Here are frequently asked questions about HuntBiz. Explore this and contact us if don’t find the answer to your questions.

HuntBis FAQs

How to get more business leads?

Get the premium business promotion package and you will be featured in HuntBiz and also can get more quality business leads.

Why my business listing is still pending?

If you submitted all the business details correctly then your business listing will be approved in a short time. If you tried to spam by adding links in the description and not submitting all required business details then it might be not approved.

How much time does it take to approve my business listing?

If you submitted a free business listing then it may take up to 4 weeks to approve your business listing because all the business listing is manually verified and also depends on the number of submissions of free business listings in a queue. Make Sure you submitted all the details properly. If you want it to approve within 72 Hours, kindly upgrade to a paid plan.

What is the required image size for HuntBiz?

Gallery Image:- 350px*450px – (minimum 3 images).

What if I couldn’t find what I want to know about HuntBiz?

Kindly, send us a message on our Facebook page here – HuntBiz Contact.

Why my business listing is not showing in HuntBiz?

There are many reasons; why your business listing is not appearing in HuntBiz & some are:
(i) Maybe if you had not filled all your business details according to terms.
(ii) Incorrect business details
(iii) Same business listing again and again (in that case if you found your business but if you can not manage it then claim it and then you can edit your business details).

Why did my business listing Title got changed?

We change the business listing title according to the Business’s Name.

Why links to my business site were removed from the listing description?

We do not offer links in the listing description because it is a scam practice to manipulate the search engine rankings against all the search engine webmaster guidelines.