Image SEO in 2023

Image SEO and Image alt text for SEO is a minor but crucial part of improving on-site content engagement and SEO rankings. This post delves into its significance and offers advice on how to compose the ideal alt text for advanced and precise picture optimization.

What is Alt Text?

Alt text (short for alternative text) is a tool that allows search engine crawlers and viewers to understand the meaning or essence of an image.

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Why Alt Text is Important?

Importance of Alt Tags
Importance of Alt Tags

Alt text for images makes your content more inclusive and accessible

The visitors to Qa’s website will be diverse. These could include people who are visually handicapped and have difficulty reading. Alt text, which is nothing more than a brief description of the image utilised, can aid in conveying the image’s essence to the visitor. Screen readers will interpret the file name in the absence of alt text, which may or may not accurately portray the image.

Alt text for images helps increase SEO ranking

When crawlers and other SEO ranking agents view an image’s alt text, they can immediately tell what the image is about. This allows them to index and rank the photographs more properly on the Google Image search engine. This is also an excellent place to incorporate your keywords and reap the benefits of a well-planned SEO campaign.

An essential tool for lazy load pages and images

On their Web pages, developers frequently enable a feature called “lazy load.” Even as the site loads, having an alt property on pictures helps users grasp what the image is about and gives them a better and more holistic user experience.

Alt text helps in image optimization and Google image ranking

Images on Google play a vital influence in the SEO ranking of any website. Adding alt tags to photographs can improve one’s standing and visibility in this region significantly. The more properly and descriptively the alt text can be written, the greater the image’s chances of ranking highly on Google pictures.

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How to Write Good Alt Text

It’s a skill to write Alt text. Here are some pointers and best practices to remember while composing picture alt text:

  • Develop and communicate using brevity: It’s critical to make the content concise while still being descriptive. The communication should be aimed at assisting crawlers in appropriately indexing the image.
  • Include keywords: Use alt text as part of your SEO strategy by subtly integrating keywords. When including an image, make sure the description is concise but factual and relevant.
  • Avoid unnecessary words: Make sure to go over the copy again and change it to make it shorter and easier to read. You don’t need to mention “here is an image of a dog bathing in the sun” if you have a photograph of a dog bathing. You could just say, “Dog sunbathing.” The key is to be precise.
  • Use punctuation accurately: Even if alt texts are short and to-the-point, they must be grammatically correct. Wherever possible, use uppercase letters and punctuation. This improves the content’s readability as well as its believability. Poor English and grammatical mistakes are seldom favourably welcomed by an Internet audience.
  • Follow the age-old ‘visualisation’ tool: Close your eyes and try to imagine how you would describe the image to someone who has never seen it before. This will assist you in coming up with a creative yet correct description for alt text copy.
  • Do not try to forcefully include keywords: In terms of readability, good alt text will be free-flowing. In SEO, there should be no forced keyword inclusion in alt tags. It’s preferable not to include it at all if it doesn’t fit organically. Concentrate on being precise and descriptive.

Alt Text Best Practices

The following are some best practises to follow when developing and coding alt text:

1. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to add an alt text

Websites frequently include alt text for photos, but neglect to do so for banners and other utility-oriented pictures. Alt text is required for small pictures such as logos, action buttons, banners, and sidebar icon pictures.

Although these may not contain the keyword, they aid in improving the overall user experience and making your content more engaging and inclusive. Browsers and crawlers both benefit from this.

2. Do not include CTA marketing plugins

Many websites that sell B2C items make the mistake of using alt text that encourages consumers to buy the goods. However, because it is identified by crawlers, this causes more harm than good. It’s crucial to remember that the primary purpose of alt text is to appropriately define the image.

The plugin’s secondary function is to act as an SEO plugin. While writing copies for the same, keep this order of priority in mind.

3. Stick to 125 characters as an ideal length

Keep your alt text description to 125 characters or less. Spaces, punctuation marks, and digits are all included. Adding graphics to a website serves to enhance the text and make it more visually appealing and engaging. Long alternative text might be obtrusive. It will be easier to remember the image’s purpose, which is to supplement the text and provide value to the user’s experience, if you keep it short.

4. Ensure that alt text code is not broken / incorrect

Code errors frequently result in inaccurate alt messages becoming publicly displayed. Instead than adding clarity, this confuses the crawlers and viewers even more. It’s important to remember that SEO isn’t just about ticking all the boxes; it’s also about doing it correctly. As information becomes more readily available, the quality of your material becomes an increasingly important distinguishing factor.

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Test your alt text:
Read your image descriptions aloud, within the context
of the rest of the content on the page. If it makes sense and adds
something useful – that’s good alt text!

How to Add Alt Text in WordPress

In WordPress, adding alt text is really straightforward and quick. It does not require any coding or HTML knowledge and can be viewed by anyone.

When adding alt text to photos in WordPress, follow these steps:

  • If you’re uploading a new image, a column of alt text will appear in the image description dialogue box once the upload is complete.
  • Go to the media library if you want to add alt text to previously uploaded images. When you select the image for which you want to add text, an image details space will appear. There will be a place for you to enter alt text right there.
Image SEO - Alt Text
Image SEO – Alt Text

This two-step process takes little time but adds a significant amount of value to the content quality and SEO ranking of your website.

Tips for writing ‘good’ alt text:

  • Be specific, and succinct
  • Never start with “Image of …” or “Picture of …”
  • Use keywords sparingly
  • Include text that’s part of the image
  • Don’t repeat yourself
  • Don’t add alt text to ‘decorative’ images
Tips for writing 'good' alt text
Tips for writing ‘good’ alt text


To summaries, alt text is an important but often overlooked tool for improving your website’s SEO ranking and overall hygiene. Remember that a little effort goes a long way, so make sure your alt texts are accurate, brief, and descriptive!

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