Digital Marketing Strategy for Interior Design

interior design business
interior design business

Designers of interiors, welcome! If you’re looking for a Digital Marketing Strategy for Interior Design and other internet marketing ideas for your interior design business, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

Interior designers have a creative eye, but it isn’t enough to run a successful business if your target audience can’t find you online; otherwise, your intense rival will steal all of your potential clients.

We’re not trying to scare you…

In reality, you should be aware of the fiercest online competition in the interior design industry.

Because 97 percent of consumers utilize the Internet to locate all local company information, it is critical for interior designers to sell themselves online.

Here are some pointers that will help you earn five stars for your company.

SEO your business with the Best Keywords

The majority of professionals in this field promote themselves under the more modern business category name of “Interior Designers,” however the older industry designation of “Interior Decorator” is nearly as common in some places. When promoting your business in most big cities, it’s ideal to just say “Interior Designer.”

However, do some research to determine whether you should include the phrases “interior decorator” on your website so that it appears in those searches as well. According to Google Trends, “Interior Design” is the most searched term in Canada, the United States, India, and Australia.

Include pages on your site that describe your specialty or the types of building interiors or businesses that you specialize in so that others looking for your expertise can find you quickly.

Add your Company Listing in Online Directories

Add your Company Listing in Online Directories
Add your Company Listing in Online Directories

If your company is new, listing in web directories is essential because your information will not spread on its own. You have little chance of ranking for local searches if you aren’t listed in such directories.

Even if your company has been around for a while, you should double-check to verify if a listing for you exists in key directories, and that your information is as current and accurate as possible. Claim and update your Google and Bing listings as well. GetListed can help you check your listing.

There are also some web directories dedicated solely to the design business. Getting listed in them can aid your cause even more. To figure out which are the most useful, do a Google search for “interior designers” in your city and observe which directory sites appear on the first few pages of results.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Whether you like it or not, potential consumers in the Interior-Design industry use search. Although you may have a good reputation in the field, tens of thousands of people use Pay-Per-Click advertising to find people to do business with in the Interior-Design industry.

The average searcher conducts more specialized queries, and 93% of them only look at the search results on the first page.

  1. Only 7% of searchers will get to page 2, and only 1% will go all the way to page 3.
  1. You will miss the mark unless you show up on the first page. Pay-Per-Click advertising allows you to reach your target market right where they are – on page one.

This brings up an important point: you must be seen in order to be found; you must be found in order to acquire clicks; and you must receive clicks in order to secure new business. It’s critical to choose the correct keywords and include them in a well-managed pay-per-click campaign if you want to generate income and get a good return on investment.

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Share Photos on Pinterest, Flickr, and Instagram

When 96 percent of marketers use social media to generate leads, you know it’s something you should be doing as well. But figuring out how to do it isn’t always easy.

People use Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, and other similar sites to get decor ideas, inspiration, and to find furniture sellers or even designers to hire. While much of this falls under the area of DIY decoration study, even that activity might help you if you increase your social media relationships.

When people share your links on social media or in material that you submit, search engines can use that as an indicator of relative popularity.

Include a link to your website with each image you publish to any image-sharing network so that customers may quickly find you. Being influential on social media results in more visitors to your site and a higher search engine ranking advantage.

Use Pinterest if you think you only have time for one. Add your photographs to your Google profile in addition to these other social media sites to get ahead of the curve, since Google is gradually adding a “local carousel” of images to the tops of some local company search results.

Make Site Images Crawlable

Make Site Images Crawlable
Make Site Images Crawlable

Interior designers are sometimes very protective of their images, which may lead to them shooting themselves in the foot in terms of marketing if taken too far. Insisting that your designer make it such that search engines can’t access and index the subdirectories on your website server implies that visitors won’t be able to locate your photographs in search results. This reduces your web presence when people are looking for information.

You can still add a copyright notice on your web pages or photos, but you should enable the images to appear in search results so that more potential buyers can see them.

Blog Often

The more you blog about similar themes, the higher your site will rank and the more keyword phrases you will rank for over time. Create an SEO-friendly blog and find a means to update it once or twice a week.

You may write several blog entries and schedule them to go up on different days of the month, so even if you only have half a day per month to devote to this, you can get a lot done.

Encourage Positive Online Reviews

Consumers who are unfamiliar with contractors will seek ratings and suggestions from internet review sites such as Yelp and Angie’s List. Don’t ask for favorable feedback or offer to pay or incentivize positive feedback.

However, if you have satisfied customers, ask them to leave a review of your business on Yelp, Angie’s List. While rating values and review material are not often used to determine rankings, favorable ratings can influence click rates, which can have an indirect effect on rankings over time.

The total quantity of reviews and the regularity with which they are posted on your business listings are likely to have an impact on rankings.

Post Videos of your Designs on YouTube

Videos can score well in search results on their own, and they can also contain links to your company’s website. Because interior design is such a visually driven business, every way you can show off your work through visual media can help you raise your profile and visibility.

Videos are a great way to get three-dimensional information across. Provide panoramas or walk-throughs of areas with vocal descriptions using videos. Because few designers publish videos, doing so will provide you an advantage and help you get ahead of the competition in your area.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Strategies for Interior Design Business

Benefits of Digital Marketing Strategies for Interior Design Business
Benefits of Digital Marketing Strategies for Interior Design Business
  1. An increase in clients and a good online presence can lead to increased profits.
  2. a rise in revenue
  3. Locate new customers in other online marketplaces.
  4. Sets you out from the competitors
  5. Provides you with exposure to new markets and a larger audience.

Use these techniques to design your way to a higher ranking in local search results, and your business will profit from more referrals.

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