Chemtex Speciality Limited

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Chemtex Speciality Limited manufactures speciality chemicals catering to Agriculture, RO plants, Boilers, Institutional cleaning chemicals, Household disinfectants, Housekeeping chemicals, chemicals for commercial laundry.

We specialize in heat transfer fluid like glycol based coolant antifreeze, industrial & food grade, engine coolants, AC chemicals, coil cleaners, drilling polymers, h2s scavenger chemicals for oilfields, refineries.

We also specialize in EDTA, available in tetrasodium, disodium edta as chelating, sequestering agents. Citric acid monohydrate & anhydrous for descaling; Imidazoline for oilfields, industrial grade sulfamic acid descalant, degreasers like trichloroethylene, carbon tetrachloride, poly acids.