Google AdMob Alternatives in 2023

Prepare to dig into a list of the top 10 best Google AdMob alternatives for mobile app advertising that pay publishers well. Are you having trouble getting Google AdMob or Adsense to approve your mobile app for monetization? or are you looking for alternatives to the well-known AdMob platform? Why don’t you take a look at the AdMob alternatives listed below? I’m confident that these will serve you well.

The internet, like the rest of the world, is enormous. There are many high-quality mobile ad networks that can compete with Google AdMob and may become your new best buddy.

What are the Best Alternatives to Google Admob

The Google Ad network is unquestionably the best choice when it comes to making money online through a web site or apps. However, in ‘some instances,’ we may come across a point when the Google Ad network does not support our goals.

But the reality remains that no other network can compete with Google AdMob in terms of earning possibilities. Let’s look at some of the greatest Google AdMob alternatives that can help you earn a lot of money.

However, before diving into the list, you should be aware that Google Ad Network is a contextual ad network that displays advertising based on the user’s browsing behaviour, which is saved in the form of cookies.

AdMob ads are obviously more relevant to the user’s search intent and also correspond with the content or nature of your app. This raises the overall CTR and, as a result, revenue.

We’ll look at some of the top Google AdMob alternatives in this article to help you make a lot of money. For app creators, here is a quick overview of the finest AdMob alternatives available online:

Continue reading for more information about the various ad networks. Make sure you’re selecting the best option for you.

Unity Ad

Unity Ad
Unity Ad

For any game app, this is one of the most popular ad networks. The Unity Ads function as native video interstitials that can be non-rewarded or rewarded.

The player receives currency, a score increase, or an extra life in the game if they watch the rewarded movies. Unity Ads is the greatest network for game app advertisers looking for a perfect mobile ad platform.

Unity Ads are the following:

  • Ad network based on CPM and CPI
  • The minimum payout is $100 via wire transfer

Unity Ads offers two types of interstitial video and banner ads: rewarded and non-rewarded.



Without a question, InMobi is the most effective ad platform for achieving high conversion rates. It works in a similar way to Google’s contextual advertisements on the web, delivering interest-based relevant ads.

It uses Appographic targeting, which connects users based on their smartphone apps and app usage patterns.

If you have a large number of puzzle games installed on your smartphone, for example, InMobi will offer you more puzzle-related adverts.

The following are examples of InMobi Ads:

  • Networks of the CPC and CPM types
  • Payments must be made by PayPal or wire transfer with a minimum payout of $50.

Ad formats available on InMobi include banners, interstitials, videos, non-intrusive ads, and contextual ads.



AppBrain is an extremely effective monetization tool. If your app has a large user base, AppBrain can be quite valuable. It can be utilised as a supplement to any existing monetization network, such as Google AdMob.

Unlike other CPC ad networks, it only rewards you if your app is successfully installed. However, when combined with the appropriate plan, it has the potential to make you a lot of money.

AppBrain advertisements include the following features:

  • $25 is the minimum payout. Pay-Per-Install Methodology
  • Payment methods include PayPal and Check.

The following are the formats of AppBrain advertising that are currently available: Advertisements in the form of banners and interstitials



StartApp is essentially a video interstitial ad network. It’s best for social apps and apps that share little amounts of data.

Because of its better app interactions and high-quality user experience, StartApp is able to serve high-quality advertisements. It offers a portion of the high revenue as well as performance reports.

StartApp is composed of the following components:

  • Ad network based on CPC and CPI
  • Payments must be made in $50 increments via wire transfer, cheque, or PayPal.

Interstitial, Full Page Ads, Video, App Icon, InApp Ads, Banner, Entry & Exit Ads are some of the ad formats available in StartApp.



Because Leadbolt allows you to connect with a premium advertising partner, earning potentials with Leadbolt can be very interesting for publishers.

You can monitor the performance of various ad formats utilising their analytics tool, which gives you access to all of your real-time information. They are a user-friendly app monetization network with useful built-in tools. They have a one-line SDK installation process.

Leadbolt offers monetization across multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile.

Leadbolt has the following features:

  • Ad network with CPC, CPM, and CPI.
  • $100 can be paid using PayPal, Payoneer, or wire transfer.

Full-Screen Interstitials, Video Ads, Rewarded Video Ads, and Native Ads are all available ad formats in Leadbolt.



Airpush is a push notification advertising network that claims to generate 20 to 30% more revenue than traditional CPM networks.

Airpush also employs video invasive ads and static rich media banner ads. They also have icon advertising that run in the background. They are compatible with Android and iOS, but not with Windows Phone.

Airpush is a company that provides services to the following companies:

  • CPA, CPC, and CPM are all supported.
  • Payments are made weekly ($50) via ACH, PayPal, and wire transfer.
  • Cross-platform monetization is supported.
  • Follow the guidelines for Google Play Store developers.
  • SDK installation is a painstaking process.
  • Unpleasant user experience

SmartWall, banner, push alerts, icons, rich media, and video advertising are all examples of Airpush ad formats.

Kiip (Pronounced as Keep)


On one hand, there are all the ad networks, and on the other, there is the Kiip ad platform. Unlike all other traditional ad networks, which operate on a CPC or CPM basis. To increase conversions, the kiip focuses on human behaviour and nature.

A user is most happy, according to kiip, when he wins or levels up in a game. The timing is critical, and Kiip takes advantage of this happy moment to enclose the profit.

It offers genuine discounts, coupons, and promo codes as well as actual incentives and benefits.

Kiip Ad Type: Reward



Another ad network that works on both Android and iOS devices. They have a good UI/UX balance, which results in great CTR rates. They are a well-known advertising network. Because of its speedy clearance and SDK installation, MoPub should be your first pick as an alternative.

Banner, Full Screen Interstitial, Native, and Custom formats are available in MoPub.



Smaato is an ad-bidding network that operates in real time. Smaato now includes an applet that allows you to quickly and easily build native ads for Android.

If your programme has a large user base, it can generate a lot of money. They work with approximately 350 high-demand partners. If you want to start monetizing your app, Smaato should be your first stop. They’re compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry devices.



Another monetization network that pays each app installation and is dependent on the CPI. They claim to have an incredible 88 percent user monetization rate.

By evaluating user app behaviour, their predictive analytics solution aids in the acquisition of higher revenue share. Their rewarded adverts are designed to earn income from the 95% of users who abandon apps.


Is there another AdMob alternative that’s operating exceptionally well for you? Please share your tale in the comments section below; I’d love to learn about your other platform experiences. Thank you very much!

If you have an AMP page, you should experiment with AMP HTML advertising to boost AdSense revenue. If you have any comments or suggestions on Google AdMob alternatives: please leave them in the box below. Please consider sharing this post with your network if you find it useful.

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