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SSA Hospitality

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SS Associates, the Hospitality consultants, believe in providing world-class Hospitality services.

Hospitality and food industry leaders, experts, and multi-disciplinary professionals from the hospitality industry services networked and bandied up to set up the hospitality consultancy services- SS Associates. Our efforts were put into action mode when we commenced our operations in the year 2014.

We are one of the well-known hospitality consultancies in India with an established network and a good set of connections with independently associated MEP services and hospitality architects in India. For anyone seeking hospitality consultancy services, or wants to consult with our hotel consultant, kitchen planning consultants, or even restaurant consultants, SS Associates is practically just a call away!

Our key expertise comes from our diverse experiences and having worked in a range of disciplines within the different hospitality management segments like F&B, hotels, restaurants, resorts, clubs, food menu planning and designing and more.

Simply striving to be the best, we are the rebels in Hospitality consulting.