point record.

Fantastic Domain Name Authority

Obtaining a backlink to your site from business listings sites will convey domain authority. There are a variety of tools accessible to check the domain authority of their free business listing websites. In this research, we used a domain of over 40 to cover the top 100 business listings.

Do-follow Links

It must be a high-quality link in order to receive hyperlink juice. Although not every free business listing site provides hyperlinks, you should make sure your website has a mix of no-follow and hyperlink links.

How to add Business for free on Directories?

If you are a business owner then you need to add your business in business directories to get found online. You can advertise your business for free on these business listing sites. Here I am going to tell you how you can add your business to local directories.

Here is the step-by-step process that explains how to add your business to HuntBiz.com; however, the process remains identical for most of the business directories.

#1. Visit Directory’s Home Page

Visit HuntBiz.com in your browser and click on Add Listing button in the upper right corner.

#2. Add Business Details

Now, you need to add your Business detail on the listing submission page as shown in the image below.

HuntBiz.com Business Submission Page
  • Listing Title: At the listing title tab in (number 2) write down your Business name. For example, if you are the owner of any hotel than write down your business name like “The Grand Bhagwati” (Without comma).
  • Tagline: The (number 3) tab; write your tagline like “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”. This is the tagline of Apple but you should write your business’s tagline.
  • City: The City tab (number 4) is to select your city. Just type your city name and select your city from the auto-suggest list, when someone searches in business directory then they find you easily.
  • Phone: In the phone tab (number 5) write down your business phone number with +91. So, anyone can call you and also can contact you on WhatsApp directly regarding your business listing.
  • Full Address: In the full address tab (number 6)there is two option the one is Select location by Google and the another is to enter your location, manually. By default the google location is enabled, just type your business location and select from google search. If you are unable to find your location then you can just type your location manually. Also, there is another link called Drop pin. This is for if you have typed your location manually then Google might not unable to detect your location on the map. So, just check that if the pin is at the right place or not. If not then correct it.
  • Website: The website tab (number 7) is for a business owner who has their own website. Just type your business website URL and if you don’t have website keep it blank. The website plays an important role in business listing sites.

#3. Select Business Category & Working Hours

In the next section of listing submission: Select Business Category and hours for your business listing page.

HuntBiz.com Listing Submission Page
  • Add Business Hours: The Add business hours tab (number 8) is to select your business’s timing. Add your business’s Day off and working days with working hours. The time will be shown on the website in 12 Hours format. By clicking on remove button you can remove any special day in the list and by clicking the + Button you can add another day from the week.
  • Category: The category tab (number 9) is to select your business category. This is an important tab for your free business listing so, select the proper business category and if you are unable to find the category just contact us. We will add your business’s category. Just click on the Select Category tab and the drop-down list will be open you can find and choose your business’s category. You can also choose your business category by typing in a search box.
  • Feature: The business features according to your business category will be open if applied. Select the features which are provided at your business.
  • Price Range: The price range tab (number 10) is to select your business’s price range. For example, if you are a restaurant owner and your restaurant’s menu is from ₹10 to ₹200 than we can say this is inexpensive if the price is high then it will be moderate. So by default, the tab is at “Not to say”. And the other 4 option is “Inexpensive”, “Moderate”, “Pricy”, “Ultra high”.
  • Price From and Price To: The price from (number 11) and price to tab (number 12) are to select your price range in a digit. For example, if you have selected that your price range is “Moderate” in price range tab than specify the range in digit here like from ₹300 to ₹5000.

#4. Description and FAQ

After adding the categories, pricing details, you need to write a few paragraphs about your business. The business details can include the business model, services or products offered, etc.

The business description & FAQ parts are the most crucial parts of a business listing page as it helps a business to get organic reach with the help of Keywords. So, you should carefully write Business Listing Description & FAQs.

  • Description: The description tab (number 13) is to write your business description. You can explain to your customers about your business and your new offers and service. You can also list your awards and achievements. If you are little familiar with coding then you should also use HTML. In the text box, you can use the features provided like Bullets, Numbers, paragraphs and Bold, italic, underline. You can also add a link to your website or any other sites. Make sure the website is a quality website and in the text box you should write a minimum of 300 words and maximum as much you as want.
  • FAQ: The FAQ tab is for Frequently Asked Questions about your business. For example, if your shop is in the middle of the city than customers might have many questions in the mind like; Question:- Is There Four Wheel Parking Available? Answer:- Yes. So the tab (number 14) is for questions and Answer tab (number 15) is for Answer of a question. You can also add FAQ as many as you want. Just click on a + button and add another FAQ (number 16).

#5. Social Media Profiles & Tags

HuntBiz Add Listing Page
  • Social Media Profiles: The Social media URL box (number 17) is for your business’s social media profiles and pages. Add your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, and Instagram links in the social tab.
  • Tags or Keywords: This section is for our Business Partners only. The tags and keywords tab (number 18) is for your business’s targeted keywords. For example, if you have a business of restaurants then you should add the tags and keywords like Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Samosa, Tea, and all that. You should add all tags and keywords related to your business. So, your customers can find you easily. It is also very important tab so take your time and add your all keywords.

#6. Add Business Video and Featured Image

HuntBiz.com Add Listing Page
  • Your Business Video: The business Video tab (number 19) is for your business video promotion. This tab is optional but if you add your business video URL then it will be easy for your customers to get more detail.
  • Images: Add Your business promotion images (number 20) for your business page’s gallery. This images will be shown at top of your page and also one of this image will be shown in a google search. So, make sure all images are good and professional. Only upload the image with a size of 350*450 pixel and minimum 5 Images. Because these sized images will be shown at the best otherwise the images will be cropped or stretched.
  • Upload Feature Image: The feature image tab (number 21) is to select and upload the image that will be shown on a business listing search page and map. The feature image size must be 372*240 pixel.

#7. Select Your Username, Email & Send it to Approval

  • Email Address: Tab (number 22) is to enter your email address so that you can receive an email when your business listing is approved.
  • Username: Select your username for your business listing in tab number 23.
  • Terms & Conditions: In tab number 24 is for terms and condition. You can read our terms and condition at any page click on the checkbox and if you are first time registration on HuntBiz then keep the Already have account box number 25 unchecked, then click on tab number 26 is for security.
  • Save & Preview: After that click on Save & Preview (number 27) button so, you will see how your business listing will look like (This might take a minute or two to upload the details and images). If everything is ok then leave the site if not then correct it and save it again.
  • Listing Approval: Now your listing has been submitted. Our moderators will check and approve your listing as soon as possible. If your free business listing has been submitted successfully then you will receive an email from HuntBiz.com saying that your business listing has been submitted successfully.
  • Login Credentials: Furthermore, another email you will receive contains your password. Login to your account and change your password. If you have any problem with your business listing in HuntBiz then you can contact us anytime.

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Business Listing Sites List

List of Business Listing Websites in 2019 – The first stage in every business development campaign is to stay in the public eye. There is no better method to list a business in this digital age than by giving a brief profile of the company to a business listing website. Paid and unpaid business listing sites are available.

Sr. No. Business Listing Sites Domain Authority

What Information is published by Business Listings?

Anyone can see a business listing because it is a public profile. A standard business listing includes your company’s NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number).

Most businesses are aware of this secret, albeit a small percentage still believe their website will handle their publicity.Anyone can see a business listing because it is a public profile. A standard business listing includes your company’s NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number).

Most businesses are aware of this secret, albeit a small percentage still believe their website will handle their publicity.

However, the simplicity with which potential clients can find you may not work in that situation. As a result, free company listing sites have evolved into important marketing tools.

HuntBiz, YellowPages, Yelp, Grotal, Justdial, and Fundoodata are just a few of the many free business listing sites. Cash flow from featured listings and dollars from advertising are two of the free business listing services’ revenue sources.

However, such revenue streams become consistent only after the listing site receives tens of thousands of daily visitors. A gestation period must be crossed in order to reach that level.

As we all know, business listing websites are online platforms where firms or organisations can promote themselves to new markets. They are the ones who show customers through your business and hold your hand.

Support From Business Listing Sites

Businesses that are listed on business listing sites around the world have been able to alleviate the pain of not receiving enough attention from customers, compared to their colleagues and other large stores.

Specifically, the list of business listing sites benefits small firms more.

Many free business listing sites and directories also provide additional value to potential clients in the form of reviews, ratings, and images. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best free business listing sites.

Benefits of Local Business Listing Sites

When a company’s NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) is displayed online, its visibility skyrockets. Backlinks are the second-largest benefit after visibility.

Backlinks, also known as inbound links, are links to a company’s website that play an important part in increasing the domain authority of the site.
The volume of visits on a website increases dramatically when a tracking link is added at the end of the URL, which may be precisely assessed.

Once a decision to use a free business listing website list has been taken, the results will excite as the quality and spread of business data on search engines improves, and the rankings reflect increased online traffic, footfalls, and deals.

However, effort must be made to ensure that listings contain correct and factual information and are in a discoverable manner wherever they are published.

Indian Scenario of Business Listing Sites

In terms of the top free business listing sites in India, they increase visibility. Even if all other conditions remain constant, businesses with more citations will attract more customers than firms with fewer citations.

Including as much facts as possible in the online profile development, such as the company name, phone number, and web address, will enhance the listing, and the increase in local search results will bring in more clients and money.

Conclusion For Business Listing Sites

The first hygiene step for your entire internet marketing campaign is business listings. The initial step in your marketing strategy should be to register with free company directory sites.

These were the websites where you could list your company for free. Begin with a business listing and then master digital marketing to advance.

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