54 Google Chrome SEO Extensions to Activate Pro SEO Toolbar

SEO Extensions
SEO Extensions

Do you want to get things done faster as an SEO while not overlooking little but crucial details? If you like smart work, you’ll appreciate these extremely handy Google Chrome extensions that can help you save time and money.

Chrome Extensions are programmes that you install in Chrome to improve the browser’s functionality. These extensions give you access to a variety of capabilities, allowing you to streamline and perfect your online work.

The web store has a plethora of free Google Chrome SEO Extensions. So, if you don’t limit down your requirements ahead of time, you may easily get carried away and lose sight of time.

So, let me give you a rundown of the top 54 Chrome Extensions for SEOs and explain how each one might help.

How Google Chrome Extensions Can Complement SEO

Chrome extensions can provide quick access to on-page SEO, keyword research, ranking checks, competitor analysis, and other SEO-related tasks.

According to a recent survey, 26.7 percent of SEO experts use chrome extensions for on-page SEO, 18.3 percent for competitor analysis, 19.8 percent for rank checking, 15.7% for link building, and 19.4 percent for technical SEO.

Now that you understand the purpose of Chrome extensions for SEO and how marketers use them to track results, let me walk you through the 53 must-have chrome extensions for SEO without delay.

Best Chrome Extensions for SEO

Best Chrome Extensions for SEO
Best Chrome Extensions for SEO

1. SEMrush


The SEMrush addon provides a detailed dashboard that shows the overall performance of the domain and its landing pages. Backlink analysis and keyword ranking tracking are both possible with the SEO toolkit.

Furthermore, the on-page SEO recommendations assist you in developing targeted methods that yield results.

2. SEO Quake

SEMrush’s SEO Quake tool allows you to learn about a website’s data, such as its Alexa rank, Google Index, Bing Index, SEMrush rank, and more.

You can also obtain access to backlinks, the web pages in SERPs, the total number of indexed pages on the site, organic and sponsored traffic generated, whois, and the domain’s age using this extension.

3. Uber Suggest

Ubersuggest is another important SEO addon. This Google Chrome plugin provides useful information on keyword ranking and traffic, CPC for relevant keywords, backlinks to the site, and domain authority.

With this tool, you can quickly uncover keywords that rank higher and naturally include them in your content. As a result, your website’s internet exposure will improve, resulting in increased traffic.

4. Mozbar


Mozbar, which is powered by Moz, allows you to check the analytics of any webpage in your browser with a single click.

This tool will come in handy when conducting SEO study. It shows a website’s page and domain authority emphasises significant keywords and assists you in analysing competition and determining the nature of backlinks (do-follow or no-follow) on a webpage.

You may also export SERPs analysis to a separate local file with this extension.

5. META SEO Inspector

Do you aware that errors in meta tags can harm your website and cause it to rank lower in the SERPs? Yes, the meta tags must be properly set up.

You can quickly verify your website’s canonical tags, schema, header structures, meta descriptions, and picture alt text using the META SEO Inspector addon.

6. SEO Minion

Broken links and useless redirection irritate both users and visitors. As a result, you should periodically check your website for broken links and, if necessary, correct them.

Broken links on your website are easy to spot with SEO minion, and you may fix them as soon as possible. You may ensure that your website is both user-friendly and search engine-friendly by doing so.

7. Keyword Surfer

Keyword surfer is another excellent keyword research extension. Under the Google search results, the tool displays monthly traffic and keyword count. In addition, the sidebar shows keyword volume and suggests new keywords.

You may use keyword surfer to see how your target audience searches for what they want and tailor your keyword strategy accordingly.

8. SERPTrends

The SERPTrends addon, developed by Outer Box, keeps track of all your web searches. When you repeat a search, the tool will instantly display the ranking movement for the supplied search in the search engine results.

As a result, the plugin allows you to quickly check essential queries and conduct competition analysis while on the go.

9. Checker for Backlinks Automatically

As you may be aware, link building is an important element of SEO. With the automatic backlink checker, you can quickly determine whether a website’s links have do-follow or no-follow properties.

This plugin allows you to save time so that you can invest it in more productive activities.

10. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a Chrome addon that shows three types of information regarding keyword searches on search engines. Monthly search traffic, cost per click (CPC), and Google Adwords competition are all factors to consider.

11. GrowthBar

GrowthBar gives you access to many data points on any website and informs you of the best keywords and channels for SEO. This tool allows you to find out which keywords perform well, as well as the keyword ranking difficulty score, backlink information, domain authority, and word count.

Simply type a query into Google, and GrowthBar will provide you with all the stats and insights you need to improve your search engine rankings.

12. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a popular Chrome plugin that shows you your website’s traffic and vital metrics right in the browser.

In a single swipe, this tool displays the overall statistics essential for a result-driven SEO strategy. This plugin is for you if you want to design new SEO methods that actually work.

13. Redirect Path

Users expect to be routed to appropriate pages that answer their question when they click something on the internet. As a result, redirecting your visitors to the appropriate page is critical, especially if you want to keep them on your site.

The Redirect Path addon displays all redirection from a given URL to its final destination. It highlights HTTP status codes 301, 302, 404, and 500, alerting you to potential problems. Otherwise, these could go unnoticed, resulting in a poor user experience.

With addition, the tool shows other HTTP Headers as well as the server IP address in a single click.

With this extension, you can quickly check if your redirects are working and that your visitors enjoy their time on your site.

14. SEO Meta in 1 Click

The SEO Meta in 1 Click chrome addon, as the name implies, pulls all meta tags and other primary SEO data for a particular web page with a single click.

The data includes parameters like the length of the title and description, the URL, the order of the headers, and the total number of images excluding alt text.

15. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is the place to go if you’re searching for a tool to measure SEO effectiveness on social media networks. You may use this plugin to keep track of top-performing social media material as well as the amount of social shares.

Furthermore, the plugin allows you to verify the backlinks to the relevant content.

16. Hunter

Are you having trouble locating the contact information for a blogger or another person who can help you with your SEO efforts? Not any longer. Hunter allows you to find website owners’ and their associates’ contact information right from your browser.

Yes, the extension retrieves the email addresses of people associated with a domain, allowing for easy professional communication.

17. Serpstat

For marketers, an SEO audit is an unavoidable aspect of the job. However, without the correct equipment, the procedure can be time-consuming and monotonous.

Serpstat allows you to do rapid SEO audits on both your own and your competitors’ websites. The extension has three areas that give you with comprehensive information, including on-page SEO factors, page analysis, and domain analysis.

18. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar


The Ahrefs SEO toolbar analyses website attributes to provide keywords, backlinks, and ranking profiles that help a website achieve progressive SEO results.

It contains a lot of information about a webpage, such as the title and description, canonical URL, word count, header and social tags, and so on.

You can pull up all the statistics regarding high-ranking search results like a pro with the extension.

19. SEOStack

SEOStack is a well-known SEO keyword research tool. It scrapes autocomplete recommendations from web sources like Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and others to produce thousands of keyword ideas from a single query.

You can export the data as CSV once it has been generated.

20. TextOptimizer

The basic goal of any SEO plan is to meet the needs of both users and search engines. TextOptimizer is one such chrome plugin that might help you go one step closer to your content goal.

In order to build intent tables, the writing aid tool analyses search results. These tables contain synonym phrases that can assist you meet the needs of search engines and so gain more visibility.

21. SEO Search Stimulator

The SEO search stimulator allows you to conduct searches from anywhere in the world and confirms whether a certain URL ranks in the top 100 search results for specific locales. As a result, it’s an excellent option for local search optimization.

You may also use the extension to check search engine rankings and do competitive analysis across nations.

22. Link Redirect Trace

The link redirect trace addon is incredibly handy if you are a link builder. The addon detects the path of the current URL on a landing page. It will be easier for you to spot irrelevant redirection with incorrect codes this way.

The extension also determines whether or not the URL is indexable and crawlable. It also assesses the HTTP response speed as well as the amount of backlinks associated with a certain URL.

23. Google Lighthouse

On both mobile and desktop, Lighthouse validates a webpage and makes recommendations to improve performance, accessibility, and, of course, SEO.

24. AMP Validator

Mobile-responsive webpages may take longer to load than desktop sites. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are open-source codes that assist you improve your website’s page loading performance on mobile devices.

AMP isn’t just about improving user experience; it’s also about improving SEO. Yes, websites with fast page loading times get a lot of visitors.

The AMP validator plugin checks whether a website’s pages have been optimised for search engines. If you don’t, a red signal appears on the symbol, alerting you to take action.

25. Majestic Backlink Analyser

If you want to thoroughly study backlinks on your website or those of your competitors, Majestic backlink analyser is the tool for you.

In terms of metrics, the tool has three tabs: summary, backlinks, and anchor text.

The summary tab displays a larger version of the website. Citation flow, trust flow, external backlinks, referring domains, and backlink history are all components.

The backlinks tab provides the webpage’s citation flow, trust flow, anchor text, and top 10 backlinks.

The anchor tab displays extensive information about the top 10 anchor texts, including the total number of referring domains and other metrics.

26. Grammarly

A strategic marketing plan cannot be complete without good content. Content writers and marketing specialists who wish to improve their writing style in order to appear more professional and confident may find Grammarly useful.

Grammarly can help you write better content for blog posts, landing pages, and business and marketing emails, making it easier for you to communicate with your target audience.

27. Snippet

Content marketers frequently utilise the snippet chrome plugin to highlight specific sections of site content. Snippet aids in quickly discovering key reference points in the source material.

28. LinkClump

As a link builder, you might want to open and manage a large number of links at once. You can use Linkclump to open several links on a page in different tabs or windows.

You can quickly bookmark or copy the links to your clipboard and access them whenever you want. You will save a lot of time as a result of this.

29. Check My Links

Internal links to your website are just as vital as external links. Regularly checking them ensures a positive user experience while also enhancing the reputation of your website.

Check My Links allows you to go through all of your site’s web pages and make sure they’re all working properly. The programme finds broken links that you may otherwise overlook, allowing you to fix or remove them as soon as possible.

30. PageSpeed Insights

Do you realise that mobile phones account for almost 60% of all online searches? Yes, users require immediate responses and do not have the luxury of time. Given the circumstances, you must ensure that your website landing pages load quickly on both desktop and mobile devices in order to increase user engagement. If you ignore this issue, you will lose a significant portion of your website visitors.

PageSpeed Insights, a feature of Google Webmaster Tools, performs a study to determine your website’s page loading performance on multiple devices. Following the examination, the programme assigns specific scores to your website for each gadget.

It also makes recommendations for improving the page loading speed of your website. The lower the bounce rate, the faster the page loads.

31. Woorank

Woorank is a famous SEO and website analysis tool that gives you a full report on the performance of your website. You can examine your online traffic in further detail with Woorank data.

The tool includes title, meta description, meta keywords, headers, text/HTML ratio, internal and external links, anchor text, and more on-page and off-page data.

It also gives webmasters practical advice on how to boost their search engine rankings.

32. Scraper

Scraper is a data mining tool that may be used to supplement your web research as well as other SEO efforts. All you have to do now is right-click on the website URL and select the ‘Scrap Similar’ option with the scraper chrome extension installed. You’ll get a list of similar websites that you can export to a spreadsheet once you’ve done that.

33. NoFollow

No-Follow is a simple Chrome extension that shows any external links on a website that have no-follow properties.

This extension identifies all nofollow and noindex meta tags on any website you visit once you install it on your browser.

34. Page Load Time

Another technique for calculating the time it takes for web pages to load so that they are ready for visitors to view is page load time. The plugin notifies you of a website’s page loading speed whenever you visit it. This information can be found in the toolbar’s top right corner.

35. Page Analytics

If you want to engage users on your website, you must first understand their behaviour. The page analytics chrome plugin makes this feasible.

The page analytics tool, which is powered by Google, shows everything about a webpage, including page views, bounce rate, real-time number of active visitors, average time spent on page, and much more.

These are important SEO metrics, and the Google page analytics extension allows you to keep track of them all in one spot.

36. BuzzStream

Building authoritative backlinks to your website relies heavily on outreach. The BuzzStream chrome plugin streamlines the outreach and networking process by navigating any site’s content and extracting the contact information you need to contact bloggers and other industry influencers.

37. Tag Assistant

When you install Google tags like Analytics, Adwords, Tag Manager, and more, Tag Assistant is a fantastic troubleshooting tool.

You can use this addon to see if the HTML tags are correctly positioned in the code. It keeps track of sessions, analyses tags, and alerts you when a patch is required.

38. Portent’s SEO Page Review

Review of Portent’s SEO Page You can check on-page SEO elements including title tags, meta descriptions, canonical tags, HREFLANG tags, on-page links, and more with the Chrome Extension. You may identify and resolve issues on your website without having to rely on an external request in this way.

39. FatRank

For link development and keyword or competition research, FatRank is a must-have Chrome extension.

After launching FatRank on your browser, you can go to any website and search for a term to see where the page ranks on Google for that keyword.

40. Impactana

Impactana is a content marketing toolbar that displays stats and share counts for each page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media platforms.

You can also see impact metrics like comments, downloads, clicks, views, domain authority, and page authority with the plugin.

41. User-Agent Switcher

For link development and keyword or competition research, FatRank is a must-have Chrome extension.

After launching FatRank on your browser, you can go to any website and search for a term to see where the page ranks on Google for that keyword.

42. Spark Content Optimizer

Impactana is a content marketing toolbar that displays stats and share counts for each page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social media platforms.

You can also see impact metrics like comments, downloads, clicks, views, domain authority, and page authority with the plugin.

43. SEO Spider

Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider allows you to crawl website URLs and incorporate vital components for SEO research and problem-solving with no effort. Broken links are weeded out, duplicate pages are discovered and removed, and site visualisations are among the essential operations.

44. Wappalyser

The Wappalyzer chrome addon is a framework detector that lets you see what technologies are being used on a given website.

Content management systems, CRM, analytical tools, server software, programming languages, and more can all be detected using this application.

45. Robots Exclusion Checker

The Robots Exclusion Checker can tell you if robot exclusions are blocking search engine bots from crawling and indexing your landing pages. The extension looks for.txt, meta robots, x-robots-tag, URL alerts, and canonical warnings, among other things.

46. Bitly

Short URLs are more likely to be clicked than large URLs. Want to keep your website URL short and sweet so you can share it across multiple platforms? Bitly can assist you.

Simply click the Bitly symbol on your toolbar to generate a short link to an existing URL if you have the Bitly Chrome extension installed. The URL is automatically copied to your clipboard after it is created. You may then paste it immediately into documents, mails, and social media posts in this manner.

47. FindThatLead

FindThatLead is a great resource for outreach professionals looking to connect with bloggers and create contextual backlinks.

Finding email contacts on web domains and professional networking portals like LinkedIn is a breeze with this chrome addon. This makes it easier to reach decision-makers when it comes to link prospecting.

FindThatLead also allows you to add new leads to your mailing list and create drip campaigns.

48. Mangools SEO Extension

Mangools SEO Extension helps you save time and speed up your SEO analysis. Domain authority, page authority, trust flow, citation flow, Alexa rank, social shares, referring IPs, and social profile followers are some of the measures.

49. Ninja Outreach Lite

Ninja Outreach is another effective blogger outreach tool that sticks out. You can create customised templates with this tool to give a personal touch to your messages.

While allowing for automated email outreach, the plugin also allows you to track email statistics such as the number of clicks, opens, and replies, among other things.

This extension is a condensed version of the tool that assists you in speeding up and streamlining the outreach process.

50. LinkMiner

LinkMiner scans web pages for broken connections and presents analytics for any link on the page, including backlink information and social data. You may also export these URLs to a CSV file from the web page.

51. Google Analytics URL Builder

In order to effectively measure incoming traffic, Google Analytics URL Builder tags your website URL.

In your Google Analytics campaigns, the tool captures the URL you wish to track. It generates the final URL once you enter details like source, media, and campaign. You may publish this tagged link across platforms and use Google Analytics to track everything that happens with it.

52. Link Grabber

Manually extracting links from web pages is a Herculean process, especially when dealing with large numbers of links. Link Grabber can help you automate the procedure.

This Chrome extension allows you to quickly extract all links from a web page and open them in a new tab.

53. Streak CRM for Gmail

Streak CRM for Gmail is an excellent tool for efficiently organising outreach initiatives. You may use the browser extension to establish mail merges, track emails, manage leads, and more.

CRM for Gmail guarantees a great user experience between your CRM and your inbox in this way.

54. SEO Pro Extension

The chrome extension is useful for checking your website’s SEO aspects, such as title and meta description length, URLs, H1-H6 as they appear in the source code, photos with or without Alt tags, structured data, HTTP status code and redirects, and much more.

This SEO tool not only analyses internal and external links on a website, but it also reveals no-follow links to make the process easier for you.

With all of these functions, the SEO Pro chrome extension assists you in doing technical SEO audits and identifying interlinking and indexation difficulties, as well as providing content recommendations.

Additionally, you may quickly export data in CSV format for later use with this tool.

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Final Thoughts

Chrome extensions provide extra value to consumers and provide a better online browsing experience.

These extensions’ significant features simplify and streamline SEO activities while reducing time spent on work-related markets.

The Chrome Web Store, on the other hand, has a plethora of extensions. To get the most out of your SEO effort, you’ll need to narrow down the requirements and choose intelligently.

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