Content Creation VS Content Curation in Digital Marketing

Content Creation VS Content Curation in Digital Marketing
Content Creation VS Content Curation in Digital Marketing

Here we will discuss Content Creation VS Content Curation in Digital Marketing. “Content is a King.” Yes. This is a sentence we’ve all heard a million times.

The new era of incorporating content into your digital marketing brings with it a tactical focus on helping to build your audience, generate new leads, spread brand awareness, and improve your brand image on a bigger scale.

Content marketing adds to business goals, according to 28% of B2B marketers and 30% of B2C marketers. The Content Marketing Institute is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the advancement of content marketing.

The problem arises when attempting to distinguish between content creation and content curation. Content creation is the process of developing and promoting your own content from start to finish.

While Content Curation is a subset of social media marketing and management, it is the practice of gathering existing information such as blogs or social media postings pertinent to a specific topic and sharing it with your followers.

Content Creation VS Content Curation

What is Content Curation?

Content curation is the act of finding, compiling, and presenting the right content in a more structured manner based on a certain topic of interest. Content curation does not entail creating content; rather, it entails investigating and collecting content from various sources and presenting it in a way that the audience will respond to.

Content Curation

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What is Content Creation?

The act of selecting topic ideas that will appeal to your online audience, creating captivating content – both written and visual – around those ideas, and making that content available to the audience via any media, particularly digital media, is known as content creation.

Content Creation

Content Curator’s Job Role:

A content curator’s role is to scan the Internet for all essential material on a certain issue, collect links from other sources, provide context to the topic of interest, and present the findings in an easy-to-read, presentable manner.

Content Creator’s Job Role:

A content curator is a person who assists people in making sense of content. On the other hand, a content creator’s responsibility is to create the correct content, taking into account the many types of posts, such as instructive, inspirational, informative, and entertaining, and tailoring it to the audience’s interests.

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3 Benefits of Content Creation for Digital Marketing

3 Benefits of Content Creation for Digital Marketing
3 Benefits of Content Creation for Digital Marketing

Brand Awareness

Your brand is reflected in your content. Your brand will have a voice thanks to the content you develop. It will explain your brand’s story to your potential customers.

According to Bop Design, what a brand says and how it says it accounts for 45 percent of its image.

Effective engagement is what keeps your relationship with your target audience going. As a result, quality content and relevance should be prioritized. To relate to your target market and achieve success with your digital marketing plan, be innovative.

Drive Quality Traffic

Inbound traffic to your digital marketing activities is one of the most important tasks of content marketing. Contributing to the guest writing section is one technique to attract the attention of your readers or followers to your website or business.

If you do it on a relevant, authoritative site with a lot of traffic, a single guest post can bring you thousands of new visitors.

Creating content to advertise your expertise, speciality, and/or unique selling proposition is a very effective strategy. As a result, it is critical to include the appropriate call to action in order for your audience to engage with your content and visit your website.

Become A Thought Leader

We’ve all heard famous thinkers like Richard Branson (Virgin), Steve Jobs (Apple), and Elon Musk (Tesla). With repeated efforts, these individuals have established a high bar for thought. You’ll stand out if you use virgin content. As a result, it will enable you to march toward becoming a thought leader, with your content speaking for you.

3 Benefits of Content Curation for Digital Marketing

3 Benefits of Content Curation for Digital Marketing
3 Benefits of Content Curation for Digital Marketing

Build Relationships

Global best marketers use a wonderful combination of 65 percent developed content and 25% curated content.

Incorporating content curation into your digital marketing strategy can help you maintain a strong relationship with your target audience. If you provide relevant content authored by influencers with the credits, your audience is more likely to comprehend and appreciate it.

Because your followers will be able to recognise the information, it will be more relevant and relatable to them. Content curation helps to break down barriers, establish a strong online relationship with influencers, and create an impactful introduction.

Influence Marketing

Curated information from high-quality third-party sources aids in the development of go-to web resources, enhancing your credibility and trustworthiness as an objective authority on your subject. If you give correct acknowledgement as a result of content curation, the content creators will welcome you sharing sections of it on your web channels.

Gain Industry Knowledge

Content curation forces content writers to express their own opinions on hot issues. When you post a link to an article, the game isn’t over. Giving it credit for why you’re sharing is the ideal practise, as it justifies the readers’ time and attention. You may also mention personal experiences or how you would handle a similar issue differently.

The digital marketing landscape is always changing, and simply posting an external link will not help you with your content marketing plan. You’ll need to supply some details, so do some study on the topic you’re about to share.

This will not only provide you a better understanding of the business, but it will also show your audience how powerful your brand is. By curating information, you may offer both the original writer’s knowledge and your own perspectives on the subject. This will aid your followers in comprehending the message you are attempting to deliver.

Content creation tools that can help

There are numerous tools available to assist in the creation of content. Consider the following scenario:

Evernote: Evernote contains the details of your notes and organize them in a logical manner. When you’re ready to put your content pieces together, you can jot down ideas as they come to you, outline articles, and easily search and/or access information.

Google Docs: You can simply share and collaborate on papers with Google Docs. If you require multiple individuals to review your content, Google Docs allows you to make sure that everyone is working on the most current updates.

Canva: Canva is a great method to save money on graphic design. This is the place to go if you want to make slides, infographics, attractive social media posts, and more. Furthermore, the paid version of the application allows you to rapidly trademark your content or convert formats, allowing you to reuse a graphic across numerous social media networks.

Content curation tools that can help

As with content creation, there are many tools that can help you each step of the way. For example:

Curata – Curata will assist you in gathering and using curated content more effectively, as well as creating content with contributors from across your entire team.

Flipboard – With Flipboard, you can take curated content and turn it into a little publication about whatever you like.

Pocket – With Pocket, you can keep content in one place whenever you find it and use it at a later time.

A Couple of Use cases of Content Creation & Content Curation


Netflix’s original programming makes use of content generation. House of Cards, a popular Netflix web series, and Making A Murderer, a documentary, are both excellent instances of Netflix programming.

Netflix also specialises in content curation, which entails locating and licencing excellent content created by other production companies (Sherlock as an example).

The Huffington Post

Create, contribute, and collect—the perfect combination of the three ‘Cs’ indicates a strong content mix that has a huge impact on The Huffington Post’s popularity. It’s one of the best instances of content curation websites, incorporating the principle of providing some content, inviting guest bloggers to contribute some content, and collecting links and articles from the web.

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