Which Type of Blog is Best to Earn Money?



Want to start a blog but can not find niche selection as clear as mud? Or are you hunting high and low for which type of blog is best to earn money? Or can I really generate $1000+ a month by running a blog?

If any of the above-mentioned questions strikes in your mind then let’s jump into this detailed guide on which niche is the best for blogging.

What is a blog?

A blog is an online journal where people find relevant pieces of information on any specific subject that the webmaster covers by delivering blog posts at a regular interval. Take an example of HuntBiz Blog where you will find in-depth guides on how to start a blog, how to make money from a blog, SEO, Business, etc.

How to start a niche blog?

It’s no wonder if you find starting a blog is the best idea when it’s time to make money online, as you have no stone unturned to find the best plausible way to make money online. All you have to do is to start a blog on any topic that you are passionate about and have expertise in any niche. If you are planning to start a Amazon affiliate blog then you must go through our in-depth guide on how to start a amazon affiliate blog.

To start a profitable blog you should buy the Domain name from ICANN accredited domain registrar, and buy hosting from ‘WordPress’ recommended webhost to start a WordPress blog. Luckily, Namecheap offers you to register a ‘.com’ domain name with as low as $8.88 a year, and Dreamhost hosts your blog with as low as $2.59 a month.

What is a Niche?

A blog niche is a specific topic or subject that you will write in a blog post that will satisfy a specific audience’s queries. When you want to make money from a blog, it is crucial to pick a specific niche among food, travel, personal finance, etc., and stick to a specific niche for the long run.

Why you should choose a niche?

A majority of the bloggers will suggest you to stick to your passion. They are quite right in the sense when you don’t have any interest to make money from a blog but want to share your personal thoughts. In that case, when you have some knowledge in that niche you are good to go, you don’t need to be an expert in that niche.

But when you are starting a blog to make money, here are the 3 reasons why you should pick a specific niche before starting a WordPress blog.

Reason #1. People will trust you and assume you are an expert in that subject

If you cover various topics like delicious food recipes, how to pick the best stocks, and what foods supplements you should feed your dog to gain weight, people won’t find your blog a credible one. Take an example of this blog. When I cover health, travel, and food then will you find this blog a credible one? The chances are higher that you won’t find the blog a credible one.

This blog focuses on delivering high-quality blog posts on how to make money blogging or actionable SEO techniques. It makes this blog an authoritative one and builds trust.

Reason #2. It will help to get Search Engine Traffic

To rank higher in Google, the topmost ranking signal factor is the authority of the blog i.e. the backlink profile. When you stick to a specific niche it is easier to get backlinks from authoritative blogs by contributing a guest post or infographics. Do you think a food blog will accept your blog post request when you cover the topics namely Travel, Investing, or Health? The chances are higher that these blogs will reject your guest post request.

Additionally, Google crawls your blog’s contents and ranks your post on search queries when your blog post is relevant to the search query. But when you cover cricket, health, and fitness at the same time you won’t succeed to get search engine traffic. A blog covering cricket won’t rank for ‘bet personal finance books’, no matter how excellent the post is.

Finally, stick to a niche that you are passionate about and have expertise in. Don’t make a blog that covers from Investing to Olympics to Unites States Presidential Election.

Reason #3. You can take your blog to the next level

There are 600 million blogs on the web and they cover topics from personal finance to health and fitness to politics. You should choose a niche in which you can deliver excellent content. When you have upside-down knowledge and expertise in any niche the chances are higher that you will take your blog to the next level.

Target a specific group of the audience after proper keyword research. It is easier to deliver excellent blog posts at a regular interval that will solve the problem of a specific audience. Take the example of the Travel niche. Being a United States citizen you neither know the French language nor have visited France. In this condition, how will you cover the travel destinations in France? As a United States citizen it is easier for you to cover the travel destinations in the US. You can address your target audience’s queries better than anyone else.

When you cover the queries of a specific group of travelers, you will make money via affiliate marketing by promoting hotels, travel accessories, etc. After constantly delivering upside down blog posts for the next one year, you will find a spike in page views and search engine traffic.

What are the different monetization techniques bloggers apply to make money?

Blogging isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme. You can definitely make a living when you apply the right strategies to lift your blog to the next level like Angela, the founder of Stay Curls, or Samit Sao of BloggingLift.

Each blog applies different monetization strategies to make money from the blog. Here are the best 7 strategies you can apply to make money blogging.

1. Advertising: When you have 1000 unique visitors a day then you can monetize your blog by placing banner ads of Google AdSense and Media Net.

2. Affiliate Marketing: When you are successful to get 1000+ visitors a month from the search engine, you should promote affiliate products or services in your niche to monetize your blog.

3. Sell Digital Products: When you have established authority in a niche sell an e-book, premium courses to your blog’s audience.

4. Offer premium Services: When you have the proper knowledge and expertise then you can sell the premium services. Take the example of Timothy Sykes. He is an expert to pick the best penny stocks that will yield the best returns. He offers premium services to retail investors and thus monetizes his blog.

5. Accept Sponsorship: It’s a good idea to accept sponsorships to monetize a blog. You will get a sponsorship request from various companies who will pay you for writing a sponsored content about their products or services after you have established a blog that is an authoritative one in any niche.

6. Offer Members only content: By offering premium contents namely blog posts, research reports, videos or podcasts, etc. you may charge a flat fee to get access to the premium contents.

7. Sell Physical products: When you have successfully set up a WordPress blog, offer people physical products namely books, apparel, etc.

#Tip: Sell the ‘WordPress’ blog – On being successful to get search engine traffic on a blog and a decent income, you can sell the blog on marketplaces namely Flippa, Empire Flippers. You can sell your blog between 15 and 30 multiples of monthly earnings.

Which niche is best for blogging?

Here are the 7 Questions you should ask yourself to find a profitable niche in which you should set up a blog and make money from blogging.

Question #1. Find what your interest is and expertise in any subject

Ask any authority blogger and you will find the exact same answer. This is one of the vital points that really make all the difference.

When you are neither interested nor have a passion for that niche then how will you carry out the job when you can not make a penny by running a blog?

But when you are enjoying the work and have the perseverance to carry out the work even when you aren’t getting paid, the chances are higher that you will make money from a blog in the near future even if you haven’t made a dollar in the last quarter.

To find what you are enjoying by doing all day long, let’s make it clear with an example.

Here is your daily routine,

  • Morning 06:30 – Wake up and go to the bathroom.
  • Morning 07:00 – Meditate for a while.
  • Morning 07:10 – On the breakfast table and carry out the small talk.
  • Morning 07:30 – Started working.
  • Morning 08:00 – After 20-30 minutes get distracted and start checking your social profiles i.e. Facebook, Twitter, or visit YouTube and start checking out the latest videos on pets and animal care.
  • Morning 09:00 – Back to the working table and start working.

At the time of spending time on your smartphone or on the laptop, install Rescue Time to find the list of all the websites you have visited in a week and what videos you have watched the most.

After a week, you will find the answer to the following questions,

  • Which websites you are frequently visiting
  • In which topics you have an interest
  • What type of videos you enjoy the most

By finding the above-mentioned questions you will probably dearth the niche that you have an interest in and start a blog that will make money.

Along with your interest when you have expertise in any subject or have a skill in any subject that you have gained by blood, sweat, and tears then you will definitely succeed.

Question #2. Is there’s an audience in a niche that I have expertise in?

When you have found your niche it’s time to figure out whether there is a market. Here are the three strategies that you can apply to find out whether there is an audience in your target niche.

Google Trends – Enter the niche for example ‘Investing’ in the search box and compare the interest between 2010 and 2020.

Google Trends Data

From the above screenshot, it is clear that the interest is growing gradually. So, when you want to start a blog on ‘investing’, you are good to go.

Quora – When you enter ‘investing’ in the search box, you will find that there is a whopping 5.4 million audience in this niche.

Quora followers on 'Investing'

Reddit – When you have put ‘Investing’ in the Reddit search box, you will find 1.2 million audience who is interested in investment solutions.

'Investing' community in Reddit

By analyzing the results it is clear that ‘Investing’ has a strong audience base. Whatever niche you are passionate about before starting a blog make sure that the niche has a large audience base.

Question #3. What’s the income potential of a niche?

Now, after you have picked a niche that you are really passionate about and have upside-down knowledge and expertise, it high time to research whether there is an audience who experience the problems that you can solve. If you have entered in a niche where there’s no need for the services that you will offer, you won’t make a profitable blogging venture.

Let’s make this clear with the following examples.

When you have a passion and expertise to suggest how to get rid of debt easily or how to choose a stock that will yield better returns then the chances are higher that you will make money. There is always an audience looking for a certified financial planner who will offer actionable strategies and suggestions of their financial queries.

On the contrary, suppose you have an inside-out knowledge of Yoga and you have started a blog on it. It is a popular topic and when you deliver SEO-optimized content and leverage off-page SEO strategies, the chances are higher that you will attract search engine traffic. When it’s time to monetize your blog there are various options,

  • Place Banner Ads in your blog,
  • Join affiliate programs and earn an affiliate commission,
  • Offering Yoga courses,
  • Sell physical products namely Yoga Mat, Yoga clothing, etc.

But let me tell you some harsh facts.

When it comes to joining yoga courses, no matter what the course fee is, no one will pay a penny to learn how to do yoga. In the case of selling physical products, there are various established brands. The sole option to monetize your blog is to earn an affiliate income of 5% when you promote products that are available at Amazon.

From the above example, it is clear as a day that all the niches are not profitable anymore. Take an informed decision before opting for a niche and check the income potential of that niche.

Question #4. How is competitive the niche?

To find the competition in a niche just type the keywords of your niche and watch carefully whether there are sites with Domain Authority between 10 and 25. You can assume that though the niche is competitive, still you have the chance to lift your blog in the first page of Google search results on any specific keyword.

After gauging the competition it’s time to do keyword research. Keyword research will help you to find profitable long-tail keywords.

But how to find low competitive high-value keywords?

When you apply Keyword Golden Ratio, you will find a low competitive profitable keyword.

Suppose you are in the pet niche and you have found ‘Pet-Friendly Hotel Chains With No Fee’. When you enter the keyword in the Semrush you will find that the keyword volume is 10 in the United States.

The next task is to enter ‘allintitle:best dog food supplements to gain weight’ in the google search.

The Keyword Golden Ratio for that keyword is 0.10.

So, start writing a detailed guide around that keyword. When you are successful to deliver 50+articles on those keywords that have KGR below 0.25, the chances are higher that your blog will touch 10000+ page views a month within a year.

Question #5. How will you monetize your blog?

When you have got success to bring search engine traffic, now it’s time to prepare a monetization strategy. Here are the most popular monetization strategies that most of the bloggers apply.

Offer Courses and Services – When you have expertise in any subject then you should offer courses and premium services to your blog’s audience.

Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing refers to earn a small commission when you promote a product or services of a company, if any audience buys the services/product. Before opting for a niche, make sure whether you will make money by promoting the relevant products and services, as there are various affiliate programs available.

Advertisement – You can monetize your blog by placing banner ads of various CPC networks namely Google AdSense, and Media Net.

Let’s make it clear with a real-life example.

When I started blogging back in April 2018 in the investing niche, I did not make a penny until September 2018. Then finally, I received my first payment when Dr. Anil Garg subscribed to ‘Investment Education’ for ₹2500, and afterward, within one year I have managed to earn ₹67000 by offering ‘Investment Education’, and ‘Financial Planning e-book’ and ‘Financial Planning Services’. Additionally, by placing Google AdSense banner ads on my blog I have managed to make $215 within one year.

Question #6. Are you starting a blog in an evergreen niche?

When you are targeting to start a blog that will cover the United States Presidential Election, you will make a decent income for a while. But by covering the topic you won’t make money in the long run. Your blog will deserve the same fate when you start a blog that will cover the Olympics, since this is a short-lived event.

Instead, focus on building a blog in an evergreen niche that will exist around for a decade to come. If you have got success to set up an authoritative niche blog, you will witness a steady cash flow in the long run.

Question #7. Do you have the patience to make money blogging?

A high expectation of earning $1000 a month within a year will disappoint you. Making money from a blog takes time and constant effort. You won’t make $1000 a month within a year. Take the example of Ravi Dixit, a renowned blogger in the ‘blogging niche’. Ravi received his first payment after running a blog for a year.

When you have a Great White Hope to make $1000 a month within a quarter, do remember that blogging is a 42.2 km marathon, not a 100m sprint.

Which Type of Blog is Best to Earn Money?

Now let’s dive into 7 types of blogs that make money in India with real-life examples.

Niche #1. Make Money Online

Is anyone there who doesn’t want to make money online skipping a 9-to-5 routine, but sitting at home?

Baby boomers are in a witch hunt to learn how to start a blog and make money online.

The web has full of make money blogs. You will hardly succeed when you know neither how to do keyword research nor how to acquire backlinks from authoritative blogs in your niche.


Just take the example of Timothy Sykes and Harsh Agarwal.

Timothy Sykes makes millions by trading in the stock market that’s why people follow his pieces of advice. Additionally, Harsh Agarwal has made millions of dollars by running a blog that’s why people also follow his bits of advice.

So, before starting a blog on making money online, perform detailed keyword research, prepare a content monetization strategy, and confirm how you will leverage the link-building strategies to acquire backlinks from high authority blogs in your niche.

Niche #2. Investing & Personal Finance

Investing and Personal Finance is always an evergreen niche. After proper keyword research when you deliver actionable strategies on how to pay off the debt or how to prepare effective financial planning, the chances are higher that you can make money from an investing blog.

Since you guide a retail investor on how to save money, don’t promote high-ticket products and services. Instead, you can offer investing courses or services or promote stock brokers.

You will find ample numbers of authority bloggers who make millions of dollars by offering investing courses and promoting relevant affiliate products or services.

Niche #3. Health and Fitness

Do you know ‘how to lose weight fast’ has a search volume of 329,000 in the United States?

People want to stay healthy and fit. There is a huge untapped audience who is looking for a balanced diet after work out.

The health and fitness blog is a lucrative option to choose, but you will face immense competition from the niche bloggers namely HealthLine, and Nerd Fitness, etc.

When you have found health and fitness niches is a competitive one, you can make money blogging by narrowing down to a sub-niche namely,

  • How can women lose weight?
  • How can men build muscle?
  • What food supplements should teenagers include in their diet?
  • What nutrients should you consume for better digestion?
  • What antiaging night cream should you buy?


After proper keyword research when you have delivered an SEO optimized in-depth articles on weight loss, how to prepare a balanced diet, or how to reduce stress, the chances are higher that your blog will attract search engine traffic. Target a specific audience and prepare content accordingly. In this way, you can easily make $1000 a month after a year by promoting relevant fitness products and health supplements.

Niche #4. Parenting

Were you blessed with a baby last year? You have found many questions and solved different kinds of problems day in day out. You may share your thoughts with the other parents.

With the knowledge and expertise to deliver detailed blog posts on breastfeeding, baby care, you can start a parenting blog. Additionally, if you have upside-down knowledge of how a mom can make money from home, how to prepare healthy food for your kids, you are good to start a mom blog. You can monetize the blog by placing Google Adsense Ads or make money via affiliate marketing by promoting toys, health supplements, etc.

Niche #5. Food

Who doesn’t want to taste the delicious foods at the dining table? That’s why Food is always an evergreen niche to get started. If you are a food enthusiast and are able to deliver long-form of blog posts, then the chances are higher that you are going to make money by running a food blog.

When your blog has built an audience base that watches your youtube videos, shares your blog post, then you can monetize your blog or videos by displaying advertisements, placing affiliate links in the blog post.

You can make money by running a food blog. In this blog, you can share various innovative styles of cooking healthy and delicious foods.

Niche #6. Travel

You can utilize your in-depth knowledge of which places to visit in northern California, or what historic places to visit in Europe. By setting up a travel blog you can generate a passive income source even when you are on board.

To monetize your blog join various travel affiliate programs namely Booking, TripAdvisor, Skyscanner, and promote the hotels and the latest discount on bookings. You can monetize your content by promoting various affiliate products namely kits, travel pillows, etc. since they are quite handy when you are traveling the world.

Niche #7. Pets

Do you know that the total revenue of the pet food market has reached $31143 million only in the United States?

When you have fallen in love with a pet, you can start a pet blog that covers various topics namely,

  • Best homemade cooked cat food supplement
  • Best dry dog food for weight gain
  • Best food for German shepherd with a sensitive stomach


You can monetize a pet blog and make $1000 a month by promoting food supplements, Grooming accessories, toys, and collars, etc. since people will happily purchase the items for their lovely friend.

Why should you start a blog on any specific niche instead of multiple niches?

Do you know that famous comedian Jim Carrey also is a painter?

Certainly not.

Jim Carrey is quite famous for his acting. People aren’t concerned about the fact that he is a writer and painter.

That’s why stick to only one niche where you are an expert and it’s not a good idea to cover all of your favourites namely food, tech gadgets, or travel. It’s easier to establish authority when you cover only one topic than to cover all of your favourites namely skiing, healthy diet, and travel destinations, etc. When you have an investing blog and are offering detailed insights of value investing, actionable trading strategies, it is easier to build authority that you are a stock market expert.

Let’s make it clear with an example.

Suppose you have started a blog and publish 10 posts on investing, 10 posts on travel destinations, and 10 posts on Laptops. By doing all these there is a huge possibility that you will make $0 after a year.

But when you have started a blog on Outdoor and publish 25 posts on hiking, trekking, waterproof jackets, Lightweight Hiking Boots, and Vegetarian Dehydrated Camping Food Recipes, the chances are higher that you will make a decent affiliate income by promoting relevant products and accessories.

7 Best niches to start a blog

No matter in which niche you are starting a blog. You can make money when you have passion and expertise. To prove that fact, here is the list of 21 bloggers who are making $10k+ a month through their blogs.

Niche #1. Make Money Online

Here are the best bloggers who deliver detailed guides on WordPress, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), make money blogging, and actionable link building strategies. They generate a passive income source by running a blog.

Bloggers Passion – The blog started its journey back in 2010 by Anil Agarwal. Bloggers Passion pulls over 50000+ organic visitors a month and has been able to generate a sweet $10k+ revenue a month.

ShoutMeLoud – Harsh Agarwal is the person behind the success of ShoutMeLoud. Here you will find detailed guides on WordPress, Blogging Platforms, best hosting providers, etc. ShoutMeLoud pulls over 80000+ organic visitors a month and has been able to generate a sweet $40k+ revenue a month.

One Hour Professor – Founded by Ron Stefanski, the blog covers the topic of how to start a blog, how to make money blogging, actionable SEO Strategies, etc. His blog is successful to make $20k+ a month.

Niche #2. Investing & Personal Finance

Here are the 3 blogs that make 3000+ month from their blogs.

CashOverFlow – The blog was started by Pardeep Goyal back in 2015. Now the blog is successful to attract 200,000+ visitors from search engines and make a decent $5000 income a month from the blog. You will find detailed insights on how to save money when you are on vacation, how beginners start investing in the stock market, etc.

Trade Brains – This is one of the best investing blogs where you will get detailed insights into how to select a stock in India for the long run, best Demat and trading accounts in India, how to grow your wealth in the long run, etc. The blog’s pageview is 450k+ a month.

Relakhs – This is one of the best blogs in personal finance. Here you will find detailed guides on stock market investing, term insurance, health insurance, real estate, and actionable strategies to save money.

Niche #3. Health and Fitness

Here are the top 3 bloggers who are making $500+ a month by running a health and fitness blog.

Indian Weight Loss Blog – Founded by Kanan, who has lost 30kg in the late 40s. The blog delivers detailed blog posts that cover dieting, weight loss, and fitness. The blog has over 20000+ page views a month and has made a whopping $1700+ a month in 2020 via affiliate marketing, displaying advertisements, e-books, and offering premium courses.

Put That Cheese Burger Down! – Neha Ghosh is the person behind the blog. When you are willing to shift to a healthy and fit living then you will find key pieces of information without any bullshit. Here you will find detailed insights on the right workout techniques of Yoga and how to prepare a healthy diet, etc. The blog has got 4000+ search engine traffic a month and has made $700+ a month via affiliate marketing, displaying advertisements, e-books, etc.

Fit Be Well – When you want to be fit by yoga then you should read this blog. Apart from that Ashvini Naik offers how-to guides on women’s health, weight loss, etc. The blog has got 7000+ search engine traffic a month and has made a whopping $1000+ a month via affiliate marketing, displaying advertisements, e-books, etc.

Niche #4. Parenting

Here are the 3 parenting blogs that generate thousands dollars a month by displaying banner ads and promoting affiliate products.

Bumps n Baby by Sangeetha Menon – This blog had kick-started its journey to provide valuable insights from pre and postnatal care to best baby care products to baby product reviews. The blog has a monthly page view of 300,000+ and makes money by promoting affiliate products and banner ads.

Mommy Labs by Rashmie – The blog focuses to create the best plausible environment for children that will enhance their imagination and creativity. The blog has attracted 100000+ organic visitors and generates $2000+ in revenue a month.

The Champa Tree by Vaishali – When you are a first-time mom and looking for product reviews that you should make use of, then you will find this blog the best one. You will find detailed guides on actionable parenting tips, child care, etc. What makes The Champa Tree different is that you can find answers to those questions that you think are too ‘silly’. This blog has 300000+ page views a month and makes money via advertising and promoting affiliate products.

Niche #5. Food

Indian cuisine is quite famous around the world. If you have a technique to deliver healthy and delicious food items, you can take the world by storm. Here are the 3 bloggers that make … a month by sharing the dishes and delicious Indian cuisines.

Masterchef Mom by Uma Raghuraman – Here you will find cooking tips. By applying them you can prepare healthy and tasty food. Her blog has 300000+ page views a month and she generates $4000+ revenue a month from her blog Masterchef Mom.

Organic and Happy by Natasha – When you are searching for vegan foods that are easy to digest yet taste heavenly, then you should read how-to guides that are delivered by Natasha. This blog has a pageview of 100000+ and generates a revenue of $2500+ a month.

Vegan Richa by Richa Hingle – The blogger encourages adopting 100% vegan recipes by using organic ingredients for healthy living. This blog has got 100000+ organic visits a month and has made $3400+ in earnings a month.

Niche #6. Travel

Here are the 3 best travel blogs in India that generate $2000+ from their blogs.

Travel Tales from India – Mridual Dwivedi has been delivering detailed blog posts about which places to visit in Rajasthan & Kerala, the best hotels to stay in Rajasthan. She has been engaged in blogging for more than a decade. The blog has 200000+page views a month and generates $4000+ a month via affiliate income and banner advertisements.

Devil on Wheels – When you are hunting high and low for guides about hills and valleys, you will find best on how to enjoy a vacation in hilly areas namely Spiti Valley, Laddakh, Dharamshala, etc. The blogger, Dheeraj Sharma offers detailed insights of do’s and don’ts, how to avoid altitude sickness, etc. The blog has 67000+ page views a month and generates $2400+ a month via affiliate income and banner advertisements.

IndiTales – Since the founder, Anuradha Goyal has visited every state in India you will get detailed insights of lesser-known places namely Odisha and Meghalaya, etc. By reading the blog posts you will know not only the history and culture of any specific place but also the best places to visit. The main source of income of the blog is brand partnerships, banner advertisement, and affiliate income, etc.

Niche #7. Pets

Here are the 3 best pet blogs in India where you will find every question that you will face while nurturing your best friend.

Puppy Leaks – You want to live a healthy and happy life with your four-legged friend. In this blog, you will find what indoor games you will play with your puppy, or what hygienic foods to offer for a healthy life. The blog’s pageview for the month of December is 2 million+ and its revenue is $5 million for 2020.

Blog Paws – This blog delivers actionable tips to keep your pet healthy, which food supplements you should serve on the table for your pet. They monetize the blog via banner advertisement and affiliate income. The blog successfully attracts 300000+ visitors a month and make $15k+ a month.

Dog Tipper – The blog helps the audience to lead a happy, healthy life of the four-legged friend. This blog helps a pet owner to pick the best insurance products you should buy to cover 90% of veterinary expenses. The blog’s major revenue sources are banner advertisements and affiliate earnings.

Final Thoughts

Choose a niche that you have the expertise and a crystal clear idea about how you will monetize the blog.

Try to deliver SEO optimized engaging blog posts at a regular interval and update those posts accordingly. Consequently, you will set up a niche blog that mints money. Additionally, do remember to diversify your revenue portfolio. When you are offering courses and ebooks, place Google AdSense Ads. Make a decent affiliate income by promoting affiliate products or services at the same time. It’s hard to lose all of the blog’s revenue overnight!

Now it’s time to buy a domain name from ICANN Accredited domain registrar, Namecheap will suit your niche blog.

Finally, buy Webhosting from Dreamhost, a ‘WordPress’ recommended webhost that allows you to start a blog with as low as $2.59 a month without any hike in fee on renewal, unlike Bluehost or SiteGround.

That’s all you need to kick start a niche blog.

Have I missed any profitable niche? Let me know. When you have found this post helpful, feel free to share this resource with your friends and colleagues so that they can be benefitted too.


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