Shareasale vs clickbank

shareasale vs clickbank
shareasale vs clickbank

Choosing the right affiliate platform is critical if you want to make a healthy profit from your affiliate network. The platform should ideally be user-friendly, include analytical capabilities, and link with your website and ecommerce platform.

There are a lot of wonderful affiliate programmes to select from, fortunately. Comparing each of their primary perks and features can help you limit your choices. This is why in this piece, we’ll compare ShareASale vs ClickBank.

We’ll examine the features, simplicity of use, support, and price of these three popular platforms from here on out to help you determine which is right for you. Let’s get this party started!

Features for ShareASale vs ClickBank

Each of these affiliate platforms has unique characteristics that distinguish it from the competition. Comparing these features is one of the simplest methods to figure out which one is ideal for your company.


Features: ShareASale

ShareASale is an affiliate network that examines your business and website before accepting you into its programme. It also has a hefty sign-up cost, making it more exclusive to serious businesses and respectable affiliates:

With ShareASale, you may choose from a pool of over 225,000 affiliates. You may use the software to track your affiliate network using advanced analytics like new customer acquisition and coupon code usage.

Here are some of ShareASale’s most notable features:

  • Reports that can be customized
  • Tools for attribution
  • Analytical tools and sophisticated tracking methods
  • Commissions that are conditional
  • Affiliates are pre-screened.

One of ShareASale’s key features is its attribution options. You can use this tool to reward affiliates that produce specific purchases or traffic to your website. You can also adjust your network’s incentives and establish conditional commissions.

Features: Clickbank

ClickBank is a straightforward and user-friendly platform that connects you to a large affiliate network. It has a user base of over 100,000 digital advertisers and operates in over 200 countries:

Here are some of ClickBank’s important features:

  • Payments that are integrated
  • Order forms that are unique to you
  • Experts in digital marketing and training tools are available to you.
  • Affiliate subscription options
  • Easy-to-use administration tools
  • A dashboard that is simple to utilize

The simplicity of the ClickBank platform is one of its best characteristics. It can be linked to payment systems, allowing you to pay your affiliates with a single click. Furthermore, ClickBank manages all of your financial information, including taxes, so you can concentrate on your products and networking.

Custom order forms and subscription choices are also available through the service, allowing you to attract more affiliates.

Ease of Use for ShareASale vs ClickBank

If you want to save time and hassle, you’ll need to choose an affiliate network that’s easy to use. An intuitive dashboard and easily accessible reports are essential for user-friendliness. We’ll look at the usefulness of each affiliate platform in this section.

Ease of Use: ShareASale

ShareASale’s user interface is slightly more complicated than those of other affiliate platforms. It’s also more difficult to get started because you have to pay a sign-up fee and validate your company before you can have an account:

Because ShareASale evaluates applications before accepting users, this procedure may take longer than with other systems. You can visit the user dashboard once you’ve created an account:

You can access all of your affiliate capabilities, including detailed reports, from your dashboard. You can, for example, look at your affiliates on a product level or by device kind.

Non-members, unfortunately, have no access to any of the resources. To access troubleshooting documents and learn how to use different aspects of the dashboard, you must first log in. As a result, ShareASale isn’t the most user-friendly affiliate marketing platform.

Ease of Use: ClickBank


Because of its clear structure and abundance of technical tools and troubleshooting instructions, ClickBank is one of the most user-friendly affiliate platforms. It also includes a simple sign-up form that only asks for your personal information and takes a short amount of time to complete:

After you’ve created an account, you’ll be able to view a simple, image-based dashboard. The back end is powered by WordPress, and the landing page shows your earnings:

From the side menu, you may access transactions, vendor reports, the vendor marketplace, and instructional resources, among other things. This dashboard is simple to use and is appropriate for both new and experienced marketers.

The Vendor Reporting area is one of the most significant of these tabs. It gives you access to detailed reports on sales, subscriptions, funnels, conversions, and affiliates, among other things:

You may use this section of the dashboard to run reports and track your success once your affiliate programme is up and running.

Support for ShareASale vs ClickBank

If you have any problems with your affiliate platform, you’ll need a dependable support system. The finest affiliate programmes offer textual resources as well as one-on-one help with any technological issues. Let’s see how the affiliate programmes stack up in terms of customer service.

Support: ShareASale

ShareASale has a dedicated support team that can assist you with any technical issues:

This support team is reachable by email and phone, so you can get help whenever you need it. ShareASale takes pride in its customer service and makes every effort to react to any written issues as quickly as possible.

Customers can also access written resources and training sessions through ShareASale. All of these resources are included in your membership and may be utilized to take use of the platform’s various features as well as learn new affiliate marketing techniques.

Support: ClickBank

All ClickBank members, including affiliates and sellers, have access to customer service:

The ClickBank customer service team can be reached via live chat or the company’s call center. Any technical issues, such as utilizing the ClickBank dashboard and managing your account and payments, can be handled by the customer service staff.

You can also access textual resources as a seller to assist you with various tasks. FAQs and lessons on selling products, interacting with affiliates, and using vendor analytics may be found on the Vendor Help landing page. For example, you can learn how to brand and market your affiliate network through content creation.

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Pricing for ShareASale vs ClickBank

Most affiliate programmes charge a sign-up fee, take a percentage of sales as compensation, or do both. As a result, it’s worth performing the math to discover which platform is more cost-effective in the long run. Here’s a look at how different affiliate programmes stack up in terms of pricing.

Pricing: ShareASale

At first glance, ShareASale is one of the more expensive solutions. A $550 setup cost is charged by the platform, as well as a $100 deposit into your affiliate account:

In addition, ShareASale takes a 20% commission on all affiliate transactions. This is a much bigger sum than many other affiliate sites, and it can quickly pile up over time. Fortunately, ShareASale has a payment calculator that you may use to estimate transaction fees ahead of time:

You won’t be able to use the ShareASale vendor interface until you pay your fee and have your website and products approved. This procedure includes corporate verification and assures the legitimacy of all affiliates and providers.

ShareASale does not have distinct pricing levels, and all affiliates pay the same signup fees and commissions. However, because of its greater initial and recurring costs, it may be better suited to medium to big businesses. Small enterprises, on the other hand, may not find it profitable in the long run.

Pricing: ClickBank

For merchants, ClickBank charges an initial enrollment fee as well as sales commissions. It charges $49.95 for product approval, plus it deducts 7.5 percent and $1 from each transaction:

To be approved on the ClickBank platform, your affiliate products must pass initial inspections. ClickBank, for example, will check that your products are of great quality, have a solid sales funnel, promotional text, and are reasonably priced.

ClickBank, like ShareASale, does not have separate pricing plans. Regardless of the size or portfolio of your company, you pay the same amount. It is, nevertheless, substantially less expensive than many other affiliate networks on the market.

Cost Comparison

Set-up Fee $550Set-up Fee $49.95
Deposit $100Deposit $0
Per-Transaction (Network) 20%Per-transaction (Network) 7.5% + $1
Left in Your Pocket $3350Left in Your Pocket $4555


One of the most successful ways to sell your online products is through affiliate marketing. However, it’s critical to carefully select the right affiliate platform for your company’s objectives. Each platform has its own set of features, pricing, support levels, and user-friendliness.

These are the key distinctions between ShareASale vs ClickBank :

  1. ShareASale: Provides advanced analytical tools to help you manage your affiliate network and expand your knowledge.
  1. ClickBank: Offers a reasonably priced and user-friendly platform that makes managing affiliates a breeze.

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