Best High DA DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites List 2023

Blog commenting is designed specifically for blog sites where bloggers, blogs, and blog readers interact with one another and readers can provide immediate feedback on the blog.

Blog Commenting Sites
Blog Commenting Sites

Communication between the website and its visitors becomes a vital bridge. To become well-known and popular among visitors, any website demands precise SEO work.

Link building is the most successful approach to gain backlinks for your website, and one of these link building tactics is blog commenting.
It aids in the growth of your website’s popularity as well as the conversion of your products and services.

The approach of blog commenting not only helps to increase backlinks, but it also allows users and website owners to communicate. Bloggers and readers engage with each other in this fashion, with readers directly expressing their ideas about blog material and bloggers being aware of the response to their blogs.

This is the simplest and quickest technique to pique your visitors’ interest.

There are many blog commenting sites on the internet, but always choose high page rank do-follow blog commenting sites while building do-follow backlinks. The link juice from the do-follow backlinks is sent on to your own blog or website.

It aids in increasing the amount of traffic to your blog or website. Using blog commenting sites to grow your blog or website has various advantages.

Benefits of DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites List

Benefits of DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites List
Benefits of DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites List
  • These websites assist in establishing your brand’s identity and increasing its global recognition.
  • Boost the number of targeted visitors to your website or blog.
  • It aids in increasing your company’s conversion range.
  • These sites provide dofollow backlinks, meaning they send link juice to your website or blog.
  • Increase your visibility to the relevant audience.
  • Convert visitors into clients by developing strong relationships with them.
  • Increase the number of people who follow your blog or website on social networking.

These are the most important advantages of the 2019 list of rapid approval blog commenting sites. Many bloggers believe that leaving comments on blogs is the easiest way to earn do-follow backlinks to your site or blog.

In this method, you may establish a well-known identity for your company or brand and make it well-known throughout the world. These sites assist in conversions by commenting on topics that are relevant to your business. For example, if you are in the shoe industry, you should remark on all shoe business blog posts. You may also include your business information in the comment.

As a result, you will quickly obtain more conversions, as well as more targeted visitors and more traffic to your website. As you can see, there are various advantages to using blog commenting platforms, but how to utilise them is also a crucial consideration.

Many people are unfamiliar with the process of leaving a comment on a blog, but it is not as difficult as you would think. To help you solve your problem, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to use these services for blog commenting.

How to Use Blog Commenting Sites

  • Select the high page rank do-follow blog commenting sites.
  • Choose your favorite topic to read the blog which relevant your business or hobby.
  • Read the entire blog carefully and try to understand the blogger’s thoughts.
  • Scroll down your cursor and reach to the comment section.
  • See the some blocks appear in the comment section like name, email id, website and comment.
  • Now, type the comment on the comment block and fill other enquiry too.
  • Click on the Post Comment button.

All of these methods will assist you in getting your remark to the blogger. Always remember one thing about comments: they must be linked to the blog content, or else they may tarnish your online reputation. You can either complement the blogger on the blog or voice your thoughts in order to inspire greater work in the future.

High DA Digital Marketing & social media blog commenting sites

Blog commenting is one of the most effective off-page SEO techniques for bloggers and digital marketers. Below are several useful digital marketing blogs where you can leave a remark. Getting backlinks from these blogs is not straightforward, but it is feasible if you use natural methods. Keep your remark on topic and avoid using keywords in the name section.

High Quality tech blog for blog commenting Site List

Blog Commenting Sites List 2021
Blog Commenting Sites List 2021

I’ve included a selection of the best technology blogs for blog commenting; they are the most popular technology blogs. I believe that these blogs will help you obtain a high-quality link, therefore leave a comment on a top technology blog to earn a natural backlink to your technology site.

Free Dofollow Blog Commenting sites for Finance

I’ve included several outstanding finance blogs where you can leave a comment and earn a natural link that will help you rank higher in the SERPs. Every blog has a high level of authority. These blogs also allow guest posts, so get in touch with the site owner for content placement. You’re well aware of how blog commenting can help you increase your raking. So make this SEO process a top priority.

Instant Approval Dofollow digital marketing Blog Commenting Sites List

As you may be aware, blog commenting is one of the most efficient ways for improving the position of your blog in SERPs. However, getting a dofollow blog commenting link approved is a difficult undertaking.

When you obtain a Dofollow backlink from a high-quality blog, your rating will improve significantly. As a result, bloggers and SEO experts are continuously on the lookout for blogs that provide Dofollow links with instant approval.

If you’re going to send blog comments to Dofollow blog commenting platforms, I recommend checking the page’s entire outbound URL, as many marketers include an abuse link here. This is the type of blog you should avoid. The list of Instance Approved Dofollow blog commenting sites in various niches that you are looking for is provided below.

How to Search Niche Relevant Blog Commenting Sites?

It is not difficult to locate a niche-relevant commenting site. However, to discover a high-quality blog for blog commenting, you’ll need to employ some keywords (search queries).

The following are some search phrases for blog commenting.

Search Phrases for Blog Commenting

  1. Keyword “add your comment”
  2. Keyword “submit your comment”
  3. Keyword “add comment”
  4. Keyword “submit comment”
  5. intitle:Keywordinurl:post/2018″leave comment”
  6. intitle:keyword Make your text bigger, bold, italic and more with HTML tags  (Recommended )
  7. Keyword “Powered by Blogger” (Recommended )
  8. intitle:keyword “Enter Word Verification in box below” “Post a comment”
  9. Keyword+powered by “add comment”
  10. intitle: Keyword +powered by
  11. intitle: Keyword +powered by
  12. intitle: Keyword  inurl:post/2023
  13. intitle:keywordinurl:post/2023 + powered by
  14. intitle:search engine optimization inurl:post/2018 “Leave a Reply”
  15. intitle:digital marketing”comments by IntenseDebate”
  16. intitle:technology tips “login or register to post a comment”
  17. keyword “comment here”
  18. keyword “add comment”
  19. keyword “submit comment”
  20. keyword “add url”
  21. keyword “submit url”
  22. keyword “submit a site”

To select a niche-relevant blog for blog commenting, use your keywords in search queries.

Example: If you’re looking for a technical blog to comment on, you can use these queries (Keyword “contribute your remark”) to find one.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the relevance of your comment will play a big factor in whether or not it gets approved. Read the post first, then start writing the remark, making it appear real. When you ask a question in a blog comment, you will stand out from the crowd.

What to Avoid While Doing Blog Commenting?

What to Avoid While Doing Blog Commenting
What to Avoid While Doing Blog Commenting

Using the Keyword in Name Section:

Using a keyword in the name section is a common error made by all SEO experts and marketers. Instead of using the owner name, many people utilise the exact match anchor. It is not good SEO practice, and if your remark is not authorised by the administrator, you should avoid making this type of mistake when commenting on blogs.

Not Using Full Name in Comment Section:

In the comment section, I’ve also noticed that many bloggers and writers just use their first names. It implies you’re not following the blog commenting rules, and your remark has been rejected by the top bloggers. As a result, we must refrain from using the first name in the comment section.

Using the Fake Email Address:

Bloggers and marketers frequently use a phoney email address while commenting on blogs. It is not a good idea to comment on blogs in this manner. I welcome comments on my blog as well, and when I checked the comment section as an administrator, I saw many comments with false email addresses. This type of comment on a digital marketing site is not acceptable to me. As a result, never use a false email address in the comment area.

Using an Email id that’s Not Linked to a Gravatar

We should also avoid using an email address that isn’t linked to Gravatar. It could be a major blunder, resulting in Admin rejecting your reply. If you want to use WordPress blog comments to increase traffic, generate leads, and grow your subscriber list, you’ll need to link your email address to Gravatar.
Adding an email address to Gravatar is a simple process. If you have a account, you can quickly set up Gravatar.

Leaving Comments on Blogs That Not Related to Your Niche:

I’ve also seen that people leave comments on blogs that aren’t related to their profession. I’d like to point out that this is not a good commenting strategy. By engaging in such an activity, you are squandering your valuable time. In this scenario, your remark will be rejected by the administrator, thus you should avoid leaving comments on blogs that are not related to your area.

Links from sites that are relevant to your niche will help you boost your site’s position and backlink profile.

Forget to Asking Questions in Comment

Including a question in your remark from a blogger can boost the likelihood of your comment being approved. Newbie SEO experts and bloggers, on the other hand, make the mistake of not asking the question of bloggers in the comment section, resulting in comments being disallowed by top bloggers and digital marketers.

I also take comments on my blog and evaluate whether or not they are useful to my readers. Some people will use a generic comment to accept a comment in order to have it approved on a blog. As a result, in your comments, always ask bloggers and blog owners questions.

Using the Generic Comment

When it comes to blog commenting, I believe that utilising a generic remark has become a major problem. Some people have a list of generic comments that they copy and paste on all of their blogs in order to obtain natural backlinks.

However, they are unaware that they are making a major error by employing generic comments for comment approval. The website administrator will not authorise comments of this nature.

On my blog, I also treat this type of comment in the same way. Bloggers always stay away from this type of comment because it causes a duplicate issue on the blog. As a result, ensure certain you’re not utilising a generic comment.

Submit Commenting on Those Sites That Have More Outbound Link

Really, you should avoid leaving comments on blogs with a lot of outbound connections. I believe you already understand what an outgoing link is. Outbound links are links that take your visitors away from your website and direct them to other websites that are linked to your blog.

When I first started using blog commenting to gain quality backlinks, I had no idea that I was making a huge error by posting on blogs with a lot of outbound links that were not permitted by the website owner.

After some time, I checked my blog’s spam score and discovered that it is increasing because I have backlinks from blogs with more outbound links and a higher spam score.

Then I made the decision to Diswow all of the links that came from spam blogs. Google does not consider such a link to be a backlink to your blog.
As a result, you should avoid using such a method to obtain links. It would be fantastic for your blog and would protect it from Google penalties.

You can also use Moz to check your site’s spam score.

Does Nofollow Blog Commenting Improve Website Ranking?

Yes and No, As you may be aware, the Nofollow tag prevents Google crawlers from crawling links. As a result, no link juice will get to your blog from a Nofollow blog comment. It will not help you improve your site’s ranking in this case.

However, one key feature of Nofollow blog commenting links is that they perform well to increase traffic to your blog while also maintaining a healthy ratio of Nofollow and Dofollow backlinks for your site, which protects it from Google Core updates. I would advise doing blog commenting to obtain natural backlinks.
In order to build quality links and increase traffic to my blog, I also choose to use blog commenting as an SEO off-page tactic.

Top Reasons Behind to Recommend Blog Commenting:

  • Dofollow and Nofollow rations are maintained in blog commenting.
  • The link will come from your name, not the exact match anchor text.
  • Through blog comments, all kinds of variations are available with anchor text.
  • When an admin approves a comment, it is shown on the post.
  • Create a link between the audience and the bloggers.
  • Blog commenting also aids in the upkeep of a blogger’s blog.

If you leave a comment on a related blog, it increases your Blog Trust Flow.

Should we allow comments on blog?

Accepting comments on your site isn’t a bad idea. Allowing comments on the blog is something I’d like to encourage. I also manage a number of blogs and accept comments on them.

Benefits of accepting the comment on blog

  • You can communicate directly with users by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Assist you in keeping your blog up to date.
  • You can increase the number of people who read your blog.
  • If you fix a user’s problem, you will be recommended by them.
  • When you accept a relevant comment on your site, you can assist Google in determining your blog’s niche.

Does blog commenting technique still work?

Yes, blog commenting is still effective in SEO and aids in the improvement of a website’s SERP rating.

If you use this SEO off page approach correctly, it will always work. I always prioritise this SEO method, commenting on high-quality blogs and receiving quality back from there.

You may also look at blog back links; I obtained 70% of my back links by using the blog commenting SEO approach.

The important thing is that all links have been approved by the site administrator and are natural and search engine friendly.

I’ve included a screenshot of a blog comment that will teach you how to write a superior comment.

I have one piece of advice for new SEO learners: verify the spam score of the blog on which you plan to leave a remark, and don’t leave a comment on a blog post if the spam ratio is high. There are a plethora of online tools for determining the spam score.

Which Type Backlink Get from Blog commenting Sites

Which Type Backlink Get from Blog commenting
Which Type Backlink Get from Blog commenting

If you’re new to SEO, it’s crucial to understand the different types of backlinks. Backlinks might be of two types. One is Dofollow, while the other is Nofollow.

You can get both types of links by commenting on blogs. However, I’ve observed something I’d want to share with you. Almost every website’s webmaster provides a Nofollow link from their blog to safeguard their site from spam attacks.

DoFollow Backlink :

The term “do follow” refers to a link that will pass link juice to your website as well as signal ranking to Google. Obtaining a Dofollow link from a blog comment is not an easy task.

Nofollow Backlink:

From a Nofollow link, no link juice is sent. That is to say, such a connection will not assist you to increase your ranking. However, you must play a vital part in driving referral traffic and maintaining the backlink ratio.

If you want a natural backlink that is allowed by the admin and will be living for the rest of your life, blog commenting is one of the most effective strategies. However, you must first identify the blogs that are relevant to your business, and then begin to submit comments on the blogs on your list.

You should also be aware that a link from a blog comment can be Nofollow or Dofollow, however, most bloggers leave the outbound link Nofollow to protect their blogs from spam attacks.

Blog commenting types

Every digital marketing expert understands the significance of blog commenting as an off-page SEO approach.

There is the possibility of receiving two types of backlinks: no-follow and do-follow.

Blog commenting, in my opinion, is a good SEO approach for obtaining relevant backlinks.

Some bloggers accept do-follow links, while others do not.

The types of blog comments are as follows:

(1) Authentic blog comments

(2) Unnatural Blog commenting

Genuine blog commenting

Top blogger and digital marketing specialist recommend genuine blog commenting sites. The webmaster determines if a link is No-follow or Do-follow. You’ll acquire backlinks based solely on your name, not anchor text, so don’t try to stuff the exact match anchor. The image below will assist you in viewing the actual comment.

Unnatural Blog commenting:

Many inexperienced SEOs employ the artificial blog commenting strategy, which is frowned upon by Google. It’s also known as spamming blog commenting.

Why this technique is known as Unnatural commenting

Because rookie SEO experts and bloggers strive to cram as many backlinks as possible into a single remark and always use exact match anchor text, I always mark these comments as found.

In the comment section, many blogs allow the use of anchor text. However, this isn’t the best technique to build backlinks. To all-rookie SEO experts and bloggers, I’d like to point out that blog commenting is the sole way to connect the audience and the blogger (Webmaster).

Do’s and Don’ts for blog commenting

If you’re a blogger, leaving comments on other people’s blogs is undoubtedly one of the most effective methods to engage with other bloggers and enlist their assistance in co-creating content. As your following grows, you’ll need to be able to handle comments on your own posts as well as make comments on other people’s blogs.

We’re here to assist you if you’re having trouble with this assignment. We’ve covered several dos and don’ts in this article that will help you handle and manage all of the comments that come your way.

On other people’s websites


Add something that is totally relevant to the conversation

The comments you leave should not just be noise, but should be related to the information you publish on your own blog.

Even if you’re merely using comments to drive traffic to your own blog, your comment must contain something useful and interesting for the general public.
Because this is something that will be used to draw visitors to your site, it is critical that you only submit useful content there.

Share your comments on various social media platforms.

You should go ahead and post your opinion on your various social media accounts.
This will not only give the other blogger a chance to speak with you, but it will also give you a chance to speak with them.

Posting comments on various social media handles is undoubtedly one of the simplest ways to get your wonderful work out to your favourite networks and reach a wider audience.

This will undoubtedly be extremely beneficial to your and other bloggers’ growth.


You need not to leave an irrelevant link in people’s comments

You should be savvy enough not to leave any kind of irrelevant links in any of the blogs that you comment on.

Other bloggers will be able to tell you’re establishing connections in order to get people to visit your blog, and they may delete the irrelevant links in favour of keeping the genuine ones.

That is why we advise you not to write anything inappropriate in the comments section if you do not have the authority to be there in the first place.

You should not write the entire blog posts in the comment section

It should be against the rules for you to submit your own blogs in the comments sections of other bloggers’ posts. It is perfectly OK to offer your opinions and share them with the folks on that site.

However, the comments you leave on that particular topic should not take precedence. If you want to write a longer comment than normal, keep it to 500 words or less.

You must not comment and leave forever

It is critical that once you have hit the submit button on any of the blogs, you continue to visit and check to see whether anyone has reacted to your remark.

You can also choose to receive notifications so that you are alerted whenever someone responds to your comment on a particular post.
Alternatively, you can easily create reminders and monitor the blog yourself to learn about the responses.

On your own blog


Respond to everyone

You should do your best to respond to each and every remark that your post receives. This will readily assist you in strengthening your relationships with your blog’s loyal readers as well as contacting some new ones.

The only comments you should ignore are obvious spam and trolls; otherwise, each and every other comment on your blog is deserving of a response.

We understand that responding to everyone takes time, but you must set aside that time from your hectic daily routine.

Keep track of who is commenting on your posts

You must keep track of the people who leave comments on your blogs in your head, and you must pay special attention to other bloggers who leave comments.

This will make it easier for you to reimburse the circumstance when the time comes. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with your fellow bloggers as well as your readers.

You do not have to respond to every comment that is left on your site, but this general practice will undoubtedly benefit you in the future. Additionally, leaving comments on other blogs will drive attention to your own blog.


You need not to respond to trolls or criticism with anger or frustration

It goes without saying that you will become addicted to your writing and will be unable to accept any criticism. However, you must realise that receiving negative comments is in no way particularly aggravating.

You can respond to those comments and maintain your position, but you must never respond in anger to any of them.

Keep in mind that these statements aren’t always meant to stroke your ego, and instead of reacting angrily, you should strive to understand.

free backlinks maker
free backlinks maker

Top blog Commenting Systems in 2023

The blog’s commenting section allows visitors to contribute their thoughts on the blog’s content. Most websites allow visitors to leave comments on their pages, which are then moderated and published.

However, controlling comments on your blog is difficult because there is no way of knowing whether visitors to your blog are legitimate or not. They have the ability to engage in spamming actions such as posting spam comments with additional links.

Many commenting systems are available online that can safeguard your blog from spam comments and are also simple to use and integrate.
You may easily personalise the blog comment area to meet your needs, and prominent bloggers also recommend using these tools to handle your site’s comments.

Comment spammers utilise a variety of technologies to submit comments to posts without the blog’s permission, therefore we can keep our blogs safe by using commenting systems like Disqus, wpDiscuz, Thrive Comments, ReplyBox, and Jetpack Comments.

(1) Disqus Comment System:

Disqus is a third-party comment system that most bloggers use to manage their blog’s comments. When someone leaves a comment on a blog article, Disqus holds all of them in moderation. After admin approval, your blog comment will be live.

It also includes additional features like social networking, complex management, and moderating. You may use this system on any sort of website or blog, and you can install the plugin to add this feature to your blog.

It is a very secure commenting system; first, you must register with Disqus, and then you may leave a remark on the website. With Disqus’ commenting system, you can now include a media file in your comment.

The good thing about Disqus is that you can simply verify whether your comment has been approved or not from the dashboard.

(2) Livefyre Commenting System:

Livefyre is also an excellent commenting system that allows you to manage your blog’s comments and prevent spamming.

One of my favourite features of Livefyre is that it allows people to comment on blogs using their Twitter and Facebook accounts. It, like Disqus, focuses on real-time conversion.

As a result, you can use it for your blog and to manage comments on your blog.

(3) Base Comment System:

It is the most widely used commenting system; if you look around, you’ll notice that most blogging platforms, including Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger, have their own commenting system. Not only that, but if you use this commenting system, you may take advantage of a slew of other benefits.

Why choose Base Comment?

It is a system that allows users or visitors to remark on a blog without having to sign in; if you want to post a comment, you may easily do so using your email address, name, and website address.

It contributes to the increase in blog comments because it is built into the platform and does not require any additional sign-up.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) for Blog commenting

The following are some frequently asked questions about blog commenting.

Are blog Commenting Links Permanent?

Yes and no. Whether or not your connection from blog comments is permanent is up to the website owners. Bloggers and digital marketers occasionally allow people to leave comments on their blogs. However, they will not guarantee how long your comments will be visible on their blog.

They have the ability to delete your blog remark after a period of time.

As a result, always leave a comment on blogs that are related to your specialty; in this case, site owners can leave comments on blogs for a long time.

You can track your backlinks with SEO tools. This tracking process should be performed once a week, after which you will be able to quickly track your backlink. I’d like to recommend Majestic, Moz, and ahrefs as tools that might be useful to you.

Does Blog Commenting Technique Help to Earn Dofollow link?

Yes and no. For raking purposes, getting a link from blog commenting will be more crucial. However, if you believe that you will receive a Dofollow link from a high-quality blog, you are mistaken.

You will never get a Dofollow backlink from a quality blog’s comment area. They won’t even let you leave a comment on their blog. Bloggers usually only accept comments that are real and not written for the purpose of gaining a link.

I conducted a lot of study on blog commenting and discovered some incredible techniques for approving comments. You can earn a Dofollow backlink from a non-relevant blog post and increase your site’s spam ration.

So, I’ll ask you to quit thinking about dofollow links when you’re commenting on blogs. Make a comment on a high-quality blog and try to get a natural connection from it.

I understand that the link you will receive is Nofollow, but it will work for you. I’ve been doing the same thing for the past three years and have had fantastic success with this off-page SEO method.

Which are the Things Need to Keep Mind to Make Blog Commenting Perfect?

To comment on a submission, make sure you’re using a legitimate profile. To display your profile image, use Gravatar.

Submit comments on sites relating to your niche, and it would be ideal if you could obtain a link from a high-quality blog with a strong SEO matrix.

Don’t use general comments that appear to be spam. Bloggers and SEO experts always overlook this type of comment.
In the comment section, do not use the term as a name.

So, to write a superb remark, keep these points in mind, as well as the blog commenting guideline, to make your commenting campaign a success.

Is Blog Commenting Hard to Do?

No, it is not difficult. However, it necessitates the use of an off-page SEO approach. The reason for calling it a time-consuming process is because in order to submit a remark, you must first look for a relevant blog.

If you already have a list of relevant blogs, you can save valuable time.

Competitor analysis is also a good way to locate relevant blogs for blog commenting. So look at your competitors and get a list of relevant blogs to comment on.

It is not guaranteed that your submitted remark will be allowed; it could be rejected or accepted. Your comment’s approval is at the discretion of the blog’s administrator.

Does Blog Commenting Technique Help to Drive More Traffic on Blog?

Yes, blog commenting is an efficient method for increasing traffic and obtaining a high-quality link. When it comes to blog comments, though, relevancy is more important. That is to say, you should make comments that are related to the topic, as this will increase the chances of attracting visitors to your blog.

Why We Should Submit the Comment on Relevant Blog?

When it comes to link development and traffic, you already know that relevancy is crucial. As a result, you should select blogs from your category and leave comments on them according to the commenting guidelines.

We always check to see if the blog is relevant to my blog first. Relevancy boosts your domain’s trust flow, which helps you build a strong backlink profile.

How do You Write Positive Comment to Create Quality Link?

As you may be aware, obtaining a link via blog comments is not an easy task. However, earning a link from a relevant blog post is not difficult. To get your comment approved, you must submit a positive comment that is relevant to the blog content.

Read the blog post first, then write a genuine comment that adheres to the blog commenting guidelines and submit it. Your work is complete; now it is up to Admin to determine whether or not to approve or delete your post.

Do Commenting Search Queries Work for Finding Niche Blog Commenting Sites

Yes, search queries are quite helpful for locating niche blog commenting sites, since Google always places the websites that provide useful information for people at the top of the search results. I would also advise using search searches to locate niche-relevant blogs for commenting.

Blog Commenting Sites:

Sr. No. Blog Commenting Sites Domain Authority

SEO Useful Link Building Resources:


This article explains what you should do and what you should avoid while commenting on other people’s posts or dealing with comments on your own. Also, you must not make it too difficult to post, as your viewers adore your work and must be eagerly anticipating new stuff from you.

If you’re unsure how to get started with a blog, there are a plethora of websites that can simply assist you.

Thanks to Giving your valuable time – Give your feedback through Comment on this post.

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