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Are you looking for Free Business Listing Sites in India? You are at the right place. Here I’ve listed all the business listing sites along with the business listing submission process.

With advancing technology, most businesses are now going digital. In this era, having an online presence for your business has become, not just an added advantage, but also a must. Why so? 

Take, for example, India. The country registers thousands of new businesses each year. On a positive note, this is a good thing because the large population of India can provide a very large market for your business. It is no wonder, then, that India ranks position 6 among all the countries with the largest consumer markets.

On the other hand, the creation of new businesses in India can be a demerit in that, the new businesses increase the competition levels among existing businesses. Therefore, in order for your business to be noticed and rank among the top, you have to put in the extra effort.

Since we live in a technology-driven world, the most effective way in which you can attract customers to your business is by listing it with an Indian business directory. Most business people focus on the recognition that major search engines can earn them. Yet, they forget the very big importance of the lesser local online business listing directories.

What is A Business Listing?

In simple terms, a business listing can be defined as a public profile of an already existing business. Business listings are usually organized in a larger database known as a business directory. 

The public profile of a business listing provides essential information about a business. For example, the name of the business, Its specific location, the products or services that it deals with, the opening hours, contact number, etc.

The business directories in which the business is listed usually make all this information visible to potential customers, clients, investors, and even partners.

Why should List Your Business on Directories?

Listing your business or company with an Indian business directory can do a lot to make your business visible in very many searches. Actually, getting your business listed in several Indian business listing sites, all with similar information can result in your business always being ranked among the top keyword searches in the search engines.

In other words, listing your business with an Indian business listing site is guaranteed to attract your business very many customers, in almost every search engine machine.

Also, look at all those big and successful corporations that you aspire to be like one day. If you dig deeper, you will realize that 90% of these corporations are also listed with business directories, both at the local level and the international level. In most cases, the visibility of their profile, by these smaller business directories, is what actually led to their gaining so much popularity.

One challenge however arises; the Indian market offers a wide range of Indian business directories. Therefore, knowing just what business directory option you should settle for can be quite challenging. This is why you are required to do thorough research before you can choose which Indian business listing site to go for. 

In this article, we save you all the hassle and trouble of researching, as we have already done the research for you. Read along to find out which Indian business directories are mostly recommended for you.

However, first of all, you need to learn how the listing submission process works?

How to add Business for free on Directories?

If you are a business owner then you need to add your business in business directories to get found online. You can advertise your business for free on these business listing sites. Here I am going to tell you how you can add your business to local directories.

Here is the step-by-step process that explains how to add your business to; however, the process remains identical for most of the business directories.

#1. Visit Directory’s Home Page

In this case, visit in your browser and click on Add Listing button in the upper right corner.

#2. Add Business Details

Now, you need to add your Business detail on the listing submission page as shown in the image below. Business Submission Page
  • Listing Title: At the listing title tab in (number 2) write down your Business name. For example, if you are the owner of any hotel than write down your business name like “The Grand Bhagwati” (Without comma).
  • Tagline: The (number 3) tab; write your tagline like “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”. This is the tagline of Apple but you should write your business’s tagline.
  • City: The City tab (number 4) is to select your city. Just type your city name and select your city from the auto-suggest list, when someone searches in Indian business directory then they find you easily.
  • Phone: In the phone tab (number 5) write down your business phone number with +91. So, anyone can call you and also can contact you on WhatsApp directly regarding your business listing.
  • Full Address: In the full address tab (number 6)there is two option the one is Select location by Google and the another is to enter your location, manually. By default the google location is enabled, just type your business location and select from google search. If you are unable to find your location then you can just type your location manually. Also, there is another link called Drop pin. This is for if you have typed your location manually then Google might not unable to detect your location on the map. So, just check that if the pin is at the right place or not. If not then correct it.
  • Website: The website tab (number 7) is for a business owner who has their own website. Just type your business website URL and if you don’t have website keep it blank. The website plays an important role in business listing sites.

#3. Select Business Category & Working Hours

In the next section of listing submission: Select Business Category and hours for your business listing page. Listing Submission Page
  • Add Business Hours: The Add business hours tab (number 8) is to select your business’s timing. Add your business’s Day off and working days with working hours. The time will be shown on the website in 12 Hours format. By clicking on remove button you can remove any special day in the list and by clicking the + Button you can add another day from the week.
  • Category: The category tab (number 9) is to select your business category. This is an important tab for your free business listing so, select the proper business category and if you are unable to find the category just contact us. We will add your business’s category. Just click on the Select Category tab and the drop-down list will be open you can find and choose your business’s category. You can also choose your business category by typing in a search box.
  • Feature: The business features according to your business category will be open if applied. Select the features which are provided at your business.
  • Price Range: The price range tab (number 10) is to select your business’s price range. For example, if you are a restaurant owner and your restaurant’s menu is from ₹10 to ₹200 than we can say this is inexpensive if the price is high then it will be moderate. So by default, the tab is at “Not to say”. And the other 4 option is “Inexpensive”, “Moderate”, “Pricy”, “Ultra high”.
  • Price From and Price To: The price from (number 11) and price to tab (number 12) are to select your price range in a digit. For example, if you have selected that your price range is “Moderate” in price range tab than specify the range in digit here like from ₹300 to ₹5000.

#4. Description and FAQ

After adding the categories, pricing details, you need to write a few paragraphs about your business. The business details can include the business model, services or products offered, etc.

The business description & FAQ parts are the most crucial parts of a business listing page as it helps a business to get organic reach with the help of Keywords. So, you should carefully write Business Listing Description & FAQs.

  • Description: The description tab (number 13) is to write your business description. You can explain to your customers about your business and your new offers and service. You can also list your awards and achievements. If you are little familiar with coding then you should also use HTML. In the text box, you can use the features provided like Bullets, Numbers, paragraphs and Bold, italic, underline. You can also add a link to your website or any other sites. Make sure the website is a quality website and in the text box you should write a minimum of 300 words and maximum as much you as want.
  • FAQ: The FAQ tab is for Frequently Asked Questions about your business. For example, if your shop is in the middle of the city than customers might have many questions in the mind like; Question:- Is There Four Wheel Parking Available? Answer:- Yes. So the tab (number 14) is for questions and Answer tab (number 15) is for Answer of a question. You can also add FAQ as many as you want. Just click on a + button and add another FAQ (number 16).

#5. Social Media Profiles & Tags

HuntBiz Add Listing Page
  • Social Media Profiles: The Social media URL box (number 17) is for your business’s social media profiles and pages. Add your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube, and Instagram links in the social tab.
  • Tags or Keywords: This section is for our Business Partners only. The tags and keywords tab (number 18) is for your business’s targeted keywords. For example, if you have a business of restaurants then you should add the tags and keywords like Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Samosa, Tea, and all that. You should add all tags and keywords related to your business. So, your customers can find you easily. It is also very important tab so take your time and add your all keywords.

#6. Add Business Video and Featured Image Add Listing Page
  • Your Business Video: The business Video tab (number 19) is for your business video promotion. This tab is optional but if you add your business video URL then it will be easy for your customers to get more detail.
  • Images: Add Your business promotion images (number 20) for your business page’s gallery. This images will be shown at top of your page and also one of this image will be shown in a google search. So, make sure all images are good and professional. Only upload the image with a size of 350*450 pixel and minimum 5 Images. Because these sized images will be shown at the best otherwise the images will be cropped or stretched.
  • Upload Feature Image: The feature image tab (number 21) is to select and upload the image that will be shown on a business listing search page and map. The feature image size must be 372*240 pixel.

#7. Select Your Username, Email & Send it to Approval

agree, save and preview your business listing
  • Email Address: Tab (number 22) is to enter your email address so that you can receive an email when your business listing is approved.
  • Username: Select your username for your business listing in tab number 23.
  • Terms & Conditions: In tab number 24 is for terms and condition. You can read our terms and condition at any page click on the checkbox and if you are first time registration on indiabizlist then keep the Already have account box number 25 unchecked, then click on tab number 26 is for security.
  • Save & Preview: After that click on Save & Preview (number 27) button so, you will see how your business listing will look like (This might take a minute or two to upload the details and images). If everything is ok then leave the site if not then correct it and save it again.
  • Listing Approval: Now your listing has been submitted. Our moderators will check and approve your listing as soon as possible. If your free business listing has been submitted successfully then you will receive an email from saying that your business listing has been submitted successfully.
  • Login Credentials: Furthermore, another email you will receive contains your password. Login to your account and change your password. If you have any problem with your business listing in HuntBiz then you can contact us anytime.

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So, Submit Your Business now in HuntBiz and other best business listing sites that are listed below to get found on Google.

21 Best Indian Business Directories

The following are 21 top business directories in India, that are guaranteed to increase the recognition and popularity of your business, even when competing with the larger and firmly established corporations.

Free Business Listing Sites in India are:



The major advantage of the HuntBiz business directory in India is that you get a very fast service. All that a business owner is required to do is create the profile of their business, then request to enlist with HuntBiz. This Indian business listing directory approves requests within minutes. Therefore, your business can start benefiting from online visibility from the very same day that you enlist with

More so, this particular India business directory is popular for its user-friendly interface and dashboard. It not only loads very fast but also offers very extensive popularity to listed businesses. HuntBiz provides a conducive platform for businesses and companies to market their products and services, as well as for customers to buy goods and services.

More so, listing with the HuntBiz business directory in India is completely free. As a business owner, you can hence market your company with one of the best Indian business listing sites in India, all for free!


The IndiaMart business directory is most widely used by the B2B and B2C companies. Being one of the biggest Indian business directories, IndiaMart not only promotes businesses, but also sells the platform to other private sellers, or companies. It was founded in 1999.

In this directory, potential clients can search for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and other types of traders, from any industry. The listings provided by this directory are usually detailed, such that searches by customers turn out results very fast. The fast working of the IndiaMart business directory helps to keep the sales process going.

The interface of the IndiaMart website is very user-friendly. Therefore, customers and sellers can use this platform with great ease. If you own a B2B or a B2C business, then this is just the Indian business directory to list your business.


The TradeIndia business directory is one that can guarantee to expand the reach of your business within India. It is a very large Indian business directory, to be specific; the second-largest business directory in India.

Just like the IndiaMart directory, TradeIndia mainly focuses on supporting B2B businesses and sites. It offers a platform to customers and sellers, not only locally, but also at an international level.

One major advantage of the TradeIndia business listing direction is that; it offers a 24-hour customer care service. Therefore, customers and businesses can access this site at any time. More so, this business directory consists of suppliers all over the world, which is an even more reason to list your business with it. After all, you can be guaranteed of extensive advertising for your business. 


JustDial maximizes the online presence of the listed businesses, by having both a web portal and a mobile application. Customers are able to request services on both the web portal, as well as through the JustDial mobile phone application. The mobile phone application records the highest number of orders made.

JustDial was founded in 1996 and has its main headquarters located in Mumbai. Unlike the TradeIndia business directory which focuses on supporting the B2B businesses in India, JustDial has the B2B businesses and sites as its main focus. This Indian business listing directory is so effective, that it is actually ranked as the very top local search engine in India. 

This business directory in India has a very large database, with more than 25.7 million business listings. JustDial ensures that customers and businesses are always connected instantly. It does this by always sharing very fast, reliable, and detailed information and the services offered, between the users. Simply put, the JustDial Indian business directory allows business owners to plan a daily promotion of their business, without putting any effort whatsoever. 


ExportersIndia was founded in the year 1997. The main management and owner of this directory is Weblink. This portal is very much exposed to global business platforms. Hence, you can trust this India business directory to advertise and popularize your business very effectively. 

The ExportersIndia business directory is designed in such a way that it meets all the requirements of customers, businesses/companies, as well as private sellers. The platform offered by this Indian business directory allows entrepreneurs to interact with a global community. Therefore, both small and large businesses are given the opportunity to achieve global status. 

The strategies that the ExportersIndia business directory use also incorporate modern and advancing technology. Their portal is very user-friendly and can be operated very easily. More so, the information about the business is regularly updated, such that the platform always provides reliable information to both customers and sellers. To add icing on the cake, registration with this Indian business directory is completely free.


The Indian Yellow Pages business directory has been in play in the market since 1997. It is a major part of the Yellow Pages Group. This group is the largest international business directory. 

The Indian Yellow Pages directory consists of a very user-friendly interface, which can be easily interacted with. This interface includes essential information about this company, as well as the many monthly users of this directory. 

If you are looking for a business partner, or a specialist in the field of your business, or even for any service, then you will do well to enlist your business with the Indian Yellow Pages business directory.


The SME Indian business directory is also another highly recommended directory to list your business with. It mainly offers support to the B2B companies; the high percentage of companies in this category have gained their popularity due to SMEs.

SME is a very large business directory, with the number of businesses listed with them reaching hundreds of thousands. It is no wonder, then, that the huge database of this business directory is subdivided into hundreds of categories.

This particular business directory does not focus only on the large and firmly established business corporations. Rather, even small businesses with smaller profiles can list their businesses with this site. Therefore, if yours is a wholesale or a retail business, you can confidently enlist it with the SME India business directory.

The interface of this business directory in India has several language versions. Furthermore, the company profile pages are designed with a very simple interface, which still consists of all the essential information to help the users browse the available companies very easily and fast.


In the Yellow pages Indian business directory, you can easily find the contact information and addresses of the enlisted businesses. This business directory is very well organized, with the listed businesses clearly under their specific categories.

The Indian business listing directory is also designed with unique and simple features. Business and company owners can, therefore, easily enlist their businesses with Yellow Pages. More so, the simple features of this directory make it easier for customers to find the relevant businesses.

Being one of the very oldest business directories to be established in India, the Yellow Pages is not only very famous but also highly reputed. It can, therefore, make your business visible to both the local and international markets.


The Jimtrade is a free India business directory that business owners can use to promote their businesses, without spending even a single dime. This business directory provides a platform for two types of people; customers looking for products and services to buy, and suppliers, or businesses, looking to sell their products and services to these customers. 

Jimtrade accepts all sorts of businesses, and exposes these to the local and global market. The designing of this site’s interface is also very simple and straightforward, such that businesses are promoted very easily, and the customers can easily find companies to do business with. More so, the customer service of the Jimtrade Indian business listing is always up-to-date. Therefore, you can rest assured that your needs will always be met.


Yelu Indian business directory has approximately 1000 categories on its site. This platform has earned itself a very rich reputation since it was founded. It offers a local searching platform where different businesses are advertised. Also, the Yelu business directory greatly helps businesses grow exponentially.

Whatever product or service that your business deals with, you can trust that there will always be a category in the Yelu business directory, that fits your business. Listing with this directory will help you maximize the marketing of your business, and even link you up with the right customers. The fact that this business directory registers approximately 1 million companies is a clear indication that this is a very effective business directory in India.


The most outstanding thing about the Dizylocal business listing directory is that it offers very good-looking profiles. And, sometimes, all that is required in order to find favor in a potential client’s eyes is simply an attractive profile. 

This business directory site has indeed put a lot of effort into ensuring that its interface is simple and visually appealing to all users. By doing so, Dizylocal increases the popularity of enlisted businesses, ensuring that these attract the right clients. The best part of it is that this Indian business directory does all these within a short time duration. After all, the user-friendly interface ensures that buyers can easily and quickly find sellers.


If you have been trying to get a lot of traffic for your business but to no avail, then the Khoj in India is the business directory that you should enlist your business. This is a media company that works to ensure that your business is in good hands, and also does the marketing of your business for you.

KhojInIndia’s business listing platform mainly focuses to support B2B businesses and companies. It helps such businesses achieve maximum growth, as well as secure their mark in the Indian market.


The Submitmybusiness is a free business directory in India. In addition to being free, it is also a very effective business directory. It ensures that buyers and potential clients can easily find your business. These buyers can be from within your locality, or even from anywhere in the country.

This directory site is very easy to use. Therefore, creating a profile with Submitmybusiness would indeed prove to be very beneficial to your business.


FindinAll Indian business directory is designed with a platform that is very user-friendly. Therefore, both buyers and sellers can maneuver through this site very easily. A host of unique features is also included in this business directory. 

What makes the FindinAll directory better than most of the other business directories in India is that; it allows for businesses and companies to spy on their competition. Businesses can spy on their competition by looking at where these competing businesses are, as well as monitoring their progress. Whichever sector that your business is in, you can still benefit from listing with the FindinAll business directory.


This business directory in India focuses to promote businesses in different categories, such as those in the manufacturing sector, those that deal with the provision of services, businesses that offer consultation services, any other businesses dealing with other different types of products and services.

In the EIndiaBusiness business directory, businesses are offered essential guidance and support, so as to ensure that their customer base is developed and extended, and also that business success is attained.

This Indian business directory also provides a large database with an advanced search system. Such a large database creates a large pool of opportunities for businesses to advertise their products and services.


If you list your business with the IndyaPages business directory, you can be assured of a higher SEO ranking for your business, as well as increased online visibility. Registering a business in the IndyaPages directory is also very easy. 

This particular Indian business directory advertises businesses and companies within their locality, as well as all over India. IndyaPages also helps different businesses improve their citation and online discovery. An additional plus about this business directory in India is that it includes a very user-friendly interface, which makes it easier for buyers and sellers to operate.


Most Indian business directories only allow free business advertisement services for only a limited time duration. On the contrary, with the AddonBiz business directory of India, you can enjoy free business registration, advertising, and other services, all for free and for eternity. If you own a business, you can feel free to list it with this directory, trusting that there are no strings attached.

The massive and user-friendly portal provided by the AddonBiz business directory makes it easy for buyers to find sellers. It advertises businesses both locally and throughout the country.


Bharath Listing is an Indian business listing directory available in the form of a web application. It allows users to search for products such as restaurants, shops, entertainment spots, and other interesting services provided. 

More so, this business directory in India allows customers to leave reviews and tips for businesses, which can help to add to the popularity of the business. Therefore, advertising your business in this business directory is guaranteed to bring for your business positive results.


The YellowBot business directory is available in both free and premium versions. If you enlist your business with the free version, you will be able to add the name and location of your business to the directory. More so, you can make changes and update your business information whenever you want.

If you enlist your business with the premium version, you can include more details than just the name and location of your business. For instance, you can include links that customers can click on to access your website. Also, you can change the appearance of your profile, so as to give it an added advantage over your competitors.


The Indian Industries business directory mainly focuses on suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters. It offers the advertising of such businesses all over India, providing extensive popularity to the listed businesses. These business categories could be dealing with any type of products, such as electronics, plastic, rubber, chemicals, and basically any other stuff.


This India business directory is a major part of Techgate Solutions PVT Limited. As the name suggests, the E-suppliers India business listing directory uses modern technology to understand the Indian market. The directory, then, uses this information to promote listed businesses and optimize their processes. 

E-suppliers India is a free business directory. It allows listed businesses to acquire additional quotes on RFQ while using the minimum effort possible. In other words, this directory allows for the development of an RFQ that is open to the public, and that is used to create a market platform where businesses can quote their low prices and terms. 

Summary – Free Indian Business Listing Sites

If you are looking to advertise your business, whether small or large, rest assured that you will gain the maximum benefits by listing it with one of the Indian business listing sites discussed above. And, even would you offer your business maximum popularity by listing it with, not just one business directory, but several business directories of India


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