7 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Your Business In 2023

In a world of social media where off-page SEO getting stronger with each day, it is important to have your social media marketing strategies on point. 

Over the years, I have seen well-known brands building their social outlook but most of them fail to use it to its maximum potential. 

It is not a skeleton in the closet that social media is the place for small and medium businesses to thrive, but what is a secret is how to use these social media marketing strategies in your favour. 

If you want to level up your social media game for 2022, this is the time. 

And we have great news for you!

While half of the world still believes that social media is just “like”, “share” and “subscribe”, we have 7 social media marketing strategies that are going to help you grow your business faster and easier. 

07. Hashtags Make A Difference

Hashtags Make A Difference

When I say that hashtags make a difference in your social media marketing strategies, I do not want to limit it to Instagram. 

Although it strikes up the best chords on Instagram, hashtags have shown their piece of magic on YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest as well. 

Wondering if this really works? 

Remember the #MeToo campaign?

It started as a journey where sexually abused women called out their predators. The #MeToo campaign went from a regular Instagram hashtag to become a movement against sexual harassment and abuse. It gave women including some famous celebrities and influencers a platform to put forth their voice. 

Let’s not get into the number of people it reached and the number of languages the hashtag was translated to. 

If played well, hashtags can skyrocket your audience reach overnight (whoever said success cannot happen overnight never used hashtags). 

06. Build A Community

Build A Community

The last two years were bad luck when it came to understanding the changing algorithms of social media. Instagram was difficult to track, YouTube introduced shorts, LinkedIn got into the marketing game and let’s not talk about the flea market that Facebook has become.

But as far as our reading goes, one thing remained common – the feeling of community.  Social media emerged as a place to communicate across the globe and that has never changed. 

In the run to please social media algorithms, brands are forgetting to please their audience.  As far as the social media strategies go, it is important for the platform to understand that you are making a sincere effort to build a community. 

Engage on Instagram, inspire on LinkedIn, Educate on Facebook and most importantly be politically correct on Twitter (jk!).  The moment your social media audience start to connect with you, the moment you build yourself a family, that’s when you can easily pitch in your product.  If people trust you, they will have trust in your product too. 

A very simple example would be Hritik Roshan. Now, he may be a well-known celebrity in India, but only after creating a strong international base did he introduce his product HRX in the market. 

In 2021, interestingly, HRX is set to outdo Nike and Adidas with its brand image. 

Surprise, surprise! The key social media marketing strategy here was to inculcate trust and build a sense of community 

05. Experiment With Your Content

Experiment With Your Content

The biggest mistake that most marketers are doing is following the same set of content.  Personally, that is the worse that you can do to your social media marketing strategies. 

Let me give you a social media hack!

Experiment with your content. But you would say that Instagram is for reels and YouTube is for long videos, hold my beer, please! Slice ‘n’ Rice, a celebrated couple-influencer has a community of 3.1M on Facebook but just posting YouTube driven content on Facebook. 

People are earning by posting reels on YouTube and promoting blogs on LinkedIn. 

Carousal posts on Instagram have out-performed reels.  Try doing interviews on Instagram, uploading podcasts on YouTube and writing case studies on Facebook. The audience is a sucker for entertainment in any form. 

The experiment is the key. If nothing, it will keep your audience engaged. 

This brings me to the fourth social media marketing hack…



Do not post something on social media and forget until you die. Engagement is a crucial social media marketing strategy. 

How to create engagement on social media? 

  1. Focus on audience and user-generated content that will let your audience take an action. It can be something as simple as a story on Instagram with a widget that allows your audience to react. 
  2. Host content on your social media platform. 
  3. Go live!
  4. Repost and tag the person. 
  5. Most importantly, don’t come to social media to preach. Instead, weave a story. Build it up for your audience. 

Engaging is the biggest selling point, and if you have done that right, there is no stopping!

03. Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Plan

Like a business that cannot thrive without proper planning, your SMM platforms will not show results without a proper social media marketing plan. 

Every social media platform has a different set of audiences, different algorithms and a very disparate way of posting content. 

Understand the kind of audience you have on each platform and curate content according to that. The best way to do so is to sit with a calendar and plan your social media marketing strategies for the particular month. 

Get hold of a social media marketing calendar (there are a hundred available online). 

Instead of posting the same content on every platform, a social media marketing plan will help you create a distinguished post for each platform. 

All you have to do is publish at the time and you would be earning yourself a couple of customers or audience even on your busy days. 

02. Double Cross Your Competitors

Double Cross Your Competitors

I do not mean to give you the wrong direction and by double-crossing your competitors, I do not mean foul play.  Social media is all about getting the better half of the audience. Instead of trying to become aggressive with your competitors, learn from them. 

Use their old social media campaigns that did really well, and improvise on it. In fact, you can also improve on the campaigns that did not work for them and turn it in your favour. 

More content is being created every minute than a baby. Let’s accept that staying unique is a scam. So make use of already existing content and better it by adding little salsa.  This is one of the most underrated social media marketing strategies. 

Ending with the father of all social media growth hacks!

01. Create Quality Content

Create Quality Content

Remember that your audience is not a fool you can call in the morning and convince them to buy your product. The audience is and remains the God.

The most organic deal is to create quality content. 

Like Search Engine is all about Content Marketing, social media is all about creating content that makes sense to the audience and is rich in what it has to impart. 

Most businesses end up copying the trend instead of being the trendsetters. With time, most social media platforms are going to use user-generated, rich content as proof of the brands quality and authenticity. 

Elevate yourself from the crowd and create content that has quality, is engaging and includes a lot of interesting visuals. 

To Conclude!

Social media is going to revolutionize in 2022, and while researchers come up with a proper study of social media trends for the next year, these social media marketing strategies will guide you home. 

These strategies are pretty much to keep you moving up the ladder of your social media presence. 

Set your goals, and take baby steps towards creating a genuine influence and a brand name social media will always remember. 

Which of these social media marketing strategies will you use in 2022? Let us know in the comment section.


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