Wix vs Elementor – Website Builder Comparison

If you’re establishing a business or already have one, it’s critical to promote your products and services. In today’s market, entrepreneurs must innovate and come up with new ways to show off and sell to their customers.

Setting up an online store using social media networks is a possibility. You can also construct a company website to market your goods and services to a larger audience. You may broaden your client base and provide more information to potential clients this way.

The majority of business owners believe that building a website is prohibitively expensive. However, you don’t need to invest a lot of money to create a beautiful and functioning website. A variety of website builders are available to make your life easier. Entrepreneurs may establish websites with or without coding experience using website builders. You don’t need to employ a professional to develop a website for your company, which can be expensive for small enterprises. If you want to learn more about the many types, features, benefits, and trends of website builder software solutions in 2021, read our article.

In this post, we’ll look at two website builders that can assist you in creating a useful and effective website. To establish which software is best, its specific features, functions, pricing, and advantages and downsides will be studied and assessed. Let’s see how Elementor stacks up against Wix.



Elementor is a page builder that makes creating complicated layouts as simple as possible. Aside from that, Elementor provides live designing, which saves time for users by eliminating the need to transition between editing and preview mode. You can create a website with high-level displays on your own using Elementor.

Elementor comes with an endless number of design options, a plethora of useful widgets, a library of templates, editing tools, and a slew of other amazing features. Users may create the layout of their page uniquely using its endless plugins, which they couldn’t accomplish with other website builder brands.

Elementor’s user interface is extremely simple, so first-time users shouldn’t have any trouble getting used to it. Users can more easily obtain their chosen design because of its drag-and-drop feature. Elementor allows you to change anything on your website, including the heading, text, fonts, graphics, and more.

Pros of Elementor

  • There is a free plan available.
  • Customization options abound.
  • The use of live design is practical.
  • Widgets that are unique

Cons of Elementor

  • Some plugins and themes are incompatible.
  • Customer service isn’t very responsive.
  • When it comes to designing various sorts of websites, there are limited possibilities.\


Elementor Pro for $49 for one site, $99 for three sites, or $199 for 25 sites on an annual basis.

elementor pricing

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Wix is a popular and easy-to-use website builder that is used by millions of individuals across the world. Wix, like Elementor, allows consumers to construct a website without knowing how to code. Furthermore, both website builders include drag-and-drop capabilities, making website construction a breeze.

Wix is an excellent tool for organisations looking to build a website. It contains features that are tailored to assist your company develop and manage a website. There is a collection of templates with specific designs for various sectors. Wix also includes more useful business tools like email marketing, appointment and booking forms, and subscription forms.

Aside from that, Wix is an all-in-one ecommerce and online selling platform. Its mobile app allows you to sell a range of products, create discount coupons, promotions, and shipping options, as well as administer your online business. This post will show you how to use content management systems to help you manage your product uploads and more.

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Wix isn’t just for commercial and ecommerce websites, with over 500 layouts to choose from. You may make a personal website to display your skills with Wix. Wix can help you create a portfolio or a website for your special events, such as birthdays or weddings. Aside from that, Wix’s capabilities and templates can be used to establish a blog. You may publish blog posts, classify them, and include a comment box for your readers to leave feedback. Read this article if you want to improve your blog.

Pros of Wix

  • Plans at reasonable prices
  • Features and tools for unlimited customisation are available.
  • Templates that are both unique and useful
  • Storage in the cloud

Cons of Wix

  • The free plan includes a limited set of features.
  • The user interface is a little on the basic side.
  • As you scale up, costs can add up quickly.


Website Plan


Business & eCommerce Plans

ecommerce wix prices
ecommerce wix prices

Comparison of Features

Elementor and Wix both have comparable, as well as different, functions as a website builder. Let’s take a look at how Elementor and Wix compare in terms of features and functionality.


customization of website
customization of website

Both Elementor and Wix allow users to customise their websites to their hearts’ content. It is critical for entrepreneurs and freelancers to establish a visually appealing website that will set them apart from their competition.

The drag-and-drop editor in Elementor makes creating and designing simple and quick. Its theme builder lets you personalise practically every aspect of your website, from the top to the footer.

You can also make full-screen, hello and bottom bar, slide-in, and conventional modal pop-ups with Elementor’s pop-up builder. You can use these pop-ups to make announcements, provide news updates, display promotional banners, or greet new users with welcome pop-up messages.

Wix, on the other hand, gives its users complete control over how much customisation they desire. Users may build a personal logo in minutes with Wix, making it easy to set up their website’s display. This is feasible because to Wix’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology.



Both Elementor Free and Elementor Pro come with a template library. Elementor has built and designed over 200 templates, which users can browse and download. These templates can then be changed to match your website’s colour scheme. This makes it easier and faster to create pages than before.

Wix, on the other hand, may be more distinctive than Elemetor because it is both a traditional template-based builder and a cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform. A traditional template-based builder allows you to select and alter a template. An artificial intelligence platform, on the other hand, works by asking you precise questions about your design preferences.

Wix can develop and give you with a website with a more specific layout based on your preferences when these two are merged – and you can still make limited changes if you want to.

Tools and Widgets

tools and widgets
tools and widgets

Elementor comes with a number of tools and widgets. Over 80 widgets are available to users, allowing for extensive customisation. Users no longer need to install additional plugins because Elementor contains everything they require. Third-party widgets, on the other hand, are available for users who want a wider variety of widgets.

Wix allows you to integrate hand-drawn images to your website’s design and artistry. Wix’s Velcro Art pictures allowed these illustrations to be created. You can choose any picture or icon and change its style, colour, size, opacity, or motion to complement your website exactly.

Wix, on the other hand, can supply customers with more tools and widgets thanks to its own Wix App Market. Hundreds of third-party apps are available in the Wix App Market for customers to download and install in order to improve the features and functionality of their website.


Elementor was created to make it simple for business owners to build beautiful site designs. As a result, Elementor’s creators opted to offer a free edition to users, with the option to upgrade their licences if desired. Users can purchase Elementor Pro for $49 for one site, $99 for three sites, or $199 for 25 sites on an annual basis. Your Elementor Pro subscription can be paid with PayPal or any major credit card.

Wix, on the other hand, offers four different plans to its users. The first is the free plan, which has limited features. The Combo plan, which starts at $8.50 a month, is the second option. The Unlimited plan, which costs $14 per month and includes additional features and storage, is the third option.Finally, the VIP plan is $29 per month and includes email marketing features as well as greater storage.

Wix also has a variety of plans designed exclusively for ecommerce firms. In addition to the free plan, the Business Basic plan costs $20 per month. You can take online payments with the Business Basic package. The Business Unlimited plan, which costs $25 per month and allows you to develop your own logo and boost storage, is the next option.

The Business VIP, which costs $35 per month, is their final top-tier package. This package is appropriate for larger online stores since it gives you priority access to their customer service.

Wix’s price choices demonstrate that it can better cater to the demands and budgets of its consumers in this section of the Elementor vs Wix comparison. Wix has proven that it can satisfy the needs of a wide range of organisations, which may explain why so many enterprises prefer to utilise their platform.

Elementor’s plans, on the other hand, are reasonably priced, and the features and functions that come with them are both advantageous and practical.

Which is the better website builder for you?

which is the better website builder for you
which is the better website builder for you

Despite the fact that both tools can perform to their full potential and create better websites, consumers will have to choose one over the other at some point. Some people may prefer Elementor to Wix due to its unique features like live design and pop-up builders. On the other hand, some users may believe Wix is superior because it allows users to construct websites for both business and personal use.

You are the only one who can decide which website builder is suitable for you based on the purpose and type of website you want to construct. You can use Elementor to create a clean and basic website. At the same time, if you want a website with more specialized designs and displays, you can utilize Wix.

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