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Techno Dot Academy

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Techno Dot Academy provides different online course according to career advancement and hobbies not only that studying online gives you more flexibility, but also a flexible schedule.

Our courses:

Google Certified educator level 1

Techno Academy´s GCE Level 1 training will help educators to enhance teaching and learning experience by integrating technology into the classroom using GFE tools.

Google Certified educator level 2

Techno Academy´s GCE Level 2 training covers Google tools at a deeper level. Our GCE Level 2  training helps educators to successfully integrate a wider range of GFE tools and Other technologies to transform their teaching practice.

Python Basics for Beginners 

Luckily for beginners, Python has a simple easy-to-use language. This makes Python an excellent language to learn to program for beginners. Techno Academy´s Python tutorial focused on the essential things you need to know about the basic concept of python programming

Advanced Python Programming

Techno Academy´s Advanced Python course teaches experienced Python developers how to grip advanced features of Python to enhance performance, stability, while also covering a wide range of commonly used tools and techniques.

Data Analytics And Machine Learning

Explore the concepts of Machine Learning and learn how it’s changing the digital world. An exciting branch of Artificial Intelligence, this Techno Academy´s Machine Learning course will give the skills you need to become a Machine Learning Engineer and unleash the power of this emerging field.

Azure Administrator Associate

Techno Academy´s Azure course Will help you master the azure infrastructure by understanding Azure Cloud Architect Technology Solutions, implementing workloads and security in Azure, and securing data in Azure.

Microsoft Certified Educator Program

This will help the aspirants get access to this program from Microsoft For successfully passing the exam, you will want to master the 21CLD curriculum and have a working