19 Types of Backlinks Which Effect Search Ranking

Endorsements can help you stand out from the crowd, and the same is true for your website. Obtaining excellent backlinks is the best strategy to acquire recommendations for your website. Yes, backlinks can attest for your website’s validity and credibility in the eyes of search engines.

You can achieve a top ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) in this manner, resulting in more organic traffic to your website.

BEWARE: Not all backlinks will benefit your website.

Link building is tough, and if you don’t know which one to tap, it can backfire. Given the circumstances, you’ll need to gain a wider view of backlinks in order to avoid a tragedy.

Factors Impacting Link Value

Building high-quality links to your website can help it become more SEO-friendly and appear higher in the SERPs.

But how do you know if the backlinks are of good quality?

The three criteria that determine link quality are outlined below.

Authority of the Linking Site

The quality of the website from which you get a backlink is determined by its authority. When you build backlinks from well-known websites, search engine bots are more likely to rank your website higher.

Do-Follow vs No-Follow

Backlinks can have one or more link properties. Do-follow links encourage search engines to crawl and index web pages, which improves SEO.

Links with no-follow qualities, on the other hand, tell search engines to ignore them, resulting in less SEO benefit. Rel=sponsored and rel=ugc are two new rel characteristics added by Google recently.

When referring back to sites with monetary intent, rel=sponsored is advised; however, for user-generated connections, UGC is the attribute you must use. No other rel property compares to the strength of a do-follow link. If you’re serious about increasing the authority of your website, it’s best to aim for it.

No-follow and other sorts of backlinks, on the other hand, can nevertheless drive qualified visitors to your website.

On-Site Link Location

The backlink’s location on the corresponding website is crucial in determining its SEO value. For example, if a hyperlink to your website is placed in one of the spots where visitors can see it, you can reap extra benefits for your website.

Types of Backlinks Based on Acquisition

Backlinks are divided into three groups based on how they were obtained.

Natural Backlinks

Natural Backlinks

Natural backlinks are links that you get because other people in the digital world think your content is interesting enough to link to.

As a result, whenever you provide user-centric, informative, and high-quality material on your website, your chances of obtaining natural backlinks grow. Yes, natural backlinks are preferred by search engines.

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Paid Backlinks

Paid Backlinks
Paid Backlinks

Paid backlinks are links you purchase from other websites, usually in your niche. You can fool search engine bots into rating your website higher and increasing its visibility online by using these backlinks.

This is the type of backlink that Google and other search engines despise, which means you’re in huge danger if they follow your backlink trail.

Outreach Backlinks

Outreach Backlinks
Outreach Backlinks

Outreach backlinking is a technique for obtaining a backlink to your website by contacting other website owners or niche-specific bloggers.

In this instance, you should individually contact them and explain why they need to develop backlinks from their site to yours.

Top Backlinks Advantageous to SEO

Top Backlinks Advantageous to SEO
Top Backlinks Advantageous to SEO

The main goal of link building is to improve your website’s search engine rankings by making it more search engine friendly. These are the types of backlinks that can help you efficiently optimize your website for search engines.

Editorial Backlinks

Isn’t it great if a reputable publisher recommends you to their readers? Editorial backlinks accomplish just this.

When a reputable publisher mentions and links to your website and brand in relevant material, this is known as an editorial mention.

As a result, visitors to your website will rely on you and pay you a visit!

Guest Blogging Backlinks

When you submit guest posts to other websites or blogs, you might acquire backlinks to your website.

You may increase the amount of qualified traffic to your website while also increasing its authority by creating high-quality content to add your link in.

Furthermore, you develop the trust of website owners, forcing them to give you with more lucrative possibilities in the future.

Blogger Outreach Backlinks

Blogger outreach backlinks, as the name implies, are connections obtained by contacting bloggers who have a similar audience to you.

Given the circumstances, posting hyperlinks in these niche-specific blogs may provide you with an opportunity to attract prospects who may become clients.

Yes, if you have what people want, all you have to do now is channel your marketing approach to show them how you are the greatest at what so many others are doing.

Business Profile Backlinks

You construct a digital profile for your brand or company on a variety of platforms, such as business listings, social networking sites, industry-specific directories, and more.

Any of these web locations can help you create backlinks to your website.

Webinar Backlinks

How about enlisting the help of other industry players to create backlinks to your site? A webinar can be beneficial.

Organize a webinar with valuable content for everyone in the industry to notice the difference. Backlinks to your website will be created by people that want to educate their viewers.

Again, the client base is common, therefore it’s a win-win situation.

Free Tool Backlinks

It’s difficult to find someone who can say no to a compliment! You guessed correctly. Another successful strategy to persuade visitors to link back to your website is to provide a free utility.

This free tool may be a stripped-down version of a popular paid tool, resulting in more leads for you. If feasible, incorporate a call to action button that encourages users to join up for the full version.

Other Worthy Backlinks

Acknowledgment Backlinks

When a website owner links back to your website in connection to where you make a gift, support an industry event, or address people in the same way, you can establish an acknowledgement backlink.

The greatest strategy to get recognition backlinks to your website is to keep a watch on your competitors and the types of events they participate in, then make a good decision that favours your company.

Guest Post Bio Backlinks

There are times when a website that accepts your guest post refuses to enable you to include a backlink in the main body of the material.

You can still include a backlink in your guest post author profile in these situations. While this form of backlink isn’t as beneficial for SEO as other backlinks, it can nevertheless contribute to your portfolio’s worth.

Badge Backlinks

Backlinks to badges are great for generating reciprocal benefits. This is how it goes. You design a badge with your logo and distribute it to other industry participants as a token of appreciation or acknowledgment.

A badge is, of course, a source of pride for any company! As a result, the firms to whom you provide badges will naturally post them on their official websites. The badge will then connect back to your website.

Because a badge is displayed in a prominent location on your website, you may expect more clicks, resulting in more visits. Furthermore, the badge is an effective technique to increase your company’s credibility.

Press Release Backlinks

When it comes to distributing information, nothing beats a press release.

You don’t cease publishing on your website when you have an important announcement to make. You also post it on other relevant websites so that the information reaches a larger audience quickly.

You get a sure-shot at backlinks when you post press releases on other websites that your target audience visits; after all, the content is all about your business.

Comment Backlinks

You can publish links to relevant pages on your website when you leave genuine comments on high-quality blog posts that receive a lot of daily traffic. You’ll have a better chance of being spotted this way, which will result in organic traffic to your website.

People that use the comment section for spammy link-building methods, on the other hand, will have a negative impact on their websites.

Backlinks You Must Avoid

Not all backlinks are beneficial to your site. You must understand what is not beneficial for your website in order to avoid it. Make it a point to avoid the following types of links when creating links for your website.

Paid Backlinks

When website owners buy backlinks to mislead Google’s algorithms into ranking their sites higher, Google frowns. In the worst-case situation, spamming backlinks result in a penalty for your website, significantly decreasing its SERPs position.

Non- Newsworthy Backlinks

Of course, press releases can raise brand recognition among your target audience and help you gain backlinks to your website.

However, it is not a sensible strategy to spread news about your company that will provide no value to your customers. Backlinks included in such news releases are spammy and will only harm your website.

Irrelevant Directory Links

It’s not going to work if you create unauthentic profiles relating to your business or brand on industry directories for the sole aim of building links.

Furthermore, it will jeopardise your SEO efforts thus far, as well as your brand’s credibility.

Forum Backlinks

People flock to forums to have good talks and share their knowledge. It’s legitimate as long as you include links to help newcomers and other industry experts learn more.

However, if you frequent these digital communities solely to build links, you will sacrifice quality and leave with only negative consequences.

PBN Backlinks

Backlinks from a private blog network (PBN) are links from an untrustworthy network of websites or blogs. PBN link creation is entirely unethical and in violation of Google’s guidelines. If a website is found to be engaging in this behaviour, Google reserves the right to punish it or even delete it from its search results, depending on the level of spam.


Backlinks are a necessary component of search engine optimization. However, when it comes to link building, it’s important to remember that link quality always comes first. Yes, the number isn’t all that important.

Create a link-building plan that focuses on obtaining top-tier backlinks from high-authority domains while maintaining high quality criteria for your website.

Produce and promote user-friendly content to encourage natural backlinks from and to your website. This can pay off handsomely for your SEO efforts.

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