Is Elementor AMP compatible?


Is Elementor AMP compatible? To utilize elementor with amp, you’ll need to download a plugin, which can be found at the bottom of this page. Enabling amp in the website is critical since it has a significant impact on SEO, but it also has an impact on our design and layout.

AMP aimed to make the page load faster by only loading the text and media and skipping the scripts and styles. Because AMP renders WP editor content in a basic manner, it is not 100% compatible with Elementor content.

To address this issue, we have an excellent plugin called “elementor compatibility with amp.”

Is it possible to use an elementor with amp?


Yes, elementor may be used with amp, although the “amp for wordpress plugin by Ahmed kalaudi” is suggested. You’ll need a plugin called “elementor compatibility for amp” to utilize elementor with amp.

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How to use elementor with amp? Step by step guide.

How to use elementor with amp
How to use elementor with amp

To preserve elementor design in the amp version, you’ll need a plugin called elementor compatibility for amp, as previously mentioned.

Simply go to amp > setup > third-party compatibility-> check elementor for amp after downloading and installing the elementor addon for the amp.

Click on settings > elementor support once more, and then complete the steps below:

That’s all there is to it; now you can utilize elementor with the amp.

How to create sticky elements in elementor?

To produce sticky elements in elementor, you’ll need to utilize the “jet tricks” plugin. With this plugin, you can make any element sticky.

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