How to Get More Views on YouTube Videos?

Do you really want to know how to get more views on YouTube?

Like Google search engine YouTube also have its variety of factors in its algorithm for YouTube Video Ranking by which it displays certain videos at first and rests after that.

How to Get More Youtube Video Views?

Here are some proper tips that can help you in getting more views on your youtube videos:

1. Using keywords to search

I’ll explain here about, How to increase YouTube views?

Will keyword research for Youtube will help you to get more views? 🤔

👉 And my answer is “Yes”! 👍

When you use the keywords to search the YouTube algorithm will find it easy to search the content and in lesser time. For a more detailed keyword search, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) method can come into play. YouTube search algorithms optimize the channels and its contents by separating them by their names, titles, description tags and target audience.

You can use Keyword Research tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush & Ubersuggest for deep keyword research.

2. Put Quality Description

Writing about the video description will help the search engines and users to know more preciously about the content of the video. This will not only let the user know about the video description but also increase the click-through rate and hence, the views of the videos. So be as descriptive and clear as possible about your content.

3. Increase Your Subscribers

One of the best ways to get more YouTube views is by increasing your subscribers. You can ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel at the beginning of each video and press the bell icon. What this will do is that every time you upload a video, your subscribers will get notified, and they will view it, and in return, you will get more views on that video.

4. Advertising your Channel

If you have any other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You can post the link of your YouTube video there and write a good catchy description so that after reading it people will get more interested in it. When they click on the link, they will be directed to your video automatically giving you the increase in the number of views you want.

5. Make Video Teaser

To promote your channel or YouTube video, you can create a short teaser and post it on different social media platforms as well. A visual motion display is more attractive than a written one. People will find it interesting and want to know more about the content, and hence, it will add to your number of free YouTube views.

6. Know Your Target Audience

We can say that YouTube is like a video search engine. We can use it as a social platform or social network to present our work to a wider range of people. It is important to know your target audience whenever you post a video because it is more likely that, that group of the audience will get interested in the content quicker than the others.

For example, if you have posted about some physics lessons that an 11th-grade student wants to know, it is more likely that students aged from 15-17 years will view that video first rather than a 30-year-old person. And all of them having the same problem i.e. how to get YouTube views organic with less hard work.

So whenever you upload a video, make sure to engage your audience even while working on different projects. Answer to their comments, clear their doubts is active in your niche community. This is a good way to build a nice relationship with your viewers and subscribers also. This is a way to build trust and get a dedicated and regular audience for your channel. At the end of your videos, you can ask them to share your video with their friends and family too. They can even share it on their WhatsApp group of the Facebook pages if they like your work.

6. Enable the “Related Channels” Option

Many YouTubers that make this big mistake is that they turn off there ‘related channels’ feature that YouTube offer. When people do that they remove their channel form the recommendations list of YouTube. So optimizing your YouTube channel is also a very important criteria to get to more target audience and hence you will get YouTube views.

7. Attractive Thumbnail Image

An attractive thumbnail image is another way to attract viewers to click on your video. You can create your own custom thumbnail image for your video. The maximum performing videos use this technique on the platform.

8. Invite Guest

Inviting guest bloggers can make your videos more interesting and attract the attention of your audience.

These guest can be a great influencer who has a similar audience as yours and open doors to new viewers for your videos too. This is also a useful example of a mutual relationship in which both of you will be benefitted.

9. Upload Videos When Your Audience is on YouTube

A regular publishing schedule can draw viewers back to your channel to watch more. You can then use sections and playlists to help them easily find more of what they like on your channel.

10. Publish on a Regular Schedule

To stay in the lead of viewers’ minds, many creators have found that setting a regular routine publishing schedule helps viewers to know when to expect their next release – it’s like anticipating the next episode of your favorite show. Subscribers can find your new uploads in their Subscription feed and can opt-in to mobile or email notifications based on their interests.

11. Publish Consistently

  • Aim to publish at set intervals (such as weekly) and on certain days (for example, every Tuesday). Your publishing frequency may depend on your video formats.
  • Stay flexible enough to respond to search trends or timely topics. For instance, you can supplement your regular programming if there’s breaking news.
  • Try spacing out videos (instead of publishing several at once). You can upload videos and then schedule the date, time and time zone for their publication.
  • Try posting comments on your own videos, as well as replying to comments from others. You can pin your favorite comment to the top of the feed and even reply to comments on the go with the YouTube Studio mobile app.
  • Set aside time for your channel activity. If you upload videos weekly, you may decide to schedule a certain day for fan interactions, such as adding hearts to your favorite comments.
  • Adjust your Community settings if you want to hold and review new comments before they’re posted. You can select users whose comments will be automatically approved.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the post & got an idea about how to get more views on youtube videos by performing the SEO for Videos on Youtube.

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