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Chandakji, is serving delicious and hygienic foodstuffs like namkeens and papads for more than 28 years Now. Our main aim is to provide Snacks, fried in oil with proper use of Rajasthani spices and absolute cleanliness with the legitimacy of Bikaneri Food.

Our company Chandakji was established in the year 1992 by Mr. Manoj Chandak. Our main brand are Chandak ji, Nandan, Manwar, Vikas, etc. We have our expertise in approximately twenty different varieties of Papad like Javitri premium masala papad, Masala papad, Urad Punjabi masala papad, Moong masala papad, Moong masala premium papad, Chana papad, Disco papad, Applam papad and Khichiya papad.

We also have varieties of namkeens like Bikaneri bhujia, Aloo bhujia namkeen, Marwari Metha mixture namkeen, Moong daal namkeen, Chana daal namkeen, Masala Chana namkeen, Mota bhujia and Marwari mixture namkeen.

We are looking forward to serving you One of the best Bikaneri Snacks Food as we are unchangingly doing the same for more than the last 28 years.