Best WordPress Comments Plugin in 2023

The blog’s commenting section allows visitors to contribute their thoughts on the blog’s content. Most websites allow visitors to leave comments on their pages, which are then moderated and published. However, controlling comments on your blog is difficult because there is no way of knowing whether visitors to your blog are legitimate or not. They have the ability to engage in spamming actions such as posting spam comments with un-natural links.

Many WordPress commenting plugins are available online that can safeguard your blog from spam comments and are also simple to use and integrate. You may easily personalise the blog comment area to meet your needs, and prominent bloggers also recommend using these tools to handle your site’s comments.

Comment spammers utilise a variety of technologies to submit comments to posts without the blog’s permission, therefore we can keep our blogs safe by using commenting systems like Disqus, wpDiscuz, Thrive Comments, ReplyBox, and Jetpack Comments.

Top Blog Commenting Plugin for WordPress in 2023

1. Disqus Comment System

Disqus is a third-party comment system that most bloggers use to manage their blog’s comments. When someone leaves a comment on a blog article, Disqus holds all of them in moderation. After admin approval, your blog comment will be live.

It also includes additional features like social networking, complex management, and moderating. You may use this system on any sort of website or blog, and you can install the plugin to add this feature to your blog.

It is a very secure commenting system; first, you must register with Disqus, and then you may leave a remark on the website. With Disqus’ commenting system, you can now include a media file in your comment.

The good thing about Disqus is that you can simply verify whether your comment has been approved or not from the dashboard.

2. Livefyre Commenting System

Livefyre is also an excellent commenting system that allows you to manage your blog’s comments and prevent spamming.

One of my favourite features of Livefyre is that it allows people to comment on blogs using their Twitter and Facebook accounts. It, like Disqus, focuses on real-time conversion.

As a result, you can use it for your blog and to manage comments on your blog.

3. Base Comment System

It is the most widely used commenting system; if you look around, you’ll notice that most blogging platforms, including Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger, have their own commenting system. Not only that, but if you use this commenting system, you may take advantage of a slew of other benefits.

Why choose Base Comment?

It is a system that allows users or visitors to remark on a blog without having to sign in; if you want to post a comment, you may easily do so using your email address, name, and website address. It contributes to the increase in blog comments because it is built into the platform and does not require any additional sign-up.

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