5 Reasons You Should Use a Grammar Checker to Improve your Copywriting Business

Grammar Checker
Grammar Checker

You might be surprised to learn how crucial perfect grammar is. When we were taught the distinction between a noun and a pronoun, a verb and an adverb, and when and when they should be used in elementary school, it didn’t seem so important.

However, in a society where the written word has such a powerful influence on our judgments, perfect grammar is essential.

It’s easy to forget about it because, after all, it was just a text message to your boss. Isn’t it true that you only have to worry about grammar on your blog, sales copy, and reports?

That way of thinking is no longer valid. It doesn’t matter if it’s a LinkedIn message, an email, or a book – perfect language matters more than you might believe. Here are five reasons why perfect language can help you save your company.

improve your copywriting business
improve your copywriting business

➾ First Impressions Are Everything

The most important reason to have excellent grammar, regardless of what you’re writing, is that first impression are everything. In any business connection, demonstrating that your communication is clear and effective is critical.

Whether you’re selling a product to the masses or providing services to a select group of customers, how you behave yourself online will always have an impact on your sales.

Consider the reality that your website’s first impression with a potential customer could be anything. If you’ve done your SEO well, your pages, products, and blog articles should all appear in Google searches for specific keywords.

If that’s the case, any page on your website could be your first point of contact with a consumer or client, therefore consider it as such when creating fresh content. Before publishing a blog post, a product description, or a FAQ page, make sure it’s free of spelling and grammatical problems.

Otherwise, something as basic as a missed or forgotten comma could cause you to trouble down the road.

➾ Avoid Miscommunication with Customers

Poor grammar causes misconceptions between you and your potential consumers, which is one of the most serious issues with it. This is particularly true when the faults are found on a product or service page. Customers will lose interest if things aren’t clearly defined, if they can’t understand exactly what they’ll be paying for (and, in many cases, how much it will cost them).

While some visitors will stay on your site – or have chosen to stay on the site because they found something useful or interesting on another page – others will just go on to your next competitor.

Expect no one to contact you via your contact information to inform you of an embarrassing typo or grammatical error; more than likely, you’ve just lost a transaction.

➾ Grammar Is Important in ALL Writing

Grammar Is Important in ALL Writing
Grammar Is Important in ALL Writing

Grammar is definitely more important in some situations than in others. Because of a misplaced comma in a legal sentence, a Portland-based company called Oakhurst Dairy had to compensate its milk truck drivers more than $10 million. The absence of that single comma was enough to affect the entire meaning of the statement in theory.

Of all, a legal document isn’t the only place where a single error can cost you thousands of dollars. Even anything as simple as a difficult-to-understand product description could cause you to have difficulties.

Perhaps you copied and pasted the same text for a product that comes in two sizes, for example. Customers may protest that you are misrepresenting the cost of your goods or service since you neglected to adjust the price for the larger size.

➾ Put Yourself Ahead of the Competition

Expect this to not always be the case, even if you’ve checked out your competition and discovered you have clearly superior content. You never know when a new competitor will appear and put in even more work into their website copy or blog articles.

Being more conscious of the quality of the content you publish from the start can help you stay ahead of the competition when it comes to having the most remarkable online presence in your field.

After all, gaining a customer requires being better than the competition in every way – not only in terms of the product or service you provide or the price you charge. In fact, the more professionally you show yourself to potential customers, the higher the price they are likely to pay.

Everything from common spelling mistakes like *your* and *you’re* to punctuation problems like inconsistent capitalization of your company’s name can turn off potential clients in a matter of seconds.

In the digital age, when people’s attention spans are shorter than ever, you just have seconds to attract and hold your potential consumers’ attention.

➾ Prevent Publishing Content with Poor Grammar

Prevent Publishing Content with Poor Grammar
Prevent Publishing Content with Poor Grammar

“There’s no way I’m making so many grammar mistakes,” you might think. However, the truth is that we all make minor mistakes on a regular basis. The crucial thing is that we employ a grammar checker before hitting “send” or “publish” to ensure that what we’re sending out there is as good as it can be.

There are a few things you can do to avoid releasing a blog post, white paper, or landing page with spelling and language mistakes. You can even apply some of these tactics to your emails to ensure that they are as professional as possible.

The first and arguably most obvious thing you can do is proofread everything numerous times before hitting “publish.” If you’re working at it by yourself, it helps to take breaks — at least half an hour – and come back to your topic with a fresh head and perspective. It will assist you in catching things that you may have missed while everything was at the forefront of your attention.

Switch the perspective when proofreading – if you’re in a Word document, read a.pdf version of your material; if you’re writing in a WordPress editor, proofread in the Preview mode.

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You’ll be much better off if you have a second pair of eyes. Most likely, someone else will notice all of the details that your brain is oblivious to. Editors are fantastic for publications because they ensure that anything missed by the writer is detected before it is published. If you don’t have access to an editor, have another writer, friend, or family member proofread your work for you.

An editor or a colleague writer, on the other hand, will always be chosen over a friend or family member who may not be as familiar with spelling and grammar regulations. After all, you need someone who will notice not only that you have a typo that the spell check didn’t catch, but also that you have an apostrophe in the wrong place.

Now, not everyone has access to an editor, writer buddies, or someone else eager to proofread their work. However, in today’s digital world, it should not be a deterrent. While built-in spelling and grammar checks in Microsoft Word and similar word processors don’t detect everything, there are alternative software solutions that are expressly designed to provide additional editorial assistance.

ProWritingAid is an excellent example of a programme that was created specifically to detect these errors. Even the free edition of a tool like this will catch more than a standard word processor app.

For many people, this eliminates the cost of employing an editor or proofreader, as well as the sensation of bothering someone else by requesting that they check all of their work. Most editing tools include add-ons for your web browser and email client, saving you from embarrassing typos in critical professional correspondence.

➾ Don’t Neglect the Editing Phase, You Won’t Regret It

Finally, no matter what you’re writing, you should always double-check your grammar. Never refer to your first – or even second – draught as the final version. There’s no need to rush perfection — whether you’re delivering it to one person or the entire internet, you should always evaluate your work before sending it out.

You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble – from losing potential clients to avoiding legal issues and keeping things clear between you and your customers, a grammar check will come in handy in a variety of ways.

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