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“One Stop Design Solution” in areas of Product Design and development.

We provide End to End solutions which include Research, Conceptualization, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics design solutions, Product Development, Part Engineering and Design, Prototyping, Testing, Manufacturing, Production & Assembly services. As an Industrial design company, we represent your consumer and guide product development in achieving better aesthetics (how it looks, feels, smells and sounds), safety and comfort.

We are a design firm built on the foundation of innovation. We believe in creative innovation combined with human-centric methodologies to create best-in-class design solutions. Our goal is to create perfect harmony between functionality and aesthetics.

Design and technology are two important aspects of any successful product. The design ensures good product usability while technology enhances efficiency. Industry often seems to ignore one or the other, creating a gap between the design and the technology. Here at Criador, we believe in pure innovation and, in our product design journey, we put our best effort into making the gap between design and technology as narrow as possible.


Q Why Is Good Product Design Important for Start-Ups?

Product design is an integral part of the product development cycle. Designing a new product requires analytical, process and problem-solving skills. The goal of designing any product has to be to make it easier to get things done for its users. It is about problem-solving; about visualizing the needs of the user and bringing a solution to life.

Start-ups usually have limited resources and time. At first, entrepreneurs often question whether it is really a good idea to invest scarce resources in product design? Yes, it always is. We’ve been in the industry for many years – and we can say that very confidently. If you have an idea for a product which you need to develop from scratch, here’s why you must consider product design for your start-up project.

Q How Do You Design a Product if You Are a Start-Up?

Over time at our design lab, we have encountered one question very often: at what stage I should consider product design?

The majority of tech start-ups neglect product design, because they see it as secondary to the technical aspect. Design is simply part of aesthetics and it will be covered once they’ve finished the functionality.In another scenario we observed, new start-ups have a great idea. But they struggle when it comes to resources. In such a case, they decide it’s not very feasible to invest in product design.In both situations, the failure to invest in design and build it into the product’s DNA ends up hurting their original idea – and limiting their success.We’re firm believers in design. We think of design as the empowerment of an idea. It can bring attention to the finer and crucial aspects of your product and its productivity.Why is design required for start-ups? First, it allows you to explore more possibilities. In a short time, you can validate your idea, without developing a fully-fledged prototype.Design always focuses on users first. It is for them you are solving the problem. This helps to ensure fewer errors in your first product.Good design planning can also add an extra element to your product - something that might give you a decisive edge over your competitor.We talked about these points in our earlier blog, check it out here.

We understand the struggle of limited resources, that’s why it’s important not to rush the design phase in your eagerness to get your design off paper and to have something tangible in your hands.Today we will talk about how a start-up can use design to refine their ideas with limited resources.

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Best services in designing

Cridor labs has the best designing solutions with out of box ideas . They are one of the few firms with client satisfaction and timely delievery of services. Highly recommended for all who are looking for cutting edge designing silutions for their products to create a special place in every consumers head, heart and soul .

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