Digital Marketing Analysis: Build Your Marketing Strategy With Data

Because it’s such a large investment, many people choose for a digital marketing analysis. With a digital marketing study, your organisation can use data instead of hunches to power your marketing strategy, which can make a huge difference in your plan’s success and return on investment (ROI).

Continue reading to discover more about digital marketing analysis and to find out the answers to queries such as:

  • What is a digital marketing analysis?
  • Why should I invest in a digital marketing analysis?
  • What should digital marketing analysis services include? And more!

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What is a digital marketing analysis?

Digital Marketing Analysis
Digital Marketing Analysis

A digital marketing analysis investigates and examines your company, audience, and rivals in order to create a specific, data-driven digital marketing strategy for your organization. Your organization can deliver an Internet marketing strategy that speaks to your audience – and converts them — with an online marketing analysis.

What does a digital marketing analysis include?

A digital marketing study will, in most situations, contain the following steps:

  • Examining your company’s present marketing strategy, objectives, and personas
  • Examining the marketing strategies and target audiences of your competitors
  • Investigating the online behaviour, desires, and language of your target audience
  • Based on these results, rebuild your marketing plan.

However, each analysis is unique.

A company that has recently undergone a merger, for example, may invest more in a comprehensive digital marketing analysis than one that has proactively handled its online marketing initiatives. Your review’s depth will be determined by your organization’s status, goals, strategy, and target audience.

What do digital marketing analysis services include?

If you’re considering investing in digital marketing analysis services, that’s fantastic! A professional study can provide your company with a valuable second view, resulting in a more effective approach that creates the leads and income you desire.

Research what digital marketing analysis services should cover before teaming with a company.

The top digital marketing analysis agency
The top digital marketing analysis agency

The best digital marketing research firms will provide turnkey services to make your life easier. With turn-key service, you’ll get a comprehensive analysis and list of marketing plan recommendations, as well as the option of having the agency lead and manage those campaigns.

Even if your firm doesn’t provide turnkey services, their digital marketing audit should comprise the following:

  • Examine your company and its objectives.
  • Analyze your competition in both the real and internet worlds.
  • Your target persona and audience should be researched and updated.
  • Recommendations for your marketing channels and strategies.

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Continue reading to find out more about the following deliverables:

Business review

An in-depth study of your organization should be included in every web marketing analysis.

For instance, your service provider should inquire about your business by asking:

  • What are the objectives of your business?
  • What are your most popular goods or services?
  • What distinguishes your business from the competition?
  • What do you want to gain from this investigation?

They should also inquire about your marketing strategy, such as:

  • What are your marketing objectives?
  • Which marketing methods or channels do you employ?
  • How do your marketing objectives contribute to your company’s broader objectives?
  • With web marketing, which services or goods do you wish to promote?
  • What aspects of your marketing plan are working (and which aren’t)?

Finally, potential agencies should inquire about your target market by asking questions such as the ones below:

  • What is the demographic of your target market?
  • What is the most common way for your target audience to find your company?
  • What are some of your audience’s difficulties or pain areas, and how do you address them?

Before you engage a digital marketing analysis agency, they will ask you these questions.

If they don’t, check into other possibilities. When it comes to your online marketing analysis, partnering with a company that asks the proper questions and shows an interest in your business can set you up for success.

Competitor analysis

In order to conduct a digital marketing analysis, you must first conduct a competitor analysis.

Your agency will do a competition analysis on your company’s top online and offline competitors. If you run a local business (say, an insurance agency), you may face competition from the insurance agency in the next city, as well as big-name insurance agencies operating online.

Investigating your top competitors benefits your service provider in the following ways:

  • Compare your strategy to those of your competitors.
  • Look for flaws in competition strategies.
  • Find new ways to improve your online marketing strategy.
  • Find out who your competitors’ target audiences are.

Target persona research

One of the most important aspects of digital marketing analysis is researching your target persona.

In any online marketing plan, your target buyer is the most important factor. Your firm will not create leads, sales, or money if you focus on the incorrect people, which can spell disaster for your bottom line. That is why it is critical to conduct research about your target buyer.

Your service provider will, in most situations, begin by reviewing your current target persona.

You may have an in-depth or bare-minimum persona for your target audience, depending on your business. That’s fine! Your digital marketing analysis firm will assist you in updating and expanding your target persona so that it is as useful to your marketing strategy as feasible.

In general, target personas will comprise details such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Role (for business-to-business companies)
  • Challenges or pain points
  • Wants or needs

Some target personas will also respond to the following questions:

  • What are the values of the intended buyer?
  • What are the concerns of the target buyer?
  • What marketing messaging or selling elements are effective for this buyer’s demographic?
  • What channels does the target buyer utilise to look for answers to their problems?

Again, target personas can grow to be incredibly detailed, but this is not the norm.

Your digital marketing analysis service provider will base their research on the target persona you’ve created and maintained. They wish to review and renew your persona as part of their service to make it as beneficial as feasible for your web marketing plan.

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Updating your target buyer persona

Your target persona should be revised as part of your digital marketing analysis services.

Because your firm will conduct in-depth research on your target audience and look for lessons that they can apply to your target persona and digital marketing plan. For example, your service provider may identify a new pain point for your target market that your company can address.

Here are a few examples of information your agency might learn about your target buyer:

  • How your potential buyer expresses or seeks for solutions to their difficulties on the internet
  • Where your target buyer goes for advice and updates, such as a forum or social network
  • What your ideal customer is looking for in a product or service, as well as the company that provides it?
  • How does your target buyer go from being aware to making a purchase?

While updating your target persona with this information is optional, you should do so. These information can benefit your long-term digital marketing plan by giving your team the data they need to keep a strategy that communicates (and converts) to your target market.

Determining your most valuable marketing strategies

The majority of digital marketing analysis services should provide plan recommendations.

Your agency should produce a list of the most beneficial online marketing techniques for your company, such as search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and social media advertising, based on their research.

If you run a local insurance business and find out that the majority of your consumers find you through search and social media, it makes sense to promote social media marketing, social media advertising, and local SEO.

Determining your most valuable marketing strategies
Determining your most valuable marketing strategies

In most circumstances, your agency’s proposed strategies will be ranked as well.

Your company’s strategy can be aided by ranking your strategies from most to least effective. If you just have time to focus on one method, for example, having your options presented can help you make a speedy decision.

Your digital marketing analysis business should present statistics to back up their recommendations when recommending methods or channels. If your agency doesn’t have any evidence to back up their claims, it should be a red signal.

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Building your digital marketing plan

Finally, digital marketing analysis services might entail the development of a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

Your organisation will obtain a blueprint for online marketing with this delivery. Most organisations that offer a comprehensive digital marketing strategy will also supply the services required to launch, operate, and maintain it.

But what does a completed strategy look like? Details such as these can be found in an online marketing plan:

  • Strategies
  • Recommended ad spend (if applicable)
  • Immediate action items, like fixing a broken site link
  • Monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals
  • Monthly action plan
  • And more

Every provider of digital marketing analysis services is unique.

The above deliverables, on the other hand, highlight the most important aspects of an internet marketing analysis. In order to get the best results from choosing and working with a web marketing analysis agency, find out what services they offer ahead of time.

You’ll know exactly what you’re investing in for your company this way.

Why invest in digital marketing analysis?

Whether you examine your web marketing in-house or with the help of an agency, it’s a worthwhile investment to do so. What are the benefits of devoting time (and money) to reviewing your strategy?

There are several convincing reasons for this, including:

Build a strategy with data, not hunches

A digital marketing plan can be created by anyone, but that does not guarantee that it will be successful.

Build a strategy with data, not hunches
Build a strategy with data, not hunches

Developing a digital marketing strategy without data, whether freestyled, copied from a rival, or based on a hunch, is ineffective. If you make a guess or assume something will work, you’ll miss out on what will.

Your company can develop an informed and data-driven strategy with the help of a digital marketing analysis.

You may personalise an internet marketing approach to your organization, goals, and audience using research and industry-specific data. When it comes to producing and nurturing leads, that extra effort can make a huge impact.

Take a look at how our firm assisted Reynolds Building Solutions with data. This building solutions company wanted to make more money through its website.

We designed and executed a digital marketing strategy for the company based on our team’s research and analysis, which yielded outstanding results, such as a 71 percent increase in organic contact form submissions year over year.

You can also begin developing a competitive, results-driven approach with a digital marketing study.

Get actionable insight into your audience

Companies face a significant problem in understanding their audiences.

While you may have a good idea of your target audience’s age, gender, and region, it’s challenging to grasp their reasons and decisions. A digital marketing analysis, on the other hand, can assist you better grasp your audience’s views and behaviours.

An internet marketing analysis, for example, can teach you:

  • How your target audience looks for answers
  • How your target market expresses concerns about your products or services
  • What a company, product, or service’s target market wants or expects
  • Where does your audience go for buying recommendations, breaking news, and more?
  • When it comes to contacting a firm or purchasing a product, your audience has preferences.

All of this data can assist your company in creating a better online and consumer experience. If you discover, for example, that customers prefer to contact a business like yours over the internet rather than by phone, you may devote effort to designing and improving your contact forms.

seo tools
seo tools

Setting aside time to investigate and update audience information is also difficult for many small-to-midsized enterprises. Professional digital marketing analysis services, on the other hand, may assist your firm in maximizing this benefit and improving your online marketing approach.

Earn a better ROI from digital marketing

You want to increase your digital marketing ROI regardless of your industry or target demographic.

An internet marketing study can help you achieve that aim by helping you develop a stronger plan. Consider that for a moment. You’re learning more about your target audience, rivals, and existing strategy, and you’re putting that knowledge to good use.

It’s only natural that your ROI would rise with a better digital marketing plan.

An analysis can help you improve your strategy and ROI in a number of ways.

  • Changing your strategy to focus on more profitable channels
  • Gaining a better knowledge of the motives, values, and pain areas of your target audience
  • Using your plan to target your competitor’s strategy.

Increasing the return on your internet marketing investment can benefit your company in a variety of ways. With a higher ROI, your firm will generate more leads, sales, and revenue, which can be used to expand your workforce, create a new location, or invest in new resources.

Outsourced digital marketing analysis vs. in-house digital marketing analysis

You have two options when it comes to a digital marketing analysis:

  • Do it out in-house.
  • Hire an agency

Which is, nevertheless, the greatest solution for your company?

Small-to-medium-sized firms, in most situations, benefit the most from outsourcing their digital marketing studies. Because you have fewer team members and time as a smaller company, conducting an evaluation is more difficult.

Hiring an agency provides your company with immediate access to a marketing staff. In addition, you will be relieved of the burden of studying your strategy, researching your audience, and evaluating your competition. You concentrate on operating your firm while your new marketing team works on your analysis.

Even when the cost savings of an in-house digital marketing analysis are included, the time it would take is generally outweighed. You’d have to spend hours analyzing your plan and looking for ways to improve it.

If you don’t have any experience with marketing, this work becomes considerably more difficult.

A third-party review might also provide you a new perspective on your marketing plan.

You have someone new to your company who has experience with online marketing and can analyse your strategy and provide effective, data-backed advise. For many businesses, the cost of getting that level of advice and knowledge is justified, especially when considering the return on investment of a digital marketing analysis.

How to choose a digital marketing analysis service provider?

For example, think about the following questions:

  • Do you wish to collaborate with a local firm?
  • What is your budget for a digital marketing analysis?
  • Do you want to collaborate with a turn-key firm?
  • What services must an agency provide in terms of deliverables?

Answering these questions will assist your company in developing a requirements list. These specifications will make it simple for your organization to add agencies to its list of candidates, saving you time and effort.

Ask for recommendations

You may know experts who use third-party marketing services based on your contacts. They might, for example, hire a social media agency to maintain their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. They could also work with a search engine optimization firm to boost their Google presence.

In any case, speak with these experts.

When it comes to hiring a digital marketing analysis agency, they may have numerous recommendations based on their experiences. In most circumstances, they’ll likely refer you to a digital marketing firm that can help you with this.

You can create a short list of suitable web marketing agencies based on their recommendations.

Read reviews, testimonials, and case studies

You can start your search for a digital marketing analysis agency after you know what you want.

Read the evaluations, testimonials, and case studies of a company.

digital marketing agency
digital marketing agency

Agencies with a large number of reviews (50 or more) can reassure you that they have worked with a diverse range of clients. A large number of reviews also gives you a variety of viewpoints and experiences.

Consider the following when reading reviews:

  • What was the client’s opinion?
  • What was the client’s pet peeve?
  • What was the agency’s role in assisting the client?
  • Is the client likely to refer the firm?

When reading testimonials, ask the same questions.

While testimonials are more likely to express a positive experience, they can also be linked to reviews. For example, you may observe that the company’s response time to emails and phone calls is included in both reviews and testimonials.

Keep an eye out for case studies as you read through testimonials and reviews.

A case study gives you a detailed look at the client’s experience as well as the agency’s approach, skills, and outcomes. They’re a fantastic way to learn about a company and its capabilities.

Set up a meeting

You can contact possible digital marketing analytics agencies after you’ve compiled a list.

You may visit the company’s office or they may visit yours, depending on your location. In other circumstances, firms will hold conference calls with you to talk about your business and learn about your web marketing objectives.

A meeting, whether online or in person, is a great way to discover more about an agency. You’ll be able to observe how the agency engages with your group. You can also measure their interest in your company and service requirements.

If you’re going to hire an agency, don’t skip this step.

Ask the right questions

Ask questions while meeting with potential digital marketing analysis companies.

Asking questions (such as the ones below) will help you limit down your list of candidates:

  • What is included in your digital marketing analysis?
  • Are there any extra charges associated with these services?
  • How long does it take to conduct a digital marketing analysis?
  • What happens if your suggestions don’t pan out?
  • On this project, with whom (and how many) will I collaborate?
  • What information would you require from me in order to do the analysis?

Collaborate with your team to come up with more questions to ask.

If you fail to ask these questions during your meeting with a prospective agency, send them an email or give them a call. If you skip these questions and move through with a signed contract, your firm may end up working with an agency that does not fulfil your needs or expectations.

You can pick a top-notch digital marketing analysis service provider by following the aforementioned guidelines. Get a professional digital marketing analysis today.

Final Words

A competent digital marketing analysis aids in the development of a data-driven marketing strategy for your company. Your business may develop by generating more leads, sales, and money with a data-driven strategy rather than a copy-and-paste method.

Are you prepared to begin examining your online marketing strategy? Contact us now.

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