Top 100 High DA Directory Submission Sites List 2023

Prior to implementing any online promoting strategies, it’s critical to understand the actual benefits of doing so. Directory submission is one of the most essential off-page factors for enhancing your website’s rating on the internet. Here is a list of top high DA directory Submission sites.

You should not simply submit your website to directories without first understanding what it is, how it is done, and why it is required. This essay is all about Directory Submission and will help you better grasp all of its components for overall improved site Search Engine Optimization. It also includes a complete list of directory submission sites.

What is Directory Submission & How to Do Website Submission On Directory Submission Site?

Directory submission, which is the most important component of off-page SEO, is the process of submitting website links or URLs, as well as full website details, to a web directory under a certain category.

What is Directory Submission
What is Directory Submission

You may increase the overall SEO of a website by boosting the link building results with directory submission. How? These directories submit your website to another website.

To give you a better understanding of the directory submission concept, consider this scenario: if you have a blog with technical material, you would submit it to a science and technology directory, which is a terrific way to get backlinks for high-ranking websites. In a nutshell, web directories are similar to phone directories.

Basic directory submission, Normal Directory Submission, and Multiple Directory Submission are the three primary types of directory submissions. A single URL, a single description, and numerous titles are submitted to different categories in this basic directory submission.

Directory of Manuals Numerous descriptions are utilized for multiple titles and one URL in this submission. Multiple Directory Submission: This is where you submit multiple internal URLs (recommended 8-10) of the same site, each with its own title and description.

How To Do Directory Submission on Directory Submission Sites?

Let us show you how to submit your website link to any directory and improve your site’s search engine ranking. To get started, simply follow the instructions below.

First and foremost, choose among the best directory submission websites on the list. Select a website to submit your website or blog to, such as Entireweb Directory,, and others.

Once you’ve done that, choose a category that corresponds to your blog’s niche. The Business and Economy category, for example, is appropriate if you operate a website that shares business-related content.

After selecting a category, click the submit link button to have your blog added to the directory. Done? No, after selecting the submit option, a menu of options will come on the screen to help you narrow down your options. For example, if your blog is about business, choose the business subcategory.

Finally, use the button to add an article. Now fill up the data like URL, description, and title, and you’re done!

What Are The Benefits of Directory Submission With Our Directory Submission Sites in India?

We’ve highlighted some of the reasons why you should submit your site to a web directory below. Don’t forget to read them all:

For your website, you can obtain high-quality backlinks. Submitting your website to a directory can help you create links, which will assist search engines consider your website or blog for a first-page ranking among thousands of others.

Do you want your website to get a lot of traffic? Then submit your site to top directories, which receive a large number of visits every day, every hour. This will assist you in reaching your intended audience.

When you submit your site to a directory, it is permanently included on other sites, ensuring excellent search engine indexing.

Conclusion About Directory Submission Sites List

To summarise, web directory submission acts as a tool that assists you in gaining awareness on the internet. Avoid submitting your site to too many directories because it can backfire. However, for better SEO results, select some of the best directories.

DoFollow Directory Submission Sites List

Sr. No. Directory Submission Site Domain Authority
1 91
2 79
3 72
4 65

Quick Suggestion

While submitting your site to some of the sites mentioned above, avoid submitting to a website that requires a reciprocal link back or banner ads on your website, as this may harm your site’s SEO and you are unnecessarily passing your website’s link juice, especially now that you can find a plethora of FREE directory submission sites.

Directories are a sort of website that is used to organise and keep information about businesses. It’s the act of adding a website to communicate something. You may look for any phone number in the phone book using the title. You may find statistics and information about any firm in the same way.

It’s one of the approaches for off-page search engine optimization. You’ll want to choose a directory to submit your site’s details, such as a description, a link, and a name. If you keep doing this, your domain authority will improve and you will get more visits.

Your domain’s position in the search results improves as well. Directory submission helps to increase traffic circulation and enhances search engine rankings.

What Are The Advantages of Directory Submission in SEO?

One of the most popular SEO tactics is directory submission. Here are a few of the benefits of directory submission.

Advantages of Directory Submission
Advantages of Directory Submission

For better search engine rankings:

Your website will gain the necessary exposure in the internet world by being listed in the top directories. Directory submission is an excellent technique to improve your search engine results and build links. Free directory submission sites in India, on the other hand, are of little value in terms of improving SEO results, according to bulk SEO specialists, but they are worth a try.

Boost link popularity:

One of the main benefits of submitting to directories is that they will receive high-quality backlinks. Search engines take into account the quantity of backlinks you have, and directory submission will deliver those backlinks to your website. It’s a more relaxing way. Free directory submission sites in India will help you diversify your links and improve your SEO.

Make careful to choose the best DA websites, or hire someone to do it for you! When you submit your site to directories, it will be indexed by search engines. Your website is discovered by search engines as a result of traffic from other websites.

Increase traffic to your site:

If you include the right keywords in your directory entries, your listings will appear in search engine results.
If your site does not have top search engine rankings, this will deliver you targeted visitors.

Kinds of Directory Submission

Directory submission is an efficient approach for increasing backlinks. But did you know that directory contributions come in a variety of forms? There are eight different sorts of submissions.

Free directory submission: While directory submission is free, there is no guarantee that your connection will be allowed by the administrator, and it will take a long time.

Regular directory listing with reciprocity. You wish to submit a link after you’ve activated the directory connection. The directory administrator will then approve your link. Backlinks will be given to you. This bundle is available on several websites for a lifetime or a yearly fee.

Automated directory submission: You can submit directories with the help of tools and software. Rank manipulative tactics, on the other hand, do not encourage. If you’re thinking about submitting your website to a directory, what should you do?

Dofollow directory submission: If you’re a blogger looking to boost your blog’s search engine rankings, dofollow directories can help. Backlinks that are dofollow are beneficial to achieving high rankings. The volume of people. Every market directory is dedicated to a specific subject, which is listed as a class in the directory.

The higher the frequency of linkages on your site, the higher the internet ranks and visibility. Your page is frequented by search engines as your site’s rank rises, and they believe it.

Top 5 Things To Consider While Doing Directory Submission

You must adhere to a variety of guidelines when submitting your site to directories. Here are some pointers and suggestions to keep in mind when submitting to directories.

  • There’s no use in getting listed in a directory if it’s not indexed. As a result, ensure that major search engines such as Google, Bing, and others have crawled and cached the directories.
  • In the titles and descriptions, use terms such as your brand name, primary keywords, exact match domain name, related keywords, synonyms of main keywords, long-tail keywords, and so on.
  • Use the services of a manual directory submission service provider or manually submit to each directory. Never utilise a submission engine that generates 1000 submissions in a single minute.
  • Don’t rely just on submissions to directories. Along with directory submission, use other link-building strategies like as guest blogging, infographics, and social bookmarking.
  • Make submissions to a variety of directories, including general, niche, regional, country-specific, industry-specific, and premium directories.

Do’s and Don’ts of Directory Submission Sites

When submitting your site to directories, make sure to follow these guidelines:

Do’s of Directory Submission Sites:

Here are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to free directory submission sites. So, while submitting your site or blog to these free directory submission services in India, you can use them as a guide.

  • Check to see if the directory is indexed by the most popular search engines. It’s pointless to submit your links to it if it hasn’t been cached by search engines.
  • Submit to well-known directories since they will provide you visitors as well as the kind of backlinks that will help your site rank higher.
  • When submitting your site to categories, make sure the directory in question has a distinct category structure that aids in better arrangement of information. This will assist you in quickly locating essential information.
  • On the category link pages, look for outbound links. So that you may have a decent idea of how beneficial such a submission would be for your site.
  • Make certain to check the web directory’s domain authority.
  • Perform a fast search in the directory to confirm your site is not already listed. You will save time as a result of this.
  • There is a huge variety of topics to pick from in the online directory. Choose the appropriate category for your website. Submit a website to the category with the most relevant content. Your site will be rejected or removed if you submit to improper or unrelated categories.
  • Always keep quality in mind when creating links. A single high-quality link is preferable to a slew of low-quality connections. The rating of a website can be improved by submitting it to high-quality directories.
  • In your anchor text, include the keywords you want to target, but don’t make them spammy. Use different descriptions and anchor text for each link. Change it up a little and go after different keywords.
  • Always use a title and description that are acceptable. The title should contain the keyword that is used in the anchor text. Make a description that includes all of the page’s main keywords. However, avoid stuffing keywords into the description.
  • Links from high PR directories hold more weight. As a result, make an effort to obtain high-quality connections from high-PR directories.
  • Never rely on software or tools that are automated. Manual submittal is always preferred. You can utilise Roboform, an autofill password keeper that is encrypted, if you want to submit websites to directories on a regular basis. It’s a serious tool in every way.
  • Avoid paying for links and instead go for one-way links by submitting to directories.
  • Keep track of your submissions and check your approval status on a frequent basis. There are several free directory submission services that approve your site submission immediately, as well as sites or agencies that charge money to submit your site to a select few top sites.
  • Keep a record of your efforts for future reference. This is crucial since you need to know whether or not your SEO methods are working for you.

Don’ts of directory submission sites:

When submitting your site to the above-mentioned free directory submission sites, avoid the following at all costs.

  • A directory that uses the rel=nofollow tag for your link will be of no benefit to you in your SEO efforts. That link to your site will never be followed by search engines. Even redirection are rarely taken into account by search engines when it comes to backlinks.
  • Link farms, bad neighbourhoods, and free-for-all (FFA) link sites should all be avoided because they affect your site. If a directory approves a site without manually assessing it, don’t submit to that directory because it uses automated processes to do it.
  • The content on mirror sites is similar, but the URLs are different. As a result, please do not submit mirror sites. Do not submit URLs with content that is similar to those of other sites in the directory.
  • Some directories will not accept sites that have been submitted more than once in the same month. Although a few sites may allow this, the majority of directories will display an error notice stating that “Domain already exists in the directory.” Rethink your submission, drill down to a deeper, more relevant category, and resubmit if you aren’t listed.
  • Users of the directory will not find the sites useful if they have overlapping and repeated information. Multiple submissions of connected sites may result in their rejection or deletion, as well as the removal or deletion of all affiliated sites.
  • Never use a disguised URL or submit the same URL more than once. Sending and, for example, is not a smart idea.
  • Don’t submit any site with a URL that leads to another location.
  • Don’t submit a site to a directory if it has an unfinished or “under construction” notice, or if it has broken graphics or links. Before submitting a site, make sure it’s finished.

FAQs directory submission sites in 2023

Will directory submission be available in 2023?

Yes, directory submission is one of the most effective off-page SEO tactics for obtaining links without having to pay or wait too long (like guest posting to get hyperlinks ). It’s the most effective strategy to get great backlinks and generate traffic to your website in 2021 and beyond.

What is a submission to a company directory?

Only your website’s address or URL is included in company directories such as Google, YP, Yelp, and others. It can assist you in improving your company’s performance. Some of the ways are listed below.

If you own a small business or an online store, we recommend that you submit your website because it can help you improve your search rankings and gain visibility.

Does submitting your site to directories help your site rank higher?

Speaking of blog directories, they might help, but they’re not going to help you gain first page rankings on Google for the vast majority of the 38.
We recommend that you utilize a variety of link-building methods, such as infographics, skyscraper technique outreach, and guest posting, rather than relying on just one SEO technique, such as website directory submission.

Do a step-by-step directory submission?

Here are three simple steps to quickly submit a directory.

Step 1: Choose from the list of free directory submission sites at the top of this page. You have the option of selecting blog directories based on your preferences, such as

  • The number of blogs linked (site age)
  • The site’s Alexa ranking
  • The site’s domain authority (DA), for example.

Step 2: Select an appropriate category for your submission. You’re in; if at all feasible, try to choose categories by clicking on them.

Step 3: Once you’ve found the appropriate subcategory on the submission website, you’ll see buttons like “submit site,” “click on submit your website,” and so on that will allow you to submit your website for free.

Is there a free directory submission service available online?

Yes, there aren’t many tools and platforms that allow you to submit automated directory submissions online, but we strongly advise you to use them. The only reason for this is that these automated directories are frequently full of a slew of blog directory websites (many of which are spam sites), and they automatically post your website URLs on all of them.

So, if you want to avoid any Google penalties, it’s usually better to avoid automatic directories and do entries that you can choose from a list.

Is it true that duplicate articles on company directory websites have an effect on SEO descriptions?

This is one of the most important questions. When you enter your site URLs, the majority of blog directories, such as business directory websites, immediately acquire your details (such as name and meta description).

But here’s the thing: most directory sites don’t supply do-follow links, which means they don’t pass any hyperlink value or influence your website rankings, so you’re good to go. However, whenever you’re using 16, it’s also a good idea to utilise content descriptions.

While most SEO professionals oppose free directory submission, I think it’s a great addition for sites who have just debuted and want to gain some SEO or visibility.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Was this article helpful to you? Please share your thoughts.

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