What is LeadsArk?


LeadsArk is the most advanced training course for learning how to produce 20–30 quality organic leads per day without spending any money on marketing. This is a great training for affiliate marketers, network marketers, and online marketers who are having trouble generating quality leads.

what is leadark
what is leadark

What is Included in LeadsArk?

  • Organic Leads Generation Concept
  • Social Media Prospecting & Networking
  • Using Facebook for Attraction Marketing
  • 15 Different Types of Social Media Content Ideas
  • Attraction marketing is the process of attracting customers.
  • The most effective social media strategies for generating hundreds of qualified leads each week
  • Personal branding is a term that refers to the
  • The selling procedure
  • Strategies for follow-up
  • How to Make Your Facebook & Instagram Accounts More Marketing-Friendly
  • How to get a lot of people to engage with your content
  • How to use Instagram to produce highly engaged leads
  • Automated Email Marketing
  • Using Instagram to Generate Organic Leads is a great idea.
  • Using LinkedIn to Generate Organic Leads
  • List Building & Lead Magnet Strategy
  • Concept and Strategy for Sales Funnels

Why LeadsArk?

PERSONAL BRANDING: It assists you in developing your own personal brand and positioning yourself as an authority figure.

HIGHER SALES CONVERSION RATIO: Organically produced leads are far more likely to convert than leads acquired through standard paid marketing methods.

ZERO MARKETING COST: Every penny saved in business is contributed to the earnings. LeadsArk assists in the creation of a step-by-step method for obtaining highly quality leads on a daily basis without the need of paid advertisements.

CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE: LeadsArk shows you how to develop a long-term plan for generating leads and how to keep them engaged for an extended period of time.

For ALL Frustrated

Affiliate Marketers, Internet Marketers, and Network Marketers

  • Who has problems selling their products/services
  • Who doesn’t know how to get enough good leads on a daily basis?
  • Who can’t profitably transform visitors into customers?
  • Who doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on advertising?
  • Who doesn’t want to spam offers on facebook groups?
  • Who doesn’t want to waste hours on fraudulent leads that never buy?

Make Money Online

Make Money Online via leadark
Make Money Online via leadark

LeadsArk is about more than just learning… It’s also about establishing a stable and long-term online business with the potential for passive income.

Promote LeadsArk Online Training Course and earn 70% to 75% commission on every transaction you make. You can earn money by promoting LeadsArk.

  • Commissions on personal sales: 70% of the time
  • Tier 2 Sales – Passive Income: 10% of the total

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Who Got Benefited from Joining LeadsArk?

There are currently over 10,000+ students in LeadsArk learning affiliate marketing from the ground up.

LeadsArk is frequently confused with affiliate marketing. Yes, leadsArk provides you with the opportunity to join their platform, study organic lead generation, and spread the word to others. You also earn a direct 75% commission on any sale you bring in.

Unlike Amazon, JzVoo, Clickbank, or Warrior+, the compensation structure here is extremely generous. Which is something that many affiliate marketers adore.

Extra Benefits:

Aside from the main course, you will receive an additional 8 Bonus courses for free.

  1. Content Creation for Social Media
  2. SEO for YouTube (Advanced)
  3. Automated Email Marketing
  4. Beginner’s Guide to Internet Marketing Ebooks
  5. Ebooks for Affiliate Marketing Success
  6. Ebook on Facebook Group Domination
  7. Ebook on Youtube Quick Start
  8. Chatbot Marketing on Facebook Messenger

After graduation, students in India study engineering or medicine in order to find a job. They invest tens of thousands of dollars in it’s education. But here’s a fact: every year, India produces roughly 15 lakh engineering graduates, 20-30% of whom do not find work, and many more work in professions that are substantially below their technical qualifications.

One thing to keep in mind when conducting business with LeadsArk is that you need to have a business approach and attitude.


Entrepreneurs invest money in education before they begin to earn money. They understand that in order for me to progress, I must first study. And leadsark is providing you with a great opportunity to expand your online business.

True, you’ll say stuff like “I can also learn through YouTube or books,” and so on.

“You certainly can,” says the narrator. However, the difficulty with this approach is that if you make a mistake, there is no one to guide you or personally address it.”

“You can leave comments on YouTube videos, but how certain are you that you will receive a response?” They can’t garner millions of views every day.”

They don’t have time for all of you!

What you really need is a decent mentor to help you out. Ayaz Mohammad, the mentor at LeadsArk, is always available to help. He also hosts a live Q&A webinar every week through Zoom to answer students’ questions.

steps to become affiliate
steps to become affiliate

Let me describe what you will acquire here at the conclusion of the day…

  • The most effective social media strategies for generating hundreds of qualified leads each week
  • How to maximize your visibility and create leads by optimizing your Facebook and other social media profiles.
  • How to create captivating content that will help you achieve your goals
  • How to Identify, Connect with, and Engage the Correct Target Audience
  • How to turn your Facebook profile into a lead generation machine that generates leads on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • How to use Instagram to produce highly engaged leads
  • How to use LinkedIn to create highly qualified leads
  • How to develop your own list with the FREE Lead Magnet Strategy.

Now I’ll give you my honest opinion about LeadsArk.

Why should you get into Affiliate Marketing?

  • Low initial investment
  • There is no danger.
  • Result-driven
  • A tried-and-true method for making money quickly.
  • There will be no overhead.
  • No prior experience is required.
  • Commissions of 75% plus passive income of 10%

Is it a scam?

Without a doubt, no.

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